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Chapter: 662

I ve Always Had a Question. Why Didn t You Study At a Military and Political University

When the First Madam drugged the soup and brought it to Patriarch Lu, she had been exposed by Second Master Lu.

The Lu Family was in chaos.

Of course, Lu Jingye didn’t tell Zi Yi about these things.

The ten days of exams had passed by very quickly. When other M.Uni students entered into exam mode, Zi Yi had already finished the exams for all her majors.

After the exams, it could be considered the start of the holiday.

On the last afternoon of her exam, Nangong Yu gave Zi Yi a call for her to make a trip down to the Student Union.

The Student Union during this period of time was quieter than usual.

Everyone was busy revising for the exams.

Zi Yi walked to the President’s office and noticed that the door was slightly ajar, and Nangong Yu making a call on the phone could be heard.

She knocked on the door.

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Nangong Yu’s voice came from inside. "Come in."

Zi Yi pushed open the door and Nangong Yu said to the other party, "That’ll be it for this. Bye now."

He then disconnected the call and looked at Zi Yi with a smile. First, he casually asked a question, "Junior Zi, how were your exams?"

He pointed at the seat and said, "Take a seat."

He then went away to pour a cup of water for Zi Yi.

She took the cup and said, "They were alright."

Nangong Yu believed in Zi Yi’s capabilities and so, he did not continue on this topic. Instead, he suddenly said, "Junior Zi should have already managed to guess the situation in my family?"

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at him, as she found it strange.

Nangong Yu smiled. "I called you over because I have something to discuss with you."

He then added. "It’s something that is inconvenient for the higher-ups to discuss with you at present."

Nangong Yu’s identity was very special and only the Dean of M.Uni knew of it. However, he somehow knew that Zi Yi must have already guessed it.

Zi Yi did not immediately speak, instead, she took a sip of water before she asked, "I’ve always had a question. Why didn’t you study at a Military and Political University?"

"Because M.Uni’s biology major is good."

Nangong Yu was clearly a Year 3 student but he had been following a special professor and doing research in this field for a while.

Zi Yi nodded her head. "You can tell me the purpose of calling me over today."

When Nangong Yu heard how frank she was, he did not continue beating around the bush and said, "There’s a very important biological project the higher-ups are planning to start. I would like to invite you to join this group."

"What project?"

"It’s related to biological weapons."

Zi Yi did not stay in Nangong Yu’s office for too long. By the time she came out of the Student Union office, Dou Xiangling just so happened to call her.

Dou Xiangling was still at the art gallery and she knew that Zi Yi had finished her exams today, so she asked if Zi Yi wanted to make a trip to the art gallery to check the renovation situation there.

Zi Yi agreed to it. After telling her a time she would be heading there, she hung up the phone.

She walked to her racing car and was planning to go home.

She got in the car and turned on autopilot mode before she gave Lu Jingye a call.

He had been extremely busy these days and he would only come home at the earliest after 10 p.m. every day.

The call was soon connected and Lu Jingye’s calm voice sounded. "Yiyi."

Zi Yi’s lips unconsciously raised up. "Ah Jing, where are you?"

"I’m at the Song Jewelry’s Head Office." Lu Jingye paused for two seconds and asked, "Do you want to come over?"

Zi Yi replied hastily, "Yes."

Lu Jingye lightly chuckled. He was clearly busy on the other end as someone called for him just then.

Zi Yi said, "Then I’ll come find you right away."

After hanging up the phone Zi Yi changed the destination to the Song Jewelry Head Office.

The capital had a street that was specially designed to accommodate jewelry stores. There were hundreds of jewelry stores of big and small sizes and all of them were big local and international brands.

By the time Zi Yi headed over, the skies had already turned grey.

However, in big cities, the majority of the people are working during the day and they would visit jewelry shops at night.

Therefore, it was around the time when the street became bustling.

The Song Jewelry was a relatively famous old brand and it mainly dealt in jade and gold jewelry. The Head Office was a three-story building and it occupied a large area. It had a slight resemblance to the Ming Dynasty architecture and the interior decorations were also very imperial-like.

Compared to the modern architecture beside it, it looked particularly conspicuous.

The jewelry store was several steps higher than the road. At this time, there were cars parked around all the other jewelry stores and only the Song Jewelry store still had vacant parking lots.

After Zi Yi parked her car, she saw a familiar figure coming out of the shop.

It was Lu Jingye’s secretary, Shao Hua.

He saw Zi Yi at a glance. He pushed up his spectacles and came down the stairs.

"Mrs. President."

Zi Yi turned around and looked at Shao Hua. This person was always wearing a suit and looked meticulous, giving off the aura of an elite.

Shao Hua said, "The President is a little busy right now and he told me to pick you up."


The two of them walked towards the steps.

After entering the jewelry shop, Zi Yi was a little surprised. "Why aren’t there any customers?"

"There are many rumors floating around recently," Shao Hua briefly said, "Second Master He is dead and rumor has it that it was the President who sent someone to kill him. Thus, the He Family is currently suppressing Song Jewelry."


Shao Hua was Lu Jingye’s assistant and he had also developed a calm expression in the face of shocking and big events. His tone of voice was rather calm when he told her the story.

Zi Yi did not say anything else and followed Shao Hua towards the third floor.

When walking into the builidng, all the shop’s assistants had respectfully greeted her. Even though they had not personally seen Zi Yi before, they were no strangers to her online.

However, when she and Shao Hua walked past, the shop assistants could not help but marvel. "Mrs. President is so beautiful!" "Mr. President and Mrs. President are well-matched."

The first and second floor of the building was the sales area, while the third floor was an office.

After exiting the lift, what appeared before them was a large office area with two rows of rooms behind it. It was separated by a corridor in the middle.

The President’s office had occupied the whole of the left area and there were several offices on the right.

Shao Hua brought Zi Yi to the President’s office and knocked on the door. After pushing open the door, he said, "Mrs. President, if you need anything, feel free to call for me anytime. I’ll be right outside."

Zi Yi nodded her head and opened the door fully as she made her way inside.

Lu Jingye was currently having a video conference.

At the sight of Zi Yi coming in, his voice unconsciously softened. "There is food on the table, you can have some to ease your hunger first. I’ll take at most another 20 minutes here and then we’ll get dinner after my meeting."


Zi Yi went over and sat down as she took out her phone to scroll through while she ate the cakes.

She had not been checking what was happening on the internet these days and she had only realized how hectic it was outside.

Lu Jingye did not take care of the He Family’s matter and it was clearly intentional.

What surprised her was the incident with the First Madam.

When Lu Jingye said that he would take 20 minutes at the most, he had really ended the video conference in 20 minutes.

He glanced at the young lady who had taken off her shoes and was playing with her phone as she curled herself up on the sofa. He stood up and went over to her.

Zi Yi only noticed him when Lu Jingye came closer.

Lu Jingye leaned over and wiped off a cake crumb from the corner of her lips. "Are you hungry?"

Zi Yi touched her belly and realized that she had unconsciously eaten too much earlier.

Lu Jingye knew of her thoughts the moment he saw her action and he simply sat next to her.

Zi Yi fed him the half-eaten cake in her hand and leaned on his shoulders. "Ah Jing, what happened at the main residence?"

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