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Chapter: 1489

1489 Secret of Tian Shen

Chapter 1489 1489: Secret of Tian Shen  "If this is a risk that can protect my future in the long run, I think it's a Worthy risk. Especially since it won't matter even if we leave. Since the outcome is going to be the same and he would be freed by the others, we might as well take the lead. If it's us, we can be more careful in making sure we don't wake him up," Long Chen explained. "We have you two for that."

"Sigh, I don't want things to be like this, but it seems I have no other choice, do I?" Xun exclaimed. "You seem to have made up your mind. But still, I don't feel like this is the right decision. You still don't know how strong he can be. It would be much easier to stop the white Tiger King than it will be to stop Tian Shen."

"Oh, I am sure I have an idea how strong he can be. I've seen some glimpses of him, and I'm sure that wasn't even a fraction of his strength. If I'm not wrong, it was Tian Shen who killed the ancestor of Zhu Chang as well, so he's certainly stronger than a God Beast King, to say the least," Long Chen agreed with what Xun was saying. 

"However, that doesn't mean it's better for me to face White Tiger King to stop him. White Tiger King is also very strong compared to how I am now. I can't face him either. So I have to make a tough choice. A weaker White Tiger King who is still stronger than me, or a Stranger Tian Shen who is asleep? I think the decision is clear!" he added, letting out a sigh. 

"Honestly, I didn't want to be in a place like this. If there wasn't a risk of White Tiger King coming here, I might've actually thought twice about going deeper. But I can't now," he continued as his fingers graced against the rough walls.

The walls seemed to be very old. It was unclear how old they were. "Can any of you read the meaning of the words on the wall?"

He could feel that the strange characters were words that were trying to convey something. They were different from the Carvings that he had seen before. 

Long Tian nodded. "I can read them. You are right; they are words."

"What does it say?" Long Chen asked. 

Long Tian observed all the words, taking a brief second before nodding. "They seem to be depicting some Kind of poem."

"A poem?" 

"Yeah. I don't know why but it's more like someone had carved a poem on the walls. It's very Vague, yet it's very alluring," Long Tian exclaimed. "A beautiful poem indeed."

"Can you translate it?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

Long Tian affirmed. "Here it goes."

He took a deep breath. 

"Feeling the scary silence, I stopped as I looked all around,

But not even a glimpse of her was ever found."

"She was an angel while I was a demon; we were never meant to be, Was this the height of treason, of destiny against me?"

"Being Defeated by my luck, I had fallen to the ground

Though, I was still able to hear the sound of her silent weeping in the background."

"Was it me who made her cry? Is that why I'm in this mess? If it's true, then I indeed do deserve this darkness."

"Will my Disappearing forever make things right?

If that's the case, it's fine even if I die.

I am leaving this place to make you free,

Though, my memories might be the only things that could trouble thee."

"I'll miss you forever my love,  even when I become a true demon, causing thousands to get hurt.

This might be the punishment of heaven against me for falling in love with an angel that was never meant to be."

"She deserves the heaven, while I belong to hell,

I'll bear the pain of separation, even if that makes me an empty shell."

"Just let me say this one thing before I forever disappear,

The days I spent with you are the memories that I hold most dear.

Your smile was the only thing that brought light to my dark world.

Forget me and smile like you did before so that I could hold to my humanity in the netherworld."

"That was a rough translation of these words. I don't know why someone wrote it, but it seems like someone who was really hurt," Long Tian explained. 

"Sounds more like the weeping of a Demon who hurt his loved one. Could Tian Shen be the one who wrote it? If that's the case, then who is the lady he was talking about," Long Chen muttered, frowning. He didn't know Tian Shen well enough to know who he might be talking about. However, what he knew was that this woman was really dear to the one who wrote this poem. 

"If Tian Shen is indeed the one who wrote this poem, that woman must be his weakness. If we can manage to find her, we might be able to..." 

"You think she would still be alive?" Long Tian asked. "Ruan Shen went to sleep a long time ago. There's a good chance that the woman has already died even if she was alive during his time.  And even if she is alive, how can we find her? It's not like we can ask Tian Shen who he is talking about?"

"We can't ask him, but we might be able to do more," Long Chen rubbed his chin, thinking of something. 

He looked back at Xun. "You can read this poem as well, right? Do you think Tian Shen was the one who wrote it?"

"I can't say for sure. Although it's true that he was into poetry, there's no way to confirm if it's his poetry. We don't even know if it's his tomb after all. We are only guessing. However, if it is indeed his tomb, then there's a good chance that this Poetry is his," Xun explained, letting out a sigh.  

"I'm mostly sure this is a Tomb of Tian Shen even though I'm not a hundred percent either. Still, this does give us a direction to tackle Tian Shen! I'm sure there must be someone he held dear in this world. Even if it's not his tomb, that information is still useful," Long Chen let out, smiling. "I can't believe I didn't think of this before."

"If he wants to be a Demon and play such games, why shouldn't I answer him in a similar way?" he asked. "Xun, you must know who was close to him? Who he held dear?"

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