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Chapter: 1490

1490 Demon Emperor

Chapter 1490 1490: Demon Emperor  "How can I know? He gave me fake memories about his life. I don't think I know anything about him which isn't made up," Xun replied, shaking her head. "Everything he told me it's a lie."

"You know, even lies contain a trace of truth sometimes. He created a fake world in your memories, but I'm sure even in that fakeness, he left something real. He wouldn't make a world from scratch. Is there anything you can think of?" Long Chen asked. "Anything that might have an inkling of truth?"

"I don't know. Maybe his home world, where he gained his abilities? In the story he created, he found the ring in the world with me, and that's where his journey started. Maybe it wasn't the ring he found there but the person with the Bloodline? If there's something that's true in his story, it can be the world," Xun let out after thinking for a while. 

"Still, so many years have passed. Even if we go there, I doubt we can find anyone who knows anything about him. It's a mortal world, after all. No one would be alive now who would know him. Even if someone was there who was dear to him, I doubt we would find them there. He won't be naive enough to leave them there," she further stated, letting out a sigh.

"That's true as well," Long Chen muttered. "I guess I was being too optimistic. Unless we can peek into his mind, we won't know where or who he wrote about.'

He glanced at the wall one last time before shaking his head. He started walking ahead. Even though they had a clue about the personality, they couldn't use that information to their advantage. 

They could only continue with the initial plan, which was to find where Tian Shen was sleeping without waking him up so they could kill him before the White Tiger King could find him. 

"There must be some traps here as well. Be careful," he reminded everyone to be careful as he carefully advanced ahead. So far, they had faced no traps. He didn't want Xun to be too careless just because they hadn't faced anything yet. He was strong enough to protect himself, but he wanted others to be careful and not make a mistake. 

"I'm not a child. I know how dangerous this place can be. I'm very careful," Xun retorted. 

"I'm just reminding," Long Chen lazily responded, but he suddenly stopped. He felt something odd. He didn't know what it was. 

His head had suddenly started thumping. He held his head firmly as he closed his eyes. He didn't usually have headaches like this. It was very odd. 

"What happened?" Xun inquired. 

"Nothing, just a Minor headache," Long Chen responded, frowning. 

"Might be because you've spent so much Qi even when your soul is hurt. You should rest," Xun pointed out. 

"We don't have time for resting. This much headache is nothing," Long Chen responded, sighing. "We must keep advancing."

He ignored his headache, not realizing what a big mistake he was committing. As his Martial Soul was hurt, his consciousness wasn't protected. Someone was trying to link his memories to theirs to know what had happened in the past, and Long Chen had no idea. 

After a few minutes, the headache disappeared. Long Chen started feeling fine again. He let out a sigh of relief. "It's gone. I was right; it was temporary."


In a faraway place, another Long Chen opened his eyes, letting out a sigh of relief. "It's done."

"Did you get the memories?" The Immortal Queen asked. 

Long Chen nodded, smirking. "Now I know everything, including all his deepest secrets. I just say, that man really hides many secrets."

"Where is he now?" The Immortal Queen inquired. "Is his family with him?"

"That man is in the realm of the White Tigers. As for his family, they aren't with him. His family is back at the Realm of the Black Tortoise," Long Chen explained. "He seems to be trapped in the Realm of White Tigers and looking for a way out."

"Moreover, his Martial Soul is hurt as well, and he is very weak. I think this is a perfect chance for us to target him, even without needing his family," He suggested. "We need to get to the realm of White Tigers!"

"That man... He is in the realm of God Beasts? I thought, at best, he would be in the Heavenly Realm. Getting there would've been hard but not impossible. The God Beast Realms are a different matter. How did he even get there?" The Immortal Queen exclaimed, stunned. 

Long Chen responded, "He made friends with the heir of the Black Tortoise clean. That person took him to his home where his family is. Somehow, Long Chen separated from Zhu Chang and ended up in the White Tiger realm, hurt."

Even though he told the basics, he hid some crucial information about the bloodline of Long Chen and the Rainbow Phoenix. Even he didn't know why he kept it a secret, but he felt like he didn't want to tell the girl about these secrets. In the memories, he also found out why this girl wanted to kill the other Long Chen. 

As he got that information, he had lost all his trust in this woman. He didn't want to expose all his secrets. He didn't want to be betrayed again. 

"Tell me how to get to the God Beast Realm! You have a way?" he asked the Immortal Queen. 

" There seems to be a way, but It is not going to be easy. We would need to take the help of someone who can send us to the God Beast Realm. There is only one person in the world who can help us do that!" The Immortal Queen exclaimed. 

"Who?" Long Chen inquired, frowning. 

"The Demon Emperor!" The lady let out. "The Heavenly Emperor would never help us in it. From what I heard, he likes to follow the rules and have good friendships with God Beasts. On the other hand, the Demon Emperor loves chaos. If we can convince him, he might send us to the God Beast Realm since it might be interesting for him. But that's the problem. How do we convince him? If we can't, he might kill us first."

"Convince? Leave that to me. I think I have a way that can convince him," Long Chen smirked. "You just take us to the Demon Realm. Leave the rest to me. I can promise you; the Demon Emperor will send us there himself!"

"Are you sure?"

"Do I look like I'm joking? It's time we get the game moving."

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