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Chapter: 1493

1493 Wu Lia

Chapter 1493 1493: Wu Lia  "That means they are already here," Long Chen let out, forcing his body up. "The White Tiger Clan could be right behind us. We need to keep moving."

"They are probably caught in the same maze. It's fascinating they thought of the same idea that I did," he further added, smiling. "That means I really was right about this."

"Does that even matter? If you want consolation, then yes, it seems you were right about this. I can sense some change in the aura of this place. Maybe you truly were right, but it's too soon to judge. Just keep moving for now."

"I know. I was just saying." Long Chen patted his dirty clothes and sent the King's Sword back into his storage ring. Now that the Spirit Line was broken, he didn't need it. 

Long Chen stood up and started walking deeper into the Tomb, hoping to finally get out of this hallway. 

While this Long Chen was hoping to get out of this hallway, there was another who was hoping to get out of another place. But that person was trying to get out of an entire world. 

The other Long Chen was still waiting in the chamber of the Immortal World. An hour had passed already, and there were no signs of the Demon General. It was unclear if he was going to even come or not. 

"He should've arrived a long time ago. What's taking so long? Did he change his mind?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Just wait. I'm sure he's discussing it with the Demon Emperor. It's not easy to open a portal to the God Beast realm even for them, especially without being caught. The preparation must also take time," the Immortal Queen patted the shoulders of Long Chen. "Just relax for now. The way he talked, I'm sure he would open the portal. There's no reason for them to say no anymore."

She sat on the ground with the support of the wall, seemingly not in any hurry. She had lived for thousands of years, and she knew the importance of patience. They couldn't just force the Demon Emperor to hurry. 

Just as she had expected, the Demon General was currently present in the court of the Demon Emperor. In the Royal Court, the strongest Demons of the Demon Realm were also present to hear the matter. 

Not only them but there was also a girl in the back with skin as smooth as silk. The girl had some features similar to the Demon Emperor, like her beautiful eyes and her long hair. She stood behind the throne of the Demon Emperor, looking as if she was in her early twenties. 

"So the Heavenly Emperor is scheming against us," the Demon Emperor smiled. "This isn't surprising in the least. But planning to take help of the God Beasts to wipe us? Did he really think this was a good idea?" 

"The only reason the God Beasts don't attack this realm is because we are here. They don't want to face me and the Heavenly Emperor because they know how much damage we can cause. Otherwise, they would've long attacked him and me to destroy us so they could have no potential threat."

"But now he wants to side with them to fight us? Did he not realize that even if he succeeded in destroying the Demon Realm, which is unlikely, he would be left alone. After we are gone, the God Beasts will target him and Heaven. He is hitting an ax on his own two feet," The Demon Emperor declared. "We will go talk to him."

"Father, wait." The woman in the back chimed in. 

"What?" The Demon Emperor looked back, curious. 

"I think the Heavenly Emperor already thought about what you're saying. Isn't that why he didn't directly ask for their help? Instead, he asked that man to make friends with the future God Beast Kings? One the next God Beast Kings come into power, if they are friends with that man who is in cahoots with the Heavenly Emperor, they won't attack the Heaven," the girl explained. 

"I think that's his plan, and that's what he's striving for. So if you go and talk to him, it won't have any benefits. He already thought of this, after all. If we can think of this, obviously, he would be able to think as well," she further added, letting out a sigh. 

The Demon Emperor could only nod in response. "That's true as well. This does make sense. So talking to him would be useless. But we can't let him succeed as well. The next option would certainly be to send that man's other half to kill him in the God Beast Realm, but someone who is selected by the Heavenly Emperor, we doubt this man can kill him."

"He would need someone stronger with him, someone who can counter all the schemes, someone who is clever... Someone who has treasures to counter any treasures that might be given to that man by the Heavenly Emperor."

"But we don't think that man is it. We can't just give him our treasures and think he'd be able to use them? It's an important mission, and if he goes alone and fails, we won't even know until it's too late. That man certainly can't be sent alone!"

"Your Majesty, then should we send a Demon with him?" The Demon General asked. 

"No. Sending a powerful Demon there can get bad really fast. They are easy to recognize, after all. We need someone who won't be caught... Someone who is good at disguise and can hide their aura..." He glanced back at his daughter again. "Someone... Like my daughter..."

"Father, I would be happy to go and finish this mission for you," Wu Lia declared. 

"But it'll be very risky to go there," the Demon Emperor muttered. "You are our only daughter. We are a bit hesitant about it. Especially since the Dragon Prince wanted your hand in marriage. He is still furious since we rejected him. If he finds you there, things will get really bad. It would be hard for even us to save you then."

"Father, are you forgetting something? I'm not a damsel in distress. Let alone the Dragon Prince; even his father won't be able to recognize me. We swear we will return safely after swiftly finishing the mission." Wu Lia declared confidently. 

Seeing her confidence, even her father gained confidence. He nodded in satisfaction. "Alright. I will accept your decision."

He looked back at the Demon General. "You can begin the preparation. Bring that man here. We would send him to the God Beast realm!"

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