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Chapter: 1494

1494 Intent to love

Chapter 1494 1494: Intent to love  After getting the confirmation, a Demon General departed from the Royal Court to bring Long Chen here. It was going to be after a long time when a person was brought here from the mortal realm. 

"It wouldn't be easy to survive there. Are you really sure you want to go there? This is the last time I'm asking," the Demon Emperor asked his daughter once again. Unfortunately, his daughter didn't say no even now. She was really willing to go there. If there was one thing she didn't lack, it was her confidence. 

For her, this wasn't just a mission to show her skills before her father, who always considered her a kid, but she could even take out the thread for her home. The only thing that concerned her ever so slightest was working with a human. She would've much preferred to go alone. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible since only that man knew about the whereabouts of the real person. 

"Alright. Keep this." The Demon Emperor brought a small token out of thin air. He handed that token to the girl behind him. "If you're ever in trouble, crush it. We might not be able to get to you immediately, but we will know you're in trouble. We should be there within a few minutes of you crushing it."

"But father, if you come, won't that mean War? If you enter that territory, we won't be able to avoid a war. The treaty... The leader of a realm isn't allowed to step foot in another's realm without permission. If you come, things will..."

"So what? Your life is more important to us. So what if we'll need to kill a few God Beasts to protect you? They might be strong, but I don't worry about myself! You are my life! The only remnant left behind by Wu Xin, your mother. I couldn't protect her, but you... I won't fail. Keep it," the Demon Emperor calmly stated. 

Even though Wu Lia took the token, she knew what it meant to use it. If an all-out war happened, even her father's life could be in danger. She had promised herself that no matter what happened, she was never going to use this, even if she was caught. She would rather kill herself than be the downfall of her father. 

A portal opened in the midst of the Western Empire Temple. Long Chen and the Immortal Queen sat up in excitement, letting out an excited sigh. 

"Looks like it's finally time." Long Chen stood up and stepped towards his new Destiny, prepared to destroy the real Long Chen so he could be the only one. 

He stepped inside the portal. The Immortal Queen also stepped inside. As soon as the two of them stepped out on the other side of the portal, they felt a tremendous aura pressing down on them. The aura was so strong that even though Long Chen had grown stronger with the help of Immortal Queen, he still felt like he was being pressed down. 

The two of them were in the presence of the Demon General. The Demon General looked at Long Chen with his pitch black eyes as if he was observing the young man who was going to be the main part of the mission. 

"You certainly don't seem special enough. I don't see much strength. It would've been hard for you to kill the person selected by the Heavenly Emperor. It seems His Majesty did the right thing by selecting someone to accompany you."

"Someone to accompany me?" Long Chen inquired as his eyes lit up. Was he really getting some Demons to kill the other Long Chen? 

"Yes. The Princess will herself accompany you. Just lead her to your other self. That's your only responsibility. She will handle the rest," the Demon General declared. He lazily turned around. "Follow me; I will lead you to the chamber of the main portal. Give me which of the God Beast realms you need to go to?"

"Land of Black Tortoise," Long Chen said, trying to hide his happiness. Not any ordinary person was going to accompany him. The way the Demon General talked, it seemed like the Demon Emperor's daughter was going to accompany him 

For someone who had found out the real intentions of the Immortal Queen, he was happy he was going to have the Demon Princess. If he could make her fall in love on this journey, he was going to become the son-in-law of the Demon Emperor. The entire world was going to belong to him then!

"Are we not meeting His Majesty?" he inquired. 

"You don't need to. Just focus on your task," the Demon General answered as he took the two mortals to a section of the Palace that was deeply guarded. Long Chen noticed many Demons, all having a frightening aura. 

'No wonder the Demon Realm is so strong. They have such strong people as guards; I can only imagine how strong the Demon Emperor will be. With him as my Father in law, life would be so good. I would be allowed to do anything I want, and even the Heavenly Emperor will think twice before attacking me!' 

He glanced at the Immortal Queen on the side. 'This bitch won't be anything before me then. I would openly kill her.'

Since the Immortal Queen wanted to kill the other Long Chen over a prediction, he could never be too careful. He had already decided to take her out. 

"Inside the room, you'll find a portal that will lead you to the Black Tortoise Realm, but that doesn't mean everything will be easy. The guards of that realm will certainly feel the disturbance in their defense when that happens, even though not as much as they would feel if someone like me goes there."

"So you need to keep moving as soon as you get there. Get out of that place and don't get caught at any cost. That's everything you need to remember. However, since the Princess will be with you now, I believe you should be able to escape. Just don't slow her down."

"Is the Princess already inside?" Long Chen asked. 

"The door is yet to be opened. There is no way she can get inside. We're waiting for her. She should be here soon," the Demon General answered. 

As soon as he finished, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind. 

He turned around. "There she comes."

Long Chen and the Immortal Queen both looked back simultaneously. It was their first time seeing the Princess of the Demon Realm, the only child of the Demon Emperor!

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