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Chapter: 1495

1495 Maze of Death

Chapter 1495 1495: Maze of Death  The Princess was wearing a dark robe that covered her entire body, even hiding her hands. Only her eyes were visible, which were pitch black. 

Her long hair came down to her waist, waving as she walked closer to the others. 

Looking at her, Long Chen was slightly surprised. This lady... He was momentarily dazed as soon as he watched her. He had seen many beauties, including the Immortal Queen. He even slept with her, but the Demonic Princess was just on an entirely different level. 

After looking at her, he had become even more determined that he was going to win her heart. Let alone the fact that she came with so much influence and authority of the Demon Realm behind her; even if she had none of that, she still would've followed her. 

"These two are the ones?" The Demon Princess asked as she observed the two people before her. "They are so weak. Tell me these aren't the ones father wanted to send there alone for something so important."

"These are indeed the ones," the Demon General smirked. "Don't worry about it. They are more like your guide. They have the memories of the other guy. They know a lot about that place and where that man is. With their help, you will find him in no time. Then we can bring you back."

"Sigh, yeah. I should be able to finish the task in a week." the lady nodded. 

"Little girl, I think you really shouldn't underestimate this mission. That man... He isn't weak. Moreover, he isn't roaming freely. He is inside the Palace of the Black Tortoise Clan Master, from what I heard. It might not be that easy. You'll need to drag him out," the Demon General let out as he ruffled the hair of the Demon Princess.

Even though she was a high Princess for everyone else, for him, she was still a little kid who he taught how to fight. She was already going to be a little girl for him, who he watched grow up into a fine young warrior. 

"Hey, stop doing that before strangers. I'm not a kid." The Demon Princess rolled her eyes. "Also, I don't care where he's hiding. I told you a week it is. Even if he's hiding in the depths of hell, I'll find him and drag him out. That man... He won't live for longer than seven days now!"

"If the information they gave me is correct," she added, glancing at Long Chen, who stood still. 

"Don't worry, Princess. The information is hundred percent accurate," Long Chen smiled. "I won't give you a chance to complain."

"You better not," The Demon Princess snorted. 

Meanwhile, the Demon General opened the room of the door. "Step on the formation. I'll activate it. Remember, don't do anything stupid when you're there."

Long Chen, the Demon Princess, and the Immortal Queen stepped inside the formation.


"A formation! How?! It wasn't there before!" Long Chen exclaimed out loud as his face turned pale. 

He was walking in the hallway after the Spirit Lines were damaged! He had thought the illusion was over now, but it didn't even take a few minutes before something changed. 

Just as he thought that things had calmed down, a massive formation appeared all around the hallway. There was not a single place where the formation wasn't present. He wasn't alone either. The White Tiger Clan was also seeing this formation. 

"Hidden Formations that only activate when conditions are met!" Xun exclaimed. "And the condition... It seems to be the destruction of the Spirit Line!"

"The Spatial Disturbance! This is a teleportation formation, but it's too chaotic. There's a different space energy in each spot. I think you should send Xun back to your Inner World! Hurry!" Long Tian yelled.  

He had learned extensively in the library of the Bloodline Temple to know about such formations. He didn't know exactly what it was, but he knew what it could do. 

Long Chen had no room to doubt any suggestions. He knew if Long Tian said it, there must've been a reason. The energy in the surrounding started getting even more complicated. 

Long Chen swiftly sent Xun back to his Inner World without her permission. Fortunately, he was right on time as within a second of him doing it, his body itself disappeared. 

Everyone who was standing in the hallway disappeared due to the formation. No one knew where the formation was going to take them. 

It was possible it was going to take them straight to something deadly, but it was also possible that it was like a secret exit of this hallway which was going to take them inside the true tomb. At least that's what the White Tiger Princess thought when she told her father not to resist or attack the formation. 


Everything turned white. Long Chen felt his surroundings change. As everything settled down, he slowly opened his eyes, feeling that he was standing on solid ground. 

"What is this place?" He asked, looking at the massive door before him. 

Long Tian landed beside him. "It seems to be a maze."

"How do you know that? All I see is a door?" Long Chen asked in return. 

"The words on the door, those aren't random words. They are the name of this place... Maze of Death," Long Tian explained. "I read about this place when I was in the Bloodline Temple."

"What about it? Do you know how to cross the maze safely?"

Long Tian shook his head. "No one knows it. Because the maze changes every time, so what worked in the past would certainly not work now. The Maze of Death was also a treasure of the Bloodline Temple which was stolen by Tian Shen."

"This was a treasure which was used to trap the enemy. According to what I read, once this maze was used on the Snow Phoenix Queen."

"The Godly Beast!" Long Chen asked. 

"Yeah. According to the writing, even she wasn't able to clear the maze. She died just as she was halfway, after surviving in the maze for three thousand years. That's why the Ice Phoenixes hate this treasure the most," Long Tian further explained. "This is a treasure which is ranked even higher than your Sword of Time."

"Can I take it then?" Long Chen asked. "It might be useful."

"Hahaha, are you joking? We don't even know if we can clear it, and you want to steal this treasure? You need to first clear it before thinking about such things. But the presence of this treasure confirms one thing... This place was certainly made by Tian Shen!"

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