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Chapter: 301

After a few days, Colette-chan was able to go to the bathroom by herself.

Well, it’s a private room, so there’s a restroom inside the room.

Originally, it was full of nurses, so there was no need for us to stick around all the time, except to take care of Colette-chan emotionally and keep her occupied……

So, at Colette-chan’s request, I decided to show up briefly during visiting hours, but instead of staying with her for long periods of time, I decided to pursue other tasks.



She used it here. The reward for that [all-night job to check the recordings]…….

Yes, as [the right to move between the hospital and my Japanese residence at the time they specify]…

She specified that whenever I transfer here, would be the time she had to go into the bathroom of my house.

Certainly, if a doctor or a nurse or someone else were here, she would use the bathroom in this room.

The two of us were transitioning together just in front of the door so that Colette-chan can be safe while she was using it……

The private room turned out to be a bad idea.

And the room rate was ridiculously high, it’s a special room!

So it comes with a spacious bathroom and it’s perfectly soundproofed and light-shielded.

And for some reason, whenever Sabine and I show up outside of visiting hours, we don’t get any guidance from the nurses.

……There was definitely some kind of instructions from the top. [Let them be as free as possible without affecting their condition] or something like that……

To begin with, it’s a special room, even though what we’re paying for was the price of a regular private room……

There must be some special instructions…… Ah!

We’re supposed to be "daughters of a noble family from another country on a secret trip"!

And on the first day, [people from a certain agency……] rushed in, turned away the cops, and took charge themselves, then came to talk to me several times after that.

Of course, there’s no way they wouldn’t give us special treatment!

In addition, the people on the hospital side thought we were victims of crimes in this country.

Hmmm, I wonder if the difference in room was courtesy of the hospital or from the government…

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter either way. As long as it’s not coming out of my pocket…… unless…….

Also, Sabine-chan’s request was not to "move between the hospital and the royal palace" but to "move between the hospital and my Japanese residence", that’s the thing.

"What’s royalty if you don’t come to your best friend’s rescue?!!", and the king was like "She hasn’t returned to the royal palace, insisting that she’s been with Colette-chan all the time". He kept asking me when would she return to the castle.

And the reality was that she was either staying at the hospital or at my Japanese residence, enjoying her vacation and avoiding her princess’ education.

That’s why I’m going to take a look at what’s going on that I’ve been neglecting for a while now.

So here I am at the gallery cafe [Gold coin].

"Anything unusual?" (Mitsuha)

I showed up about 15 minutes after closing time, so there were no more customers. I just said so as soon as I opened the door……

"Ah, Owner! Actually, I had a bit of trouble…" (Rudina)

Rudina then told me what happened.


"Eeeehhhh!!!!" (Mitsuha)

After cleaning up and preparing for tomorrow, I sat down with them over a cup of tea at one of the tables in the seating area, and to my surprise, they had a surprise to share!

"Pro, someone proposed to you? Rudina?" (Mitsuha)

Yes, not to the 18-year-old Silua, but to the 13-year-old Rudina.

Beside her, Silua looks frustrated.

……She’s starting to make a lot of expressions……

No. Was it that frustrating to lose to Rudina, who was four years younger than her?

Marriageable age was lower in this place than in developed countries.

Even on modern earth, there were countries where people could get married at about 12-15 years of age.

Even in Japan, it was not uncommon for people to get married at around the age of 13 during the Heian period or so……

But the marriageable age for women in this country was indeed a bit higher……

"Oh, of course, we can’t get married right away, so it’s an engagement…" (Rudina)

Ah, that makes sense.

Engagement can be done immediately in any country.

But putting nobles or powerful houses aside, do orphans need to get engaged so quickly?

They can just get married whenever they’re ready to get married. They’re not in a position where they need to have some kind of pre-contract, whether setting their roots or making connections between the families……

I guess they’re just so obsessed with not wanting to let go……

"A friend from the orphanage?" (Mitsuha)

"No, it was a complete stranger……" (Rudina)

"Eeehhh? …Details!!" (Mitsuha)

And Rudina said that a man aged 24 to 25, who recently started coming to the store, suddenly offered an engagement. Until then, it seems that he was only looking at Silua’s breast…

Silua was the only waitress in the restaurant, so she caught the eye of the customers. Although she has no facial expression, she has a well-defined face and a good figure. It’s no wonder that she has been asked to be in a relationship with a man of her age.

…or rather, it would be strange if not.

Rudina, too, was by no means not cute. But she has ‘childlike cuteness’ at only 13 years old.

No, it’s a racial thing and she’s about the same height as me, but to the people here locally, she would look like a normal 13-year-old kid…… just like me.

"Lolicon!" (Mitsuha)

I exclaimed that without thinking, but then that would mean that anyone who confessed to me would also be a pedophile.

"Āh! Ā ā ā ā a~!!" (Mitsuha)

I couldn’t help but hold my head up and scream in despair……

……It’s okay, in Japan I would be seen as 15-16 years old, and in the other world, it’s not at all strange to be engaged at 12-13 years old! It’s not strange at all! I’m also a noble, and, and…….

After a couple of years of engagement, I’ll be perceived to be 15-16 years old, regardless of my outward appearance! And they’ll think I’m slowing down my growth because of my ‘Transition’ and my life force has been cut off every time!!!!

Ha~a ha~a ha~a…….

…… Eh? Are? Am I assuming that I’m going to get married over there?

Have I given up on getting married here on earth?


No no no no no!!!

Ze~e ze~e ze~e…….

"……Let’s put that aside for now!" (Mitsuha)

Yes, right now it is about Rudina.

Does that man really like Rudina? Does she like him? …and is he sincere?

"I always cook at the counter or in the kitchen at the back, so I don’t often meet and talk to customers, though…

Silua hasn’t told him about it yet, but I’d like to meet him up close…" (Rudina)

Even under those conditions, Rudina was chosen instead of Silua, and Rudina seems unaware that her words were implicitly disrespectful of Silua.

Of course, Silua, who was aware of it, seems to be in a bad mood.

"And of course, I declined his proposal, but after that, he suddenly became very familiar with me, and tried to enter the counter and the kitchen in the back without my permission, among other things……"  (Rudina)

From a sanitation standpoint, what kind of restaurant would allow an outsider into the kitchen?

Such a person, who misunderstood that since he’s a regular, would be disliked by the staff as if he were a snake.

Well, from a businessman’s standpoint, I won’t complain too explicitly because he’s a customer, but it’s an absolutely unacceptable act.

Even so, such people were not only treated like regulars but were also hated bastards, who did not know that they could be banned from the restaurant.

"And then he would meddle in the store’s operations, by saying things like, "I’ll help you run your store", or "You need to raise your prices more to make a profit"……" (Rudina)

Eh? No matter how much you want to get along with Rudina, that’s a little too much of a stretch.

Rudina, however, was only a hired manager, so she does not have the authority to change management policies or hire advisors on her own.

Actually, I pretty much let Rudina have her way, to some extent……

But it has nothing to do with outsiders.

Still, why did he do that?…


I am seen as about 15 years old in Japan, but about 12-13 years old by the Western races. In many countries of the earth and even in the otherworld.

In the other world, because of the availability of "monster meat," an inexpensive and ample supply of animal protein food, people became as tall and built as modern earthlings over time, unlike those of the past, who were short due to lack of nutrition.

…… No, well, this is the earth.

And I have been all over the place in setting up this restaurant and interviewing people to hire employees.

……So the information would be spread as "the owner of this store is a 12-13" year old girl, To among those who were in the same line of work…

And there were no photos of my face circulating.

Silua is 18 years old and a waitress.

Rudina is 13 years old and she’s the store manager, accountant, and cook.

If you think about it, normally, a 13-year-old can’t be a store manager, accountant, and cook at the same time.

But if the restaurant was opened as a hobby by a rich young lady who loves to cook, then maybe.

Moreover, as a hobbyist, the reason for the low price-setting would be understandable, which would unlikely be profitable…… It’s a big nuisance for ordinary stores though.

And the information is that the owner is a 12-13-year-old girl.

Rudina lives in the store.

An older woman, who appears to have a background in martial arts, is always on hand as her bodyguard poses as a waitress.

Also, the fact that the local crime syndicate does not mess with us means that the family backing the guy was quite powerful.

"……This is a complete property takeover because they thought Rudina is the owner of this place, and she was supposed to be the daughter of a rich man!

That’s out!

Ouuuuutttt~~!!!" (Mitsuha)


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