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Chapter: 11

Chapter 11 : Warning

Qiao Mingxi treats Jiang Xueqing very gently, but he doesn't have a very good temper when facing other people.

He frowned and looked at Wang Jiaojiao who broke in, very impatiently.

"It's working time, Miss Wang. You have no right to enter my office. Please leave immediately! Right now!

Even with the daughter of a family who has been friends with each other for more than ten years, Qiao Mingxi has no good temper.

Qiao Mingxi hates someone disturbs him while he is working!

Because there are no other hobbies, Qiao Mingxi's biggest hobby is work. If one day he doesn't like work anymore, it is estimated that he will have no love.

But this was the thought before meeting Jiang Xueqing.

Now Qiao Mingxi feels that everything in life is fine and everything is interesting, especially dating Jiang Xueqing.

At present, Qiao Mingxi still likes work very much, because work can bring him enthusiasm, a luxurious life, and rights that people cannot refuse.

"Mingxi, I thought we had a consensus. The Wang family and the Qiao family have such a good relationship. We should get married, right?"

"Why do you have another woman now?"

Facing Wang Jiaojiao's questioning, Qiao Mingxi sneered.

"I don't think I have anything to do with you. I'm thirty years old. Isn't it normal to find a girlfriend?"

This Wang Jiaojiao wouldn't think that she was the hostess of the Qiao Group after she had entered Qiao Group as an intern, right?

Are you so thick-skinned?

In Qiao Mingxi's heart, even though he had known Wang Jiaojiao for more than ten years, he only regarded her as an ordinary friend, or not even a friend, but a daughter from a family friend.

He has been cold hearted since childhood, not to mention that he suffered such a blow in adolescence and didn't like to be close to the opposite sex.

"But the girlfriend you're talking about is only seventeen! You're just having fun, right? You'll still marry me in the future!"

If it's just for fun, Wang Jiaojiao feels that she can accept it. But after getting married, he must cut off all those relationships outside!

"Are you dreaming?"

"Miss Wang, I don't seem to have made any promises to you. In my heart, you are only the daughter of a family friend. Why should I marry you? Even if I were to get married, I would only marry my girlfriend."

Wang Jiaojiao looked at Qiao Mingxi with astonished eyes.

Is he crazy?!

Marry? Marrying a 17-year-old girl? He seems to be a different person. Is that girl so charming?

"Your family won't agree! It's just a little girl. Think about what means she used to seduce you! Mingxi, be reasonable, only we are the best match! I can help you in your career! Instead of hold you back!"

Qiao Mingxi gave Wang Jiaojiao a cold look.

"I don't need to explain too much to you about my love life. But today I'm warning you, don't go to trouble my girlfriend. As for my family, I'll tell them myself. If I can't even protect my girlfriend, what kind of a man i am!"

"Miss Wang, I will keep an eye on you, if you go to trouble my girlfriend..."

Qiao Mingxi clasped the table with his knuckles indifferently, and warned Wang Jiaojiao, "Believe me, you will never be able to bear the consequences."

It's because I have seen many other people's emotional entanglements, such as women who are desperate, jealous and cruel, men who are careless, men who uses tactics behind their backs... all sorts of things. So people you care about will get hurt if you don't pay attention.

And Qiao Mingxi would never allow such a thing to happen to him.

He will not let anyone hurt Jiang Xueqing!

"You're too cruel! Mingxi, we've known each other for more than ten years, is it not as good as your two-month old relationship with a girl?!"

"Then what am I?! I've liked you for so many years! I haven't found a boyfriend for so many years for you! Don't you know I'm waiting for you?"

So, what does this have to do with him?

"Don't delude yourself. There are so many women who want to climb on my bed. Do I have to accept every one of them? Of course, I will only accept what I like."

"Okay, get out! That's all I have to say."

"Remember, don't do things you'll regret."

Qiao Mingxi warned Wang Jiaojiao again and again.

But he was actually not sure that Wang Jiaojiao would be obedient. When a woman's jealousy is out of control, she will do terrible things.

Will Wang Jiaojiao lose her mind?


Of course she didn’t.  

As the eldest daughter of a big family, she has received elite education since childhood. No matter how stupid she is, she will not directly oppose Qiao Mingxi.

She is still thinking of marrying Qiao Mingxi!

Since she can't attack the girl who seduced Qiao Mingxi, then she will go to Qiao's house! If Qiao Mingxi's parents do not support this relationship, Qiao Mingxi will definitely not stick to it.

That girl's identity is too easy to use. A 17-year-old high school girl should know that she is not a good match for Qiao Mingxi.

Maybe she used some dirty tricks!

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