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Chapter: 13

Chapter 13 : Small Talk

"Baby, when will you be willing to go back with me to see my parents? Huh? My parents want to see you."

After his mother got the news of Qiao Mingxi's love from Wang Jiaojiao, she called him home that day.

"Mingxi, I heard that you are in love? Is it true?!"

When Wang Jiaojiao was here, Mother Qiao could still be calmer, but when facing her son, she couldn't calm down at all!

Qiao Mingxi is in love!

He will no longer die alone, and he will have a lover to accompany him in the future, and maybe he will let her hold her grandchildren! 

Just thinking about it, Mother Qiao was about to faint with excitement!

"Yes, I'm in love. Wang Jiaojiao told you the news?"

Qiao Mingxi looked clear.

"Wang Jiaojiao, let's stay away from her in the future. I have never regarded her as a daughter-in-law."

It's not that I think Wang Jiaojiao is bad. The Qiao family and the Wang family are similar families. Even if the Wang family is worse, it's fine. After all, it is recognized in the circle that women marry high and men marry low.

But she can't hurt someone's daughter!

In the past, her son was not good. Marrying a wife would only let the other party live as a widow!

Now it seems that it's not her son who can't do it. It's just that he hasn't met someone he likes before, but now that he does, it's alright!

But Mingxi has a girlfriend, and Wang Jiaojiao still doesn't give up her plan. It's a matter of character, she doesn't like such a daughter-in-law.

"When will you bring my daughter-in-law back for me to see? Don't worry, Mom is definitely not that kind of evil mother-in-law, i'll be very good to my daughter-in-law!"

After looking forward to her daughter-in-law for thirty years, she is willing to be her daughter-in-law's mother!

"I'll ask!"

Then Jiang Xueqing was frightened.

See parents?! After two months in a relationship?!

"Will it be too soon? And...will your parents like me?"

"I'm still a little scared, let's wait a little longer!"

Because Jiang Xueqing refused last time, this time Qiao Mingxi talked about the old things on the plane, and it was just a small talk. After all, it takes three or four hours to fly!

Seeing Qiao Mingxi mention it again, Jiang Xueqing couldn't help but take it seriously in her heart.

Since he wanted her to meet his parents so much, why didn't she agree?

After all, Qiao Mingxi has said that his parents are very easy to get along with, and they welcome her very much!

"Then... wait until we come back, okay? Actually, I'm quite nervous, because I'm afraid your parents won't like me."

The first heart-flutter, first love, and first meeting with parents are all for Qiao Mingxi.

Girls who are in love for the first time are always like this when they face their first love.

"Don't worry, as long as I like you, they will definitely like you. I will always be with you, don't be afraid."

Most girls don't get along well with their boyfriend or husband's family. If it's not because of the girl's own character, then most of the mistakes are on the boyfriend or husband. He didn't coordinate his relationship with his partner and family, either because he was too careless, or because he didn't care.

There is even more excessive, like listening to the family in everything, finding a girlfriend and then get married just to torment each other!

If you meet someone like this, run away! Run non-stop!

Although Jiang Xueqing had never experienced it, she had seen these news a lot and had heard of such things around her.

However, Jiang Xueqing believed that Qiao Mingxi would do what he said. Because after falling in love, he did indeed fulfill all the promises he said.

That being the case, meeting his parents doesn't seem like a very scary thing.

"Okay! Then let's wait until you go back from vacation."

Qiao Mingxi made a final decision.


The airport in the Casino city is very lively and has special local characteristics.

"Why make the airport so luxurious?"

Jiang Xueqing felt that this airport was like the lobby of a five-star hotel. It looked magnificent, and there were golden carvings on the walls. Although it was not gilded but just painted with gold paint, it was also very expensive, right?

"After looking at it for a long time, my eyes are so blurry, let's go!"

I don't even want to visit the duty-free shops, it's just irritating! Because to cater to the characteristics of the casino? It is specially created to be the aesthetic characteristics of middle-aged and elderly men, and there is a hint of earthiness in the extravagance!

"This airport is a few years old, built in the early 1980s."

"At that time, the Casino city was already well built. Not as good as the mainland, but it became more and more prosperous later."

It is because of the aesthetics of the 1980s that it feels a bit rustic now. But this also proves that the prosperity of the casinos at that time made the airports so luxurious.

"My dad brought my mom here when he was young. He lost hundreds of thousands in the 1980s, and then my dad quit gambling completely."

Although the Qiao Group is now one of the largest groups in China, it was only one of the emerging capitals in the 1980s.

Later, because Qiao Mingxi took over the company at the age of 20, relying on a keen business sense and sharp methods, it has grown to the current scale.

As expected of a werewolf who can destroy the world with another blackened male protagonist!


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