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Chapter: 15

Chapter 15 : Jin Huaiyuan

For people with high IQs, gambling seems to have become an easy thing.

Although it still depends on luck, Qiao Mingxi can count cards and has a good memory, and will soon kill the Quartet in the casino.

As Jiang Xueqing was there, he didn't play too much. He took the chips Jiang Xueqing gave him. After half an hour, the chips changed from 9,000 US dollars to more than 200,000 US dollars.

Qiao Mingxi did not continue, but stopped.

Because he found that Jiang Xueqing's eyes became more and more frightened, looking at the chips in his hand as if she saw something bad.

"This is too scary, how long has it been! More than nine thousand dollars has turned into more than two hundred thousand dollars! With such's no wonder that some people go bankrupt because of gambling. They can't stop it! I don't think it's good. Just try and experience it as a tourist."

After returning to the hotel room, Jiang Xueqing spoke.

Qiao Mingxi touched the top of her head with relief.

His girl is really sensible. Even if she found such a rich boyfriend while being from an ordinary family, she never asked him anything.

Now I can see through the essence of gambling at a glance, which is for money!

They can't say it's for excitement. If you want to be excited, doing extreme sports is more exciting than gambling!

Gamblers come to casinos just to win! There are even some desperate lunatics who gamble on everything, betting on assets, betting on wives and children, and even betting on their lives.

Qiao Mingxi has seen a boss who was about to go bankrupt. In order to make a small bet, he gambled his company and his life with the mentality of betting on a bicycle and turning it into a motorcycle.

In the end, of course, there was no good result. He was picked on the tendons and was thrown into the sea to feed the sharks.

And the object of gambling with this boss was Jin Huaiyuan.

When Qiao Mingxi thought of Jin Huaiyuan, he had to sigh in his heart that Jin Huaiyuan is a natural gambler.

His life experience can even be written into a storybook, which would become the best-selling one.

Jin Huaiyuan was born in poverty and grew up in a slum.

His father was also an old gambler, and his mother left with a rich man because she couldn't bear his father's poverty and obsession for gambling.

Since then, Jin Huaiyuan has lived under the beatings of his father. At the age of nine, his father had nothing to lose, so he mortgaged Jin Huaiyuan.

Therefore, Jin Huaiyuan became the pony of a small casino owner.

He grew up as a pony and replaced the casino owner at the age of fifteen.

Then Jin Huaiyuan continued to develop. At the age of 20, he monopolized half of the resources of domestic casinos, and he himself became a world-famous new gambling king.

At the age of twenty-two, Jin Huaiyuan and the old gambling king had a century-long battle, and this battle bet on all their wealth.

In the end, there is no doubt that Jin Huaiyuan won.

He replaced the old gambling king's position and also took over all the properties under the old gambling king's name. Needless to say, one of the bloody storms caused the old gambling king to lose his life, and he also left an irremovable scar on his body that ran through his entire chest.

Twenty-two-year-old Jin Huaiyuan has everything he wanted when he was young.

But he also has a hidden illness that he can't talk to people about.

At the age of fifteen, Jin Huaiyuan had just replaced the owner of the small casino, and he had tens of millions of assets under his name.

He decided to open the meat world for himself, and found a beautiful woman with all kinds of style. The other party had experienced hundreds of battles, and he heard that it was still a rare and famous weapon.

From a boy to a real man, just this night!

However, Jin Huaiyuan was surprised to find that he couldn't get it up for the big beauty!

At that time, Jin Huaiyuan was not so ruthless, so he just gave the other party a hush fee and sent her abroad far away.

If it is replaced by the current Jin Huaiyuan, the fate of the big beauty is estimated to be feeding to the sharks.

Jin Huaiyuan is impotent.

At the age of fifteen, he understood what impotence meant, and remembering the swear words from other people, Jin Huaiyuan buried this secret forever.

Since then, Jin Huaiyuan's methods became more severe, and he has become more and more ruthless.

"Drag him out. You don't have money, but you still want to play with me! What a shit!"

Today, Jin Huaiyuan is thirty-two years old. In the midst of countless bloody storms and intrigue, his heart has completely hardened.

"Seventeen, I didn't expect that I would also raise an ungrateful white-eyed wolf. What do you think I should do to you?"

"Since you chose to betray, in order to convince the public, I have to punish you."

"Three knives and six holes, as long as you survive a week, I will spare your life."


"The buffet at the hotel is also delicious!"

It was obvious that she came to the casino, but Jiang Xueqing seemed to just want to eat. For dinner, she took Qiao Mingxi to the restaurant on the second floor of the hotel.

It's free after all! The room fee of more than 20,000 yuan includes three meals! Jiang Xueqing was very distressed that the Chinese food was not eaten at the hotel.

She decided to spend the next few days in the hotel to solve the problem of dining, and going out to buy desserts and pastries at most. Who made the pastries here so delicious!

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