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Chapter: 19

Chapter 19 : Undress me

Pooh! Brother? He is simply insulting the title! He is just a domineering lunatic!

Jiang Xueqing gritted her teeth and didn't want to yell.

But in the face of Jin Huaiyuan's threatening eyes, she still agreed.

Life is more important! Life is more important! Jiang Xueqing silently said to herself in her heart that she shamelessly sacrificed for her own life!

"Jin Huaiyuan...Brother Huaiyuan..."

She got goosebumps.  

Jiang Xueqing wanted to rub the goosebumps on her arms. Why did she call a man who wanted to rape her, brother!

Jin Huaiyuan heard the intimate address from Jiang Xueqing's mouth, and the meat cock became harder!

He looked at Jiang Xueqing with burning eyes, and his free hand kept stroking her.

Under him was the girl's soft and delicate body. At this moment, Jin Huaiyuan had an urge to rub her into his body and take possession of her fiercely!

He pressed on her. His eyes and movements were possessive, and the man's strong hormonal breath rushed toward her.

Jiang Xueqing's heart was full of reluctance, but she was unable to struggle.

But she didn't want to! Her first time should be given to brother Mingxi! Not a man who wants to rape her!

"I'm least...not today..okay? I beg you! Brother's my first time, I'm so afraid...i'll do whatever you want, just don't hurt me..."

Jiang Xueqing could only show weakness. She gambles that Jin Huaiyuan likes the softness in her heart. Since she was kidnapped by him, there must be something special, right?

She can only bite her teeth and gamble once!

If you lose the gamble... just lie down! She couldn't have herself killed  because of her chastity!

"Really? Anything?"

Jin Huaiyuan's eyes were still dark, and his hands were stroking Jiang Xueqing's body non-stop, with an infatuation that he couldn't put down.

It's so comfortable. Just touching it, makes him almost hard enough to ejaculate!

Such a baby, he might be able to slowly taste her good taste and not let her wither in his hands.


Jin Huaiyuan really let go of Jiang Xueqing. He opened his hands, smiled at Jiang Xueqing and said, "Take off my clothes."

Jiang Xueqing blushed with shame, as if time had pressed the pause button. After a while, Jiang Xueqing sat up again, and stretched out her hands tremblingly.

Since she didn't want to be possessed by Jin Huaiyuan, she had to be obedient for the time being.

Whatever he wants to do, satisfy him first and save herself!

The buttons of the black shirt were unbuttoned one by one. The man's chest muscles and biceps were so big that she suspected that he didn't even have to unbutton them. The clothes would crack if he jumped hard.

The hormonal aura of men was too strong, and it enveloped Jiang Xueqing, causing her body to tremble constantly, and even her bones softened.

Such a compelling momentum and figure, and his eyes are so scary and hot.

Jiang Xueqing took the black shirt off the man's shoulders. At this time, Jin Huaiyuan's upper body was already naked, and the inverted triangle figure looked particularly explosive. The outline of the muscles was obvious, and the bronze skin was sexy.

But it is such a perfect body with a long scar running through it, forming a broken beauty.

Jiang Xueqing couldn't help being attracted.

"This is……"

Waaaah! How did she ask? What if Jin Huaiyuan thinks of something and is in a bad mood?

"This is the scar left when I won the title of gambling king when I was 22 years old. Are you curious? Want to know about me?"

Jin Huaiyuan grabbed Jiang Xueqing's hand, pressed her soft little hand on his chest and stroked it, all the way down the scar.

He didn't wait for Jiang Xueqing to answer, and continued, "Take off my pants too."

Jiang Xueqing did not dare to resist, and continued to tremble as she took off the pants for Jin Huaiyuan. With the clatter of the belt, they fell to the ground, and the pants were also thrown away by Jin Huaiyuan's long legs.

All he had left on his body was the black underwear, which was wrapped in a dazzling cock. It was hard and swollen, and the straight bulge turned the underwear into a big tent.

Without seeing the full appearance, I knew it was very big.

At least it scared Jiang Xueqing.

She and Qiao Mingxi have always kissed and stopped. Even if they were in love for two months, they only kissed, hugged and touched. They didn't even take off their clothes.

She's never seen such a scary picture! She was even more dizzy from the strong sexual desire that rushed to the face.

"Keep taking it off! Take off the underwear too!"

Jin Huaiyuan spoke with an order that could not be refused.


She's not looking......No......

"Didn't you promise to do anything? Huh? Since what you say is all lies, then I don't have to take it seriously!"

When Jiang Xueqing heard it, she was so frightened that she immediately gave in to her fear. She pointed her finger at the edge of his underwear, and pulled it down with great force!

With her eyes closed, she plunged into darkness.

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