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Chapter: 2

Chapter 2 : Reasons for the missing underwear (H)

It's really strange.

He hardened as soon as he saw her.

Qiao Mingxi, the eldest son of the Qiao family, was born in a family of power and businessmen. He has a very high IQ. He founded a company in high school and his personal assets reached hundreds of billions at the age of twenty.

He can be said to be the pride of heaven. He can get what he wants and what he doesn't like will disappear. 

However, after Qiao Mingxi matured, he had an unspeakable and shameful secret.

He has no sexual urges. He can't harden up, and he doesn't even have morning erection.

When he was a teenager, he was extremely angry, because others said that impotence was the most useless man in the world. By the age of 30, he was completely calm. Anyway, everything was boring, and it must be boring to do that kind of thing.

This world was boring in his eyes, and he didn't feel pity even if he died in the next second.

Until he met Jiang Xueqing.

He still remember what happened that day. He was sitting in the car looking at the flatbed processing documents. The window was open, and Jiang Xueqing passed by.

He saw Jiang Xueqing's profile and back. The straight and slender legs under the school uniform skirt were white and attractive. Before he could react, his trousers were stretched out into a big tent.

He is hard.


Qiao Mingxi easily investigated Jiang Xueqing's information.

She has just turned 17 and is a sophomore in Beishi No. 2 middle school. The girl is the same as a flower, tender and delicate.

He had something he was interested in. It started with a pair of cute underwear with cartoon pigs printed on them.

The side that was wrapped in the small hole had the scent of the girl's lewdness. He wrapped the meat stick in his underwear. After the smell of the girl, he became hard again.

It turns out that the feeling of ejaculation is so wonderful.

That night, he released himself three times, and the ejaculated semen completely wetted his underwear. The scent of girls' lewdness and his semen mixed together fascinated him.

Time and time again, until the girl's underwear could not satisfy his desire anymore.

He sneaked into Jiang Xueqing's room and lit an incense to make her fall into a deep sleep. He took off her clothes and caressed her naked and tender body wantonly.

The silky touch of his fingertips made him let out a satisfying and abnormal sigh. Soon, touching couldn't relieve his desire. He took off his clothes, hugged Jiang Xueqing, who was naked, and the tip of his nose kept sniffing at her neck.

"It smells so good... I really want to... eat you..."

He stretched out his tongue and licked Jiang Xueqing's neck. She tasted so sweet that her body seemed to be stained with honey.

The tongue continued down, across the collarbone, and stopped on the two soft white balls on the chest, spinning around the pink nipple tips.

The delicate and sensitive nipple tip was quickly erected by him, like a small ripe fruit waiting for him to pick it harder. He held the entire tip and sucked like sucking milk, making the breast red.

Both sides were sucked and swollen by him, and then Qiao Mingxi let go of them.

However, he didn't stop. His tongue continued down, and he wanted to lick all over the girl's body, making her smell of him all over.

Licking around her lower abdomen, she seemed to be able to feel pleasure. Her lower abdomen kept shrinking, and her legs opened slightly.

He looked at the most charming private garden, where there was already a faint wet mark, which was the honey from the girl.

Qiao Mingxi suddenly felt thirsty, and he found something to quench his thirst.

He grabbed her little cunt and sucked fiercely. As if he had opened a faucet, the lewd liquid squirted into his mouth. Obviously, Jiang Xueqing was licked by him to an orgasm.

"What a delicious little thing, such a lustful cunt! Just licked and it squirted."

"Do you want to be more comfortable? I know what you think."

Qiao Mingxi sandwiched the meat stick between the girl’s legs, which had been hard and was about to explode. The meat stick that hadn’t been hardened in the previous 30 years was really big. It was as thick as a girl’s forearm and had a terrifying length of Twenty centimeters.

Such a thick, long and hard meat stick can definitely reach the girl's sensitive flower core, making her fall into a continuous orgasm.

I really look forward to it. When the girl is awake, he would fuck so hard that she will cry and squirt urine!

"Hmm~ so comfortable! I really want to fuck you like this! Oh! Baby... my baby! Mmm! Fuck you! Fuck you! Hold the cock! Yes! Hmm... shoot it to you! Shooting all into your womb!"

Qiao Mingxi kept thrusting and fucking in Jiang Xueqing's leg, poking her clitoris from time to time. Her thighs were completely wetted by the kinky fluid, and the lubricated cock made the fuck faster.

"Fuck you! Fuck you! Shoot all to Xiao Sao!"

Qiao Mingxi slapped the meat stick and shot all the semen on the girl's body. He smiled contentedly when he watched her originally white and flawless body stained with the turbidity of his ejaculation.

He took out his cell phone, took a picture of the girl's lewd appearance, and cleaned up the scene, before leaving with reluctance.

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