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Chapter: 20

Chapter 20 : Out of the mouth (H)

"Open your eyes!"

Jin Huaiyuan held the bottom of the meat stick, and was a little dissatisfied when he saw Jiang Xueqing closed her eyes tightly.

So he used the cock to teach Jiang Xueqing a lesson. The hard and hot cock slapped Jiang Xueqing's face, and her delicate skin turned red in a short time.

Jiang Xueqing sobbed and opened her eyes. What caught her eye was such a terrifying object!

That thing was as thick as her wrist, and it was surrounded by blue veins. It kept beating and it looked ferocious and powerful. It was terrifying!

"You...take that...thing...away!"

Why is there such a terrible thing!

"Take it away? I won't take it away. You said you are willing to do anything, so touch it!"

"If you let me take it away, it's not just touching. Hmm... This thing will stick in your little hole and fuck you hard! Fuck your little slut!"

He was already very excited just thinking about it. At this time, Jin Huaiyuan could not wait to start the exercise directly. Anyway, Jiang Xueqing didn't want to touch it, but she didn't have any other choice.

"Don't! I... I will touch it!"

Jiang Xueqing bit her lip uncomfortably, and touched the thick and ferocious genitals with trembling hands. She could feel the thick and hot thing beating in her hands, with a strong taste.

Her palms are about to be scalded, and she is ashamed and scared!

"Touch your little hands up and down, hmm... yes! That's it... oh... so comfortable! Wrap around the head of the penis and touch the top of the cock... ah... baby, you are awesome! Your little hand makes the cock so comfortable! Go on, Huh? Or I'm going to fuck your pussy with this big dick!"

It turned out to be so amazing and terribly comfortable to be rubbed by the hand when it was hard, as if every nerve and cell in the body was filled with pleasure, and even he was shivering and numb.

This baby, he will not allow anyone to snatch her!

She will be his woman, and she is not allowed to escape from his side in her whole life!

Jin Huaiyuan's eyes darkened, and he grabbed Jiang Xueqing's hand tightly, speeding up the movement instead of her, and stroking quickly on the cock.

After a while, he felt like he was about to release.

Jin Huaiyuan didn't feel ashamed to shoot too early. For the first time in more than 30 years, he just wanted to release it fiercely!

The cock head opened, and the cock jumped even more. At this time, Jiang Xueqing seemed to have noticed something. She shook her head and wanted to step back, but was stopped by Jin Huaiyuan.

"Hmm! It's so great! Cumming! Cumming... Baby, I'll give you all of it!"

After he finished speaking, he could no longer bear the intention to shoot, and a large amount of semen shot out from the cock's head.

All the semen was sprinkled on Jiang Xueqing's face and body, with the strong smell of a man.

So dirty! Jiang Xueqing's face was pale, and she wanted to wipe off the white dirt. But she didn't dare to touch it with her hands, so she could only curl her lips with tears in her eyes.

Originally Jiang Xueqing thought it was over, but the torture was far from over.

After ejaculation, the cock was semi-soft and hardened again in less than five seconds! Even harder and hotter than before, it fully shows Jin Huaiyuan's dissatisfaction.

"It's hard again... babe, lick the cock clean and use your tongue!"

Tongue... Tongue?! Jiang Xueqing opened her eyes in disbelief. She looked at Jin Huaiyuan and wanted to check if she had heard wrong.

Then Jin Huaiyuan repeated it again.

"Lick the cock with your tongue!"

She shouldn't do such a dirty thing! It's a place to pee! Although Jin Huaiyuan's thing didn't smell bad, Jiang Xueqing collapsed just thinking about it!

"Either use your a small mouth, or use your small hole, think about it baby."

Why make this choice?!

Jiang Xueqing looked at Jin Huaiyuan's big thing, remembered the scar on his chest and his occupation, and was convinced herself again.

Forget it, just get used to it!

She carefully sticks out the tip of her tongue, trying not to touch more, and then licks the cock like ice cream, from bottom to top.

"Mmm... it's so great! Baby is awesome! Hahh! It's so... so comfortable..."

Jin Huaiyuan took a deep breath. Just watching Jiang Xueqing lick his cock for him, the visual satisfaction made Jin Huaiyuan's scalp tingle.

The tip of the tongue slid across the cock. It was great, and then the whole body felt a tingling sensation like electricity.

But Jin Huaiyuan was still not satisfied.

"Put the tip of the cock in and suck it!"

Jiang Xueqing wept silently, and obediently put the tip of the cock into it. The man's smell was so strong that it choked her nose.

But I don't know why, smelling such a scent, looking at the thick and ferocious cock, her body is so soft... The little pussy even secreted a touch of moisture.

Because she was aware of her own body's lust, Jiang Xueqing cried even more.

Is she bad? Why? why does it feel so strange!

Jin Huaiyuan gently pulled and inserted in Jiang Xueqing's small mouth and enjoyed the pleasure of his cock being licked by her tongue.  

He didn't fuck Jiang Xueqing too hard. After hearing her say that her mouth was sour, he shot into her mouth again.

"Cough cough..."

Jiang Xueqing didn't swallow or spit out the liquid that came out of the man's cock. In the end, Jin Huaiyuan pinched her chin and opened her mouth to let her swallow it.

Then, seeing that, the man became hard again.

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