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Chapter: 21.2

Chapter 21 Part 2 : Receiving News 

Jiang Xueqing is not in a life-threatening danger at all. She is even living and eating well.

She was covered with the best quilt, dressed in the best clothes, and ate the best food. The only thing that made Jiang Xueqing feel broken was that she couldn't go out.

The scope of the activity was only in the villa arranged by Jin Huaiyuan.

"When are you going to let me out? Are you going to keep me locked up like this for the rest of my life? I'm just here to play in the summer vacation. I still have to study and go to school. If I don't contact my parents for too long, they will also worry about me! Brother Huaiyuan, you can't keep me locked up like this..."

Jiang Xueqing is really going crazy, and is about to collapse!

She didn't expect to encounter such a thing when she went out to play in the summer vacation! It takes eight lifetimes of bad luck to meet Jin Huaiyuan!

Jiang Xueqing really didn't want to call him brother Huaiyuan, but Jin Huaiyuan's punishment scared Jiang Xueqing.

As long as the name is wrong, Jin Huaiyuan will kiss and touch her.

There seemed to be no days or nights in the villa, and Jiang Xueqing didn't know how long she had been locked up.

"You want to leave me?"

"Baby, don't take me for a fool."

"You haven't forgotten your brother Mingxi, and you haven't fallen in love with me, how can I let you go? If you're worried about your family, I'll bring your family along. Don't worry, I'll make life better for them."

This method is really great!

As long as Jiang Xueqing's parents are in his hands, she will no longer dare to escape from him.

"No! Don't touch my parents!"

It's a pity that Jin Huaiyuan won't listen to her.

He directly sent people to contact Jiang Xueqing's parents, and within a day, he could bring Jiang Xueqing's parents to the Casino City.

"Mr. Qiao, we have received the news! A force is approaching Jiang Xueqing's parents and wants to take them away!"

Qiao Mingxi not only let people guard the airport of the casino, he also asked mercenaries to investigate the casino. As it is Jin Huaiyuan's casino, it's very difficult to investigate, and there was no news for the time being.

He thought about it again, and asked the bodyguards to protect Jiang Xueqing's parents. What if there was news from over there? 

Unexpectedly, he really got it.

"Whose power that force is from?"

"Mr. Qiao, that force is from Jin Huaiyuan."

Jin Huaiyuan...

It turned out to be Jin Huaiyuan!!!

Yes, why not him? Jiang Xueqing disappeared in Jin Huaiyuan's casino!

Jin Huaiyuan has such strict control over the casino. If someone wants to kidnap a girl from his casino, who else can do it except for Jin Huaiyuan himself?

Qiao Mingxi thumped the table angrily. A trace of confusion flashed in his eyes.

He has only met Jin Huaiyuan at a few business banquets, and the two have no business relationship. Why did Jin Huaiyuan kidnap Jiang Xueqing?

In any case, Qiao Mingxi decided to contact Jin Huaiyuan first.

If something happens to Jiang Xueqing, he will make Jin Huaiyuan regret, even if he has to fight death!

Qiao Mingxi rushed to the casino overnight.

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