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Chapter: 22.2

Chapter 22 Part 2 : Rivalry

"You came."

Jin Huaiyuan sat on the sofa and looked at Qiao Mingxi with indifference. He was like an emperor in the dark night, with an imposing manner.

But Qiao Mingxi is not inferior, and the gentle dress can not hide his powerful momentum.

The two men fought each other, not giving in at all.

"You kidnapped Xueqing, why?"

"How much do you want? Or what else do you want?"

Jin Huaiyuan hooked the corners of his mouth, stretched out his index finger and shook it.

"I don't want anything. Money and power, I'm no less than you, even more than you."

"All I want is Jiang Xueqing, you should just break up with her and stop disturbing my life and hers."

There is no need for negotiation.

It is impossible for Qiao Mingxi to break up with Jiang Xueqing.

"Are you trying to force Xueqing to be with you? What do you think of her? I cherish the girl I love, and you hurt like this?!"

Qiao Mingxi was furious. He couldn't imagine how uncomfortable Jiang Xueqing would be now. When he thought of Jin Huaiyuan hurting Jiang Xueqing, he wanted to smash Jin Huaiyuan to pieces!

"What do you think of her, Qiao Mingxi? Underwears... drugs... more than two months ago, do you want me to tell you?"

Jin Huaiyuan's eyes were full of sarcasm, and he was bound to win.

Wouldn't it be interesting if I told Jiang Xueqing this?"

Qiao Mingxi didn't expect that Jin Huaiyuan could investigate all these things, and the other party was indeed a very difficult opponent.

However, Qiao Mingxi also remained calm.

"Xueqing likes me. As long as I say that you are slandering me, she will believe it. And if you persecute her, kidnap her, you will never get her love!"

Never get her love!

Qiao Mingxi's words overlapped with Jiang Xueqing's words, which reminded Jin Huaiyuan of how Jiang Xueqing roared at him for Qiao Mingxi just now.

Even if you get my body, you can't get my heart!

Jin Huaiyuan broke the defense. He stood up suddenly, and looked at Qiao Mingxi ruthlessly and fiercely.

"Don't you want your life?!"

"You can indeed kill me now, but I don't think you can afford the consequences of killing me."

Jin Huaiyuan's position is very dangerous.

Most of the forces under his control are involved in the underworld, and there are countless enemies. As long as he shows a little tiredness, the enemies will come together like sharks smelling blood, fighting and robbing Jin Huaiyuan's power.

"Hey, don't worry, I didn't plan to kill you."

"You can go, don't come here again."

If he killed Qiao Mingxi, Jiang Xueqing would never forgive him, let alone fall in love with him.

"Are you going to lock up Xueqing for the rest of your life?"

Qiao Mingxi not only did not leave, but he sat down arrogantly!

"Let me see her, or I won't leave."

The two men stood still.

Jin Huaiyuan can't kill Qiao Mingxi, and Qiao Mingxi can't do anything to Jin Huaiyuan in the casino. If the two fight, they will both lose, and they will only make others take advantage.


Jiang Xueqing was in the room. She kept thinking about what Jin Huaiyuan meant.

'Why do you think Qiao Mingxi is a good man!'

What did brother Mingxi do?

No no no! How could she think so? Brother Mingxi is so good, she can't doubt brother Mingxi just because of Jin Huaiyuan's words!

Is brother Mingxi okay now? Did he meet Jin Huaiyuan? Did Jin Huaiyuan hurt him?

The more Jiang Xueqing thought about it, the more anxious she became.

She looked out the window and decided to escape. Even if she was injured, she had to escape!

The windows and doors are locked, the room has central air-conditioning for ventilation, and there is a nanny to deliver meals every meal.

She staggered and climbed onto the cabinet. The central air conditioner was locked with extra thick screws, and the air vent was also locked. She had no tools and could never pry it open with her bare hands.

Do i have to wait for the nanny to come and sneak out after knocking the nanny unconscious?

But how to deal with the four bodyguards outside the door?

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