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Chapter: 27

Chapter 27 : Obsessed Plunder (H)

Unfamiliar lust made Jiang Xueqing's whole body covered with a layer of seductive pink. Her watery eyes became blurred, and she fell into Jin Huaiyuan's arms like a pool of spring water, it was very cute.

Jin Huaiyuan looked at Jiang Xueqing like this, and his eyes were full of desire and infatuation.

The feeling of the cock getting hard is really wonderful. Later, he will release his lust of thirty-two years on Jiang Xueqing and completely possess her!

Thinking of this, Jin Huaiyuan trembled with excitement.

He threw Jiang Xueqing onto the bed and clamped her tightly with both hands. Her body was completely imprisoned. And Jiang Xueqing felt Jin Huaiyuan's fiery breath, so she didn't have the strength to resist. Thinking that Jin Huaiyuan was her fiancé, Jiang Xueqing's struggle gradually became smaller.

"Brother's so strange..."

Her body is so hot, and the shy place is so empty, how could it be so strange?

Jiang Xueqing twisted her legs uncomfortably, and her panties were so wet that she was extremely ashamed.

"Because you want me too, baby. Are your panties wet? That's the proof that you want me. You need my big cock to go in!"

Jin Huaiyuan's sharp eyes saw Jiang Xueqing wringing her thighs because she couldn't bear it. He was fascinated by her lascivious and charming appearance, and even wanted to rip off her clothes and fuck her fiercely!

Reason gradually disappeared, and lust took the upper hand. Jin Huaiyuan could no longer bear it, and now there is only one thought in his mind, that is to take the girl under him fiercely, and make her completely become his woman!

Jin Huaiyuan kissed Jiang Xueqing's lips again, gnawing like a beast, with a man's roughness and savageness. He had no skills, but the strong male hormones can also stimulate Jiang Xueqing's lust.

However, Jin Huaiyuan soon discovered the technique. He stretched out his tongue to lick her lips and teeth, and then fully inserted it, stirring and sucking fiercely, licking Jiang Xueqing's small mouth from the inside out.


The man's fiery breath made Jiang Xueqing even more emotional. Almost all of her strength disappeared with this kiss, and she shamefully wanted more and more!

Jin Huaiyuan was also completely addicted to this fierce kiss. He sucked the sweet body fluid in Jiang Xueqing's mouth, used his flexible tongue to trace the outline of her teeth, and twisted Jiang Xueqing's tongue to entangle her wantonly.

Her entire mouth was covered, and her body was hugged tightly, as if she was about to merge with Jin Huaiyuan.

Her tongue and lips were numb from being sucked, but she didn't realize that Jin Huaiyuan had completely taken off her clothes, and even her underwear was thrown to the ground.

The naked Jiang Xueqing was trembling in Jin Huaiyuan's arms. The tall man was almost twice as tall as Jiang Xueqing, and he was so tall that he buried Jiang Xueqing under him.

He ripped open his clothes and trousers wildly, and the pieces fell on the ground. At this time, he was as fierce as a beast, but he was full of desire and tenderness towards his partner.

Rough big palms stroking around on the delicate skin, as beautiful as petals blooming. He couldn't put it down, and his breathing became more and more rapid with the rhythm of the stroking.

"Um... Brother Huaiyuan... No more..."

Mouth hurts! Jiang Xueqing was pitiful, and the corners of her eyes were red.

But Jin Huaiyuan didn't let her go so easily. After releasing her lips, he attacked elsewhere, licking with the tip of his tongue and sucking with his lips.

From her little face to the earlobe, there were traces of wetness. He held the earlobe and sucked it again, tracing the outline of the ear with his tongue.

The crispy and numb feeling made Jiang Xueqing extremely comfortable. Her ears are very sensitive places, and this kind of pleasure is neither too intense nor unbearable.

Instead, it was like soaking in warm water, which made Jiang Xueqing especially enjoy.

Jiang Xueqing was completely engulfed in lust, her body softened into a pool of spring water, and her private place was flooded, which wet the sheets.

The emotional moan was even more charming, and it fascinated Jin Huaiyuan's seduction. Instead of not wanting it, he was even more excited.

His lips continued downward, and his lips were sucking and licking on Jiang Xueqing's white and tender neck. The red plum blossoms bloomed in the snow, revealing a thick lewdness.

"Ah... so comfortable... so strange... my whole body is so itchy and numb! Ah ah! Brother Huaiyuan!"

The moan gradually grew louder, and suddenly the whole room was filled with Jiang Xueqing's lascivious voice, and the atmosphere became more and more hot.

"Baby, I love it... I'm so comfortable! I'm going to lick your whole body!"

Jin Huaiyuan's voice was low and sexy, and just listening to it made Jiang Xueqing's little pussy flow with lust, as if she was burning with lust.

She felt Jin Huaiyuan lick her collarbone, her chest, all the way to her sensitive breasts.

Jin Huaiyuan grabbed and kneaded the place that she would not touch often in the shower, then opened his mouth to suck the milk bead at the top, and kept poking with the tip of his tongue. The faint milk fragrance made him crazy. He didn't want to let go like an Oedipus complex. He wanted to suck milk from the pink and tender milk tips.

He even went as far as to chew on the breast meat and the tip of the breast. The slight pain mixed with the intense refreshment made Jiang Xueqing feel so comfortable!

She never knew it would be so refreshing to be sucked!

"No way! Ah ah... Brother Huaiyuan... It's so strange! No more! Ah ah!"

Jiang Xueqing struggled gently, and then was completely imprisoned by Jin Huaiyuan. As if she was about to break away from his embrace, his movements became more intense.

Jin Huaiyuan was crawling on Jiang Xueqing like a beast, sucking the sensitive tits hard. The wild foreplay made Jiang Xueqing tremble constantly.

At this time, Jin Huaiyuan's eyes were full of desire and plunder, and he said in a low voice, " are not allowed to leave! You are mine! here! It's all mine!"

He nibbled on the tip of the tit on the left, then sucked the tit on the right, taking turns loving each other, making Jiang Xueqing's horny water flow.

Very comfortable! She is dripping a lot! It's like peeing!

Jiang Xueqing felt very ashamed. She didn't know why she became like this, so strange...

And there was a hard thing poking at her lower body all the time, causing her thighs to hurt.

It was Jin Huaiyuan's thick cock. It looked ferocious and powerful. Although the color was light, it was surrounded by blue veins, and the top was spitting out mucus. If Jiang Xueqing saw it, she would definitely say it was terrible!

The hard and thick meat cock poked Jiang Xueqing's thighs red, and all the mucus was rubbed on it.

Then Jin Huaiyuan suddenly knelt down on the bed, stared at the girl's private garden with burning eyes, and forcefully separated her slender legs, completely exposing the small hole in his eyes.

"It's so beautiful, what a coquettish pussy!"

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