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Chapter: 6

Chapter 6 : Relationship

The two bought a couple VIP package, which includes amusement facilities pass, a fantasy restaurant dinner for two, and a couple's suite in the evening. It can be said that it is a one-stop all-inclusive package, but the price is more expensive, thousands of dollars!

"Why buy a package? I have to go home at night, without telling my family......"

Jiang Xueqing looked at Qiao Mingxi with a puzzled look. Did he actually think about spending the night outside? !

But... it seems too fast! Even if a couple hold hands, hugs and kisses, they are too intimate in Jiang Xueqing's eyes. This is the limit she can accept!

Spending the night outside? Jiang Xueqing can go home immediately!

"What are you thinking about? Does Xueqing want to spend the night outside? I'm just afraid that you will be tired from playing, so I booked a room. After eating, we can go to the room to rest for a while."

Qiao Mingxi's eyes flickered. Although he said that, he was reluctant in his heart.

He wants to sleep with Jiang Xueqing in his arms at night.

It's a pity that she didn't agree, and he couldn't scare her away. He could always occupy her life bit by bit, making her completely his own.

Ah! So that's why!

Jiang Xueqing's face suddenly flushed red. She seemed to have misunderstood Qiao Mingxi and misinterpreted his kindness.

How could she doubt him! Even if the inexplicable memory told her that Qiao Mingxi and another man would want to destroy the world in the future, it didn't happen!

Does she not believe in her own vision and experience, but believe in the unknown?

Qiao Mingxi is very good, gentlemanly and considerate!

"Mingxi, I'm sorry, I misunderstood you." Jiang Xueqing apologized honestly, and because of the guilt in her heart, she was very well-behaved and did not refuse Qiao Mingxi's approach.

He even started walking away with his arms around her. The temperature and hardness of his body was making her blush and heart beat faster.

Under his palm is the girl's warm, smooth and tender skin. The cardigan on the outside slips off a bit, and the straps of the sling inside are thin. It will break even if you pull it gently.

He really wants to take her back to the room...

In the next period of time, Qiao Mingxi didn't notice anything he was playing with. He hugged the girl's waist and touched the girl's face from time to time, as if he wished to rub her into the bones.

Jiang Xueqing had a lot of fun, and she didn't even notice that Qiao Mingxi's eyes were staring at her deeply.

Jiang Xueqing didn't meet Qiao Mingxi's dangerous eyes until the more thrilling rides were over and the two went to ride the Ferris wheel.

However, Jiang Xueqing didn't notice it at all. From her point of view, the dangerous eyes were just a deep affectionate look. He must like her very much!

Then look at her, she'll be shy!

"Why do you keep looking at me?"

Jiang Xueqing's lovely face was red, and she was a little bit happy that the person she liked also liked her. This is really the best thing in the world.

"Because you are so beautiful. It's so sad to think that such a beautiful girl is not my girlfriend yet."

Qiao Mingxi suddenly took Jiang Xueqing's hand, put it on his lips and kissed it lightly, "Xueqing, promise me today, will you be my girlfriend? I can't wait anymore!"

The mature man's voice is low, magnetic and sexy, as if her ears are going to be pregnant. He leaned to her ear to speak, like an electric current was running through her body, and even made Jiang Xueqing have goosebumps.

Her face is so hot, so hot! As if the whole person is going to burn!

She likes him too!

So... Do i want to promise? Let Qiao Mingxi be my boyfriend? Jiang Xueqing looked at Qiao Mingxi seriously and was silent for a while. She couldn't resist the impulse in her heart.

She also likes Qiao Mingxi a lot!

"Okay... boyfriend, then you have to be nice to me in the future, don't bully me..."

Jiang Xueqing lowered her head shyly, and the coyness of her brows was lovable.

Qiao Mingxi looked at her straight without blinking, then suddenly took her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

His breathing is so fast that the desire in his eyes is about to erupt!

"Great! Don't worry, baby, I will treat you well and make you the happiest girl in the world."

The only premise is that she should not have delusions of escaping from him.

To stay by his side forever and ever, whether it is the person or her heart.


The men and women who have confirmed their relationship are extremely close. Although one is a mature man and the other is a delicate young girl, they still seemed pretty well suited.

Both walking together in the amusement park, the rate of others looking back at them is almost 100%.

Qiao Mingxi also temporarily put aside the dark thoughts in his heart and indulged into this pure love. He happily accompanied Jiang Xueqing, and for the first time felt that the sun was so beautiful and the breeze was so gentle.

Is this what it feels like to be in love?

It's... pretty good.

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