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Chapter: 7

Chapter 7 : Invisible Desires

"Brother Mingxi, I want to eat ice cream, shall we buy it?"

Jiang Xueqing pointed to the small ice cream stand in front of her. The afternoon sun was too bright, and many people were waiting in line.

Although Jiang Xueqing is a little beauty, there are many well-dressed girls in the amusement park, all of them is beautiful.

However, when Qiao Mingxi stood in the crowd, he felt like he stood out from the crowd.

He and the people around him seemed to be in two time and space. Even when he was lining up to buy ice cream, he exuded a sense of swiftness and strategizing.

In short, it is a powerful momentum, and it is estimated that the legs of a timid person will tremble standing in front of him.

Qiao Mingxi looked really handsome, and he didn't look like someone who would come to an amusement park at all.

There were even girls who wanted to come up to chat, but were scared away by his sharp and indifferent eyes.

But he was so gentle and considerate to her. Jiang Xueqing's satisfaction was almost beyond words. The feeling of being cherished was fascinating.

"There were a lot of girls who wanted to chat with you just now."

Jiang Xueqing took the ice cream they bought after waiting in line for more than ten minutes. The tip of her pink tongue licked on the left and right, and took a sip from the top, eating with relish.

Qiao Mingxi didn't pay attention to what Jiang Xueqing said.

His eyes were burning as he watched the tender tip of her tongue sliding on the ice cream. His eyes were getting hotter and hotter. The girl has no idea how attractive she is to him! At this time, his powerful self-control was about to collapse, and he wanted to turn into a beast and press her under him!

"Is it delicious?"

Qiao Mingxi's voice was terribly low.

Jiang Xueqing met Qiao Mingxi's eager eyes. She handed the ice cream to Qiao Mingxi and said, "Brother Mingxi, have a taste too!"

"I want to taste the..."

Qiao Mingxi suddenly bent down and kissed Jiang Xueqing's lips fiercely, wantonly plundering the sweet taste in her mouth.

The cool and milky aroma of the ice cream and the girl's soft tongue were intertwined into the most delicious dessert, which made him never get tired of trying it, and he even wanted to keep kissing and not letting go of her.

"Ha... Why did brother Mingxi kissed me suddenly? Hmm... my mouth is swollen, so many people watched it just now! Don't do this outside in the future, I'm so embarrassed..."

Jiang Xueqing blushed like an apple. Looking at the ice cream that had melted in her hands, she quickly licked the remaining ones.

Then she was attacked by Qiao Mingxi again. She was breathless from the kiss again, and almost fell into Qiao Mingxi's arms.

Her body became so soft, and the bones seemed to be crisp from kissing...

Forget it, he can kiss her if he wants, she can't stop it. This is proof that her boyfriend likes her, but it's just too enthusiastic.

Jiang Xueqing thought to herself.

Seemingly aware of Jiang Xueqing's thoughts, Qiao Mingxi went even further. He grabbed and kissed her every once in a while. She didn't need to put lipstick on her mouth, which already looked red and bright.

That's because it's swollen by kisses!

Jiang Xueqing suspected that her mouth would be broken by kissing if it continued like this! So she had to stop Qiao Mingxi, "Brother Mingxi, don't kiss me anymore! Look at my mouth, it's so red and swollen... I can't eat dinner anymore!"

Well, in order for Jiang Xueqing to have dinner, Qiao Mingxi had to hold back the desire to kiss her.

The couple's set meal prepared by the restaurant is actually quite ordinary. After all, it is in an amusement park. There is no competition, and there is no need to rely on the taste to attract customers.

But after playing all afternoon, Jiang Xueqing and Qiao Mingxi were both hungry, and they ate all the food in the set meal.

"Let's go and rest for a while, and then come out to watch the fireworks show at night."

Qiao Mingxi said seriously.

It was as if he booked the room only to let Jiang Xueqing rest for an hour or two.

"Okay! Brother Mingxi, you are so considerate!"

Jiang Xueqing was touched in her heart. She just felt that she was so happy to have a boyfriend like Qiao Mingxi!

The room included in the package is in the amusement park, and the exterior is decorated like a castle. Each room has a fairy tale theme. Coincidentally, the room that Qiao Mingxi booked is called Beauty and the Beast.

"Beauty and the Beast, hee hee... Is brother Mingxi a beast?"

Jiang Xueqing's question was simple, but what Qiao Mingxi thought was not simple. As for whether he was a beast, he had to answer.

When he takes her completely,  her with his marks, shoves his penis into her pussy, and his semen invades her uterus, she'll know if he's a beast.

"If I were a beast, I would eat you hard!"

Qiao Mingxi said half truthfully.

Jiang Xueqing not only didn't arouse alarm, but hung on Qiao Mingxi very tiredly, humming and acting like a spoiled child.

"Brother Mingxi, go and pour me a glass of water, okay?"

Maybe it was because Qiao Mingxi was too gentle and pampering towards her, that Jiang Xueqing also subconsciously tested his affection for her little by little.

She asked him to line up to buy ice cream, and asked him to bring tea and water for her, but Qiao Mingxi was still so gentle and patient, and took good care of her.

The only thing Jiang Xueqing was not used to was that Qiao Mingxi liked physical contact too much. Holding her hand, hugging her waist, touching her shoulder, and kissing her so much.

What the other people do is sexual harassment, and what Qiao Mingxi does is to like her little actions, which makes Jiang Xueqing both distressed and sweet.

However, where Jiang Xueqing can't see, what does she think the gentleman and considerate Qiao Mingxi is doing?

An hour ago.

"Send me the latest model of Oral Ecstasy. I'll send you the location, so hurry up."

In less than half an hour, the oral drug was put in Qiao Mingxi's pocket. She was in the bathroom, and the handover process only took a few seconds.


*Note- He is gonna do creepy things again in the !! (ʘ‿ʘ)

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