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Chapter: 8

"Xueqing." The water in Qiao Mingxi's hands is clear and transparent.

"Thank you, Brother Mingxi!"

Jiang Xueqing happily took the glass of water. It was the water she asked Qiao Mingxi to pour. She must have been very thirsty, so she drank the whole glass of water.

The girl on the bed is sound asleep.

No matter what he did, she wouldn't wake up.

It is indeed the latest type of oral drug that will not harm the body, but can also make her feel the pleasure in a daze and give him a response.

Qiao Mingxi gently stroked Jiang Xueqing's profile, and then took off all her clothes.

The girl lying on the bed was left with only her underwear and panties wrapped around her private place, like a sacrificial gift.

Qiao Mingxi's Adam's apple rolled up and down. He squeezed the soft pair on her chest through her underwear. Still not satisfied, he tore off her underwear recklessly, and the pair of soft and white bunnies inside jumped out, shaking bursts of milk waves.

"It's beautiful...Baby, I'm pinching your tits, is it comfortable?"

"It's so soft and tender, let me taste it, okay?"

Qiao Mingxi lowered his head and leaned down. He opened his mouth to hold the sensitive beans of the girl, sucking and biting recklessly in his mouth, playing with the delicate nipples until they became red and bloodshot.

The flexible tip of his tongue kept fiddling on the nipple, licking up and down, left and right, spinning around the top, and sucking hard, like drinking milk.

Soon, the soft nipple became as hard as a pebble and became more sensitive. Jiang Xueqing's body trembled when he touched it lightly.

"Baby is so sensitive, isn't it comfortable? Let me lick the other side again!"

Qiao Mingxi raised his head and switched to the other side, repeating the same action, playing and teasing recklessly, until both sides became charming and glittering like rubies.

It was full of his taste and traces. Seeing such a lewd scene, Qiao Mingxi smiled with satisfaction.


His lips continued down, slicing across her flat belly, biting the edge of her panties with his mouth and pulling them down.

He has seen many girls' private gardens, but Qiao Mingxi still felt extremely excited, and the burning desire rushed up.

The girl's little pussy is delicate and pink, like a rose in the morning still stained with transparent dew. The gap in the middle shrinks with his movements, spitting out a stream of kinky water, which makes his mouth dry.

"Baby is leaking water, do you want me to lick it?"

Qiao Mingxi forcefully separated Jiang Xueqing's legs, buried his head between her legs, and started licking from the base of her thighs.

Even Jiang Xueqing could feel the tingling and numb pleasure in her sleep. Her legs trembled slightly, and she even opened it up, as if she was catering to Qiao Mingxi.


The girl let out a vague but sweet moan, so Qiao Mingxi became more energetic.

He licked to the top of the small hole, where there were some light hairs. He used his tongue to roll the hairs to play, and after playing for a while, he continued to lick down.

This time, the target was the white, tender and fat pussy lips. He moved his tongue from side to side, feeling her little pussy trembling as he played.

"Baby's little pussy is so beautiful! It tastes so good, it's cute and fragrant!"

"Do you really like being licked by me?! So much water! I'll fuck you with my tongue later!"

Qiao Mingxi became more and more excited. He frantically licked Jiang Xueqing's little pussy, from bottom to top, across the pink gap and delicate clitoris. He even bit the clitoris with his teeth, and inserted his tongue into the tunnel, thrusting like a cock.

Although the tongue is not as thick, big and hard as the meat stick, it is very flexible. After inserting it, it stirs quickly. He uses the tip of the tongue to stab her sensitive point!


The sleeping Jiang Xueqing kept groaning and twisting her buttocks uncontrollably. As she was thrusted and manipulated by his tongue, the pleasure accumulated to its peak!

"Ah ah ah ah..."

In this way, Jiang Xueqing was fucked to orgasm by Qiao Mingxi's tongue in her sleep!

The small hole shrank violently, spewing out a large amount of filthy water from the depths. As if being fucked in the urine, the faucet could not be turned off. All poured into Qiao Mingxi's mouth, and some even sprayed on his face.

"Baby orgasmed! There's so much water! Is it that good? Should I be the one to feel good next? I'll fuck your little bitch!"

After Jiang Xueqing climaxed once, Qiao Mingxi couldn't bear it any longer.

He quickly took off all the clothes on his body. Even his underwear was thrown to the ground by him, and the beast wrapped in the underwear came out of the gate, bouncing like a cannonball, powerful and hideous.

The cock was thick and large, as long as twenty centimeters. It became even more terrifying when it became hard, and it stood up like a rock, showing no signs of fatigue.

Qiao Mingxi got on the bed, and hugged Jiang Xueqing from behind. His arms passed from her armpits to her chest, and his palms tightly squeezed the soft breasts, feeling the breasts changing shape in his hands.

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