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Chapter: 8

When The Flowers Falls, I'll See You Again

Chapter 8

Exonerate Injustice

Terms in WTFFISYA Chapter 8

公 (gōng): lit. male, similar to Mr in usage

衙门 (yá mén): Government office in feudal China

民女 (mín nǚ): self appellation of a woman from an ordinary family

师父 (Shī Fù): Master

师兄 (Shī Xīong): Senior brother 

These terms can also be found in the Glossary

In the middle of the night with a moonless sky, there were five or six torches burning on the side of the pond. In the light of the fire, Hong Ning stood by the pond in green clothes next to Hai Gong also changed into a plain suit and sat on a chair, magistrate Tao was accompanying, the two green-robed guards stood on both sides with bare hands, the yamen runners had also removed their swords, and twenty or so monks had also removed the rosary beads and other things, standing far away.

"What time?" Hai Gong asked with his side face.

"Near the time of Zi Shi (11pm - 1am)." A yamen runner reported.

Hai Gong couldn't help but frown, looked at Hong Ning, slightly inquiring. He heard that there would be important witnesses coming tonight and he specially led the crowd to wait here.

Hong Ning understood what he meant: "Lord Hai please be assured." Jin Xiu would never lie to her.

This woman made such a strange request, Hai Gong was originally a little worried, regretting that he had agreed too rashly. Moving manpower in the middle of the night, if there was no harvest at that time, he would inevitably become a laughing stock the next day. Seeing her calm face now, full of certainty, he gradually felt reassured.

There was a strange murder in the temple, magistrate Tao was eager to hide far away, but the prefect sent someone to invite him, he had to bite the bullet and accompany him. His stomach is already full of fire and upon hearing that it was Hong Ning's idea, he was even more impatient: "Deliberately making mysteries! According to the subordinate officials, it must be a ghosts these monks disturbed so it is better to take them into custody and interrogate them strictly, not afraid that they will not confess! "

The abbot master panicked and stepped forward and clasped his hands together: "Shan Zai, this old monk dares to guarantee that the monks of our temple are by no means murderers, your excellency please investigate clearly. "

善哉 (shàn zāi):

a word of praise , which means praise, that is, "good". The ancients often said it when someone else said a reasonable sentence to show his approval. It was later borrowed from the translation of Buddhist scriptures. The monks used it as a spoken word of exclamation, which could express both approval and dissatisfaction, and even used it as an atonement after "sin".

Magistrate Tao said, "There were no outsiders in the temple that night, who else but you monks!" "

The abbot was anxious: "This..."

Hai Gong was a little displeased: "This matter needs to be discussed and when the truth is found out, this government will definitely give the brother-in-law justice." "

Magistrate Tao sneered, "Not sure when that important witness will come?"

Zi Shi (11pm - 1am) was approaching, but there was no movement at all. Hong Ning was also a little anxious, turning to everyone and asking, "Did you really remove all weapons?" And the masters, is there any other magic weapons on your body? "

Everyone shook their heads.

Hai Gong looked at her.

Hong Ning smiled calmly: "I think she missed the hour, Min Nü will ask about it." "

After saying that, she took a few steps forward to face the pond, took a deep breath, drew a charm from her arms, looked at mid-air and silently chanted the mantra, clapped her hands together, and then threw it upwards, and the charm flew up in the air and burned on its own.

The rune paper burned out, and two big words appeared in the air: Coming soon

The two words were as big as buckets, bright and shining, and stopped for nearly ten seconds before they gradually dispersed like fluorescent fireflies.

The crowd saw it clearly and there was an uproar. They did not dare to underestimate her again.

Hai Gong was even more convinced: "I didn't expect that the girl was actually a high-ranking person in Taoism."

In fact, Hong Ning was only performing the most elementary illusion. There was really no way so she used this little trick to prevaricate in order to delay time. When she heard the words, she bowed down and said, "The witness will arrive soon and I ask the two excellencies to wait a little longer." "

Hai Gong nodded and magistrate Tao couldn't say anything more.

Hong Ning was calm on the surface but her heart was anxious, although just now with the eagle bug trick to fool her way through, it can only work for a while, if the lotus still does not appear, it will be really difficult to explain...

Just as she was thinking about it, a gust of wind suddenly rolled up on the pool.

The wind came fiercely, countless dust and sand flew, but it was not cold, faintly carrying the fragrance of lotus leaves and lotus flowers, straight into people's hearts. The surrounding fire became a little darker for no reason.

Everyone covered their faces with their sleeves and said: "Fragrant! "

Hong Ning sensed the strangeness and was overjoyed: "Since you have come, still not revealing yourself!"

As soon as the words fell, the original dark and heavy pool surface was covered with lotus leaves. A woman in pink stood on the lotus leaves, with a pink face and peach cheeks, very beautiful, like a fairy.

The crowd was horrified.

Magistrate Tao face was the colour of earth and he trembled: "What... What a demon! "

Hai Gong was also shocked: "This is..."

Hong Ning hurriedly comforted: "your excellencies don't need to panic, she is the witness that the Min Nü spoke of." "

This woman was no ordinary person. Everyone knew it in their hearts and did not dare to say more.

Hai Gong was very knowledgeable and being a righteous official for many years, he quickly settled on god: "Who is the girl? If you know the beginning and end of this case, you may wish to tell the truth. "

The woman in pink bent down to make a salute, in a very pleasant voice: "Replying to your lord, this little girl is a lotus flower in this lotus pond, named Lian Hua, who came here today for an unjust case." "

莲花 (lián huā):

Lit. lotus flower

Hai Gong said, "Who killed Zheng Ke?"

The woman in pink said: "It is Lian Hua." "

Magistrate Tao heard the words and immediately slapped the armrest, scolding with horizontal eyebrows: "It turns out that you are the murderer, come people!" Shouting out and realising that something was not right, hurriedly shouting at Hong Ning: "Still don't hurry up to help this magistrate catch the murderer!" "

Hong Ning looked at him coldly: "What is your excellency anxious about, since she dares to take the initiative to confess her guilt, will she still run away? Even if she is the murderer, you must first listen to the confession. "

Hai Gong nodded and asked Lian Hua, "Do you have a vendetta against Zheng Ke?" "

Lian Hua shook his head.

Hai Gong frowned and said in a deep voice, "Bold demon, daring to harm people's lives without authorisation, if you don't explain the reason in detail, this prefect will not spare you today!" "

"Your excellency is on top, how dare Lian Hua hide," Lian Hua whispered, "Lian Hua killed Zheng Ke to avenge others." Speaking of this, she actually shed tears and turned to the crowd: "I don't know if you have ever heard that ten years ago, there was a master in this temple on this day named Hai Ming." "

Hai Gong looked at the abbot.

The abbot stepped forward and replied, "There was indeed an Elder Hai Ming in our temple, who went out to wander and did not return, only because this old monk came late and never met him." "

Lian Hua wiped her tears: "Lian Hua has been in this pond for a hundred years, twelve years ago there was a great drought and the pond water dried up. Fortunately Master Hai Ming carried water every day to save me. Lian Hua received this kindness, originally wanting to cultivate into a human body and then repay. Who knew that he will be killed by Zheng Ke and died in an unclear manner. Fortunately, the sky has eyes. After ten years, Zheng Ke actually lived in again and also replaced all the things with 'Buddha' in the room."

Hai Gong said, "So you killed him." "

Lian Hua nodded.

Tao Zhixian said, "Nonsense! Nonsense! That Hai Ming went out to wander ten years ago, and has not yet returned, not sure where he died, how can it be blamed on Zheng Ke! "

Hai Gong also said, "How do you know that he was killed by Zheng Ke?" "

Lian Hua said, "Lian Hua doesn't dare to tell half a lie, Master Hai Ming actually didn't go out on a cloud tour, it was all nonsense Zheng Ke's told to the outside world, ten years ago on the night of June 16, Zheng Ke had already killed him, tied him with chains and sunk him at the bottom of the pond." She reached out and pointed to the middle of the pond: "Right there,  Zheng Ke was afraid of being found out, so he specially funded the construction of the temple, and outsiders were not allowed to touch the pond."

Unexpectedly, there is such a secret. Everyone looked at each other.

Hai Gong pondered for a moment: "Since you are a demon, you should have magic power, why did not help save him?"

Lian Hua sobbed, "He is Lian Hua's benefactor, how could Lian Hua not want to save? Only because at that time, my cultivation was too shallow, almost powerless. It wasn't until three years ago where I managed escape the heavenly tribulation, barely cultivating into a person. However, I was afraid of the Dharma in the temple, so I could not take action."

Hong Ning said: "So you deliberately let the lotus flowers in this pond wither on June 16."

Lian Hua said: "The bones of the corpse sunk in the bottom of the pool, no one knows, it must be difficult for the to enter the cycle of reincarnation, suffering in hell. The flowering period is set by the flower god, Lian Hua dare not make a mistake. Only privately letting them wither early so that people find the pond strange and maybe be able to let the bones of the benefactor see the light of day, but unfortunately no one understood. Now that I finally ushered in your excellency, Lian Hua was about to voice her grievances, but who knew that your excellency is full of righteous energy, his guards were armed with swords, with heavy evil energy therefore, I dared not reveal myself. Fortunately, the heavens gave a good opportunity, Zheng Ke also came, and Lian Hua was able to avenge the benefactor. "

Magistrate Tao said: "Zheng Ke and Hai Ming were good friends, he would not kill him! What evidence do you have? Don't slander people."

血口喷人 (xuè kǒu pēn rén):

an idiom, lit. using a spraying people with a bloody mouth, means to use vicious words to slander or insult others. Originated from "Luohu Wild Records". 《罗湖野录》

Lian Hua looked at him coldly: "The proof is the crystal bottle of the Dragon Palace that magistrate Tao has collected, which Lian Hua had guided her benefactor to in secret to repay his kindness.

Magistrate Tao face whitened, denying: "Where is there some Dragon Palace crystal bottle, nonsense!"

Hong Ning faintly said: "In Magistrate Tao's home treasury, how could there not be any, I heard that there are countless rare and exotic treasures in the treasury, why not take it out and let the prefect appreciate?"

Hai Gong snapped: "Come people, go search!"

Magistrate Tao abruptly got up: "This lower official respects your excellency, so he treats them with courtesy. Your excellency does not appreciate it, but listens to the murderer's side of the story, although the magistrate's position is low, he is also a Jin Shi who came from the front of the palace. Your excellency wants to search the magistrate's house without authourisation, it is too much."

进士 (jìn shì):

It was the highest and final degree in the imperial examination in Imperial China. The examination was usually taken in the imperial capital in the palace and was also called the Metropolitan Exam. Recipients are sometimes referred to in English-language sources as Imperial Scholars.

Hai Gong sneered: "You mean, this prefect has no right to search?"

Magistrate Tao arched his hand, his demeanour was no longer so respectful, and his mouth was hard: "I dare not, but it is difficult to convince the people."

"Since Lord Tao is a a Jin Shi who came from the front of the palace, this prefect naturally does not dare to ask questions," Hai Gong rose, "Come people, invite the Shang Fang Bao Jian."

尚方宝剑 (shàng fāng bǎo jiàn):

lit. Shang Fang Sword, also known as the imperial sword, it is the sword used by the emperor. The minister who holds the sword of Shang Fang bestowed by the emperor has the power to kill first and then report later. Ancient China attached great importance to etiquette hence, the Shang Fang Sword could only be used by the royal family, this kind of sword was endowed with imperial power and privileges from the very beginning.

The sword of Shang Fang reflects a concept of rule of man . Seeing the sword is equivalent to seeing the emperor . It is a symbol of imperial power in ancient China.

Hearing the words "Shang Fang Bao Jian", Magistrate Tao immediately froze like a wooden chicken.

In fact, while Hai Gong has been living in the temple for a few days, he has also heard a little of this magistrate's actions and the intention of punishing him. Just a magistrate but he has a private treasury, hidden so many valuable treasures, is a rare opportunity.

Lian Hua hurriedly said: "Your Excellency, it is not too late to wait for Lian Hua to finish speaking before inviting."

Shang Fang Bao Jian is the best thing to avoid evil. Hai Gong thought of her fear and stopped the two green-robed guards, turned around and ordered the people to take down magistrate Tao, and turned back again to the yamen runners and barked: "Close the temple doors! But if there are anyone who privately sends messages out, they are to be executed immediately!"

The yamen runners have long been too scared to move, trembling in agreement, but the monks are relieved.

Hai Gong sat down again on the chair and looked at Lian Hua: "Based on your word alone, I'm afraid it's hard to convince people, do you know if the bottle was given to Zheng Ke by Hai Ming himself?"

Lian Hua was about to speak when he saw a gust of cloudy wind roll in.

Unlike the previous wind when Lian Hua came, this gust of wind is extraordinarily cold, with a lot of eerie ghostly air, blowing till hair stands in people's heart, several torches almost extinguished, the face was so pale that everyone present couldn't help trembling.

The wind stopped, a gray-clad monk stood by the pond.

Hai Gong was shocked: "Who are you?"

Before the monk in gray could answer, he heard Lian Hua's surprised voice: "It's Master Hai Ming! Master, do you still remember me?"

The monk in gray lifted his face, but his appearance was in his thirties, with a high forehead and straight nose, a lot of heroic spirit between his eyebrows, and a gentle smile with a brightness: "You are Lian Hua?"

Lian Hua floated down from the lotus leaf, pulling him to tears: "It's me, look, look I cultivated into a person!"

Hearing the identity of this person and realising there was no shadow under him, the crowd backed up.

Hai Gong shouted: "Are you a person or a ghost?"

The monk in grey bowed his head and made a salute: "The poor monk is Hai Ming, who was killed by Zheng Ke ten years ago, and his bones have been sunk at the bottom of the pond without seeing the light of day, and the poor monk has suffered a lot in hell.

Hai Gon said: "So, you were really harmed by Zheng Ke because of the Dragon Palace crystal bottle?"

Hai Ming nodded: "The original cause for this matter is that this poor monk made careless friendships when he was young, entered into the ranks of bandit, killing countless people. In order to flee from the government, I became a monk. Later, although there was the intention to turn over a new leaf, in the end the sin is a deep, so I was taught a lesson to die by the hands of Zheng Ke. Atoning in hell for ten years, now the sin has been eliminated, but also to ask your excellency to make a decision, to retrieve the bones at the bottom of the pond, so that this poor monk can enter the cycle of reincarnation. "

Hai Gong lamented: "It is clear that the justice of heaven is clear, no one can escape from karma."

Hong Ning said lightly: "Do not need to attribute everything to heaven, heaven is also borrowing humans hands to do things, it is only it has everything in its hands, that's why it is only possible to decide the way of heaven to be followed by others, it may not really be fair. Some people do a lot of evil, and still live a good life."

Hai Ming shook his head: "If not paid in this life, the next life will also have to pay."

Hong Ning said: "For us, the important thing is this life, how the next life will be, who remembers. What is so great about heaven, it just borrows Lian hua's hand to clear your name, however, Lian Hua's private killings, will also aggravate her future heavenly tribulation, if she cannot pass the heavenly tribulation, she will be beaten back to her original form, this is also attributed to the will of heaven. It can be seen that heaven is a merciless thing, but we have feelings, which makes us become weak. "

Hai Ming froze, look at Lianhua.

Lian Hua whispered: "Lian Hua did it willingly."

Hai Gong sighed: "Being of a different species, this kind of love and righteousness is not inferior to others, it is really rare."

Hai Ming joined his palms and chanted the Buddha's hymn, looking at the sky: "Since this matter is caused by this poor monk and has nothing to do with others, if there is a tribulation in the future, this poor monk is willing to bear it, but I hope heaven will not involve her."

Lian Hua shook her head: "Even if Lian Hua does not intervene, the master's grievances will be cleared, but ......" stopped.

Hai Gong is a smart person, has already seen an inkling, said: "you harmed people's lives without permission, this is originally is a big crime, on account that you did it with a heart of gratitude, and as a different species, you do not know the human king's law. Now willing to take the initiative to surrender, and Zheng Ke committed the murder first, I will spare you this time, you are not to harm people in the future."

Lian Hua saluted: "Thank you, your excellency."

Hai Gong smiled at Hai Ming: "Cause and effect, you also deserve this tribulation, now you two have a love and a righteousness, although not the same kind, but each other's kindness is not shallow, why not this prefect to let you return to your status, so as not to let her down, what do you think?"

Lian Hua was dumbfounded.

Hai Ming was silent for a moment and thanked, "Your Excellency is willing to forgive her, this poor monk is already grateful, but human beings and demons have different paths, the grass and wood species does not enter the six paths of reincarnation, how can the poor monk ruin her cultivation in vain, allow me to leave first."

Hai Gong was surprised: "You ......"

Hai Ming turned his face and looked at Lian Hua for a long time, gently pushed her away, turned around, and disappeared with the wind.

Lian Hua stood there stunned for half a day and suddenly ran into the pond, disappearing along with the lotus leaves.

According to the location pointed out by Lian Hua, the people soon fished out the bones from the pond and collected them into a coffin. Hai Gong personally took people to magistrate Tao's home to search. Zheng Ke's evil name is well known, now that he is dead is not pity. To find out the truth is not to wrong the monks in the temple, tonight's incident although mysterious, but there are so many people to testify. As for magistrate Tao, even if his evil deeds can not count to a thousand cases, there is at least a hundred cases, that treasury alone is enough to convict him.

The wind was gentle, the night was dark, and Hong Ning had mixed feelings, silently walking through the rocky hills, but saw the rabbit spirit lying on the ground again.

As soon as he saw her, the rabbit spirit pricked up his ears: "You want to catch me again?" Then he began to ramble about his own cultivation being not easy.

Hong Ning was amused, interrupted it: "You do not come out to scare people, I will not catch you."

The rabbit spirit was relieved.

Hong Ning said: "You also want to cultivate immortality?"

The rabbit spirit said: "I don't, I just coincidentally ate leftover immortal fruit left by old man Shou Xing eat leftover immortal fruit, only now become like this."

寿星 (shòu xīng):

lit. longevity star, the god of longevity

Hong Ning lightly sighed: "Yes, immortal cultivation is very boring."

The rabbit spirit agreed: "That's right."

"Is it good to be a rabbit?" A gentle voice sounded by the ear, "You will be eaten by wolves and jackals, or perhaps be caught and fried."

The two froze at the same time, not knowing when Jin Xiu was already standing next to them.

Jin Xiu looked at the rabbit spirit; "Rarely you have this immortal fate, although the cultivation of immortality is not interesting, but how do you know that the days of the gods are not good? At that time you can sleep and enjoy the cool like now, with no worries about life and death, come and go as you please, isn't it better?"

The rabbit jumped up, "Right, I'm going to cultivate." Turned into a jade hare and ran away.

Seeing it disappear on the other side of the shore, Hong Ning is angry and found it funny, glancing at Jin Xiu: "There is such a point? Do you count this as tempting others?"

Jin Xiu smiled: "Temptation or not, I just told the truth, the immortal way is eternal, it can figure it out, why can't you?"

Hong Ning sat down on the stone and raised her eyebrows, "You always want me to cultivate immortality, what do you plan to tempt me with?"

Jin Xiu did not hesitate: "Love, the immortal way is eternal, life is long, there is eternal love, but not in the mortal world, every life you will forget the love of the previous life, just like you, remember your previous life? To the next life, you will forget the current Shi Fu, Shi Xiong, want it to be eternal, you can only cultivate immortality."

Hong Ning was silent for a long time and said, "Lian Hua likes Master Hai Ming."

Jin Xiu said, "Immortals and mortals are different, humans and demons are different, forced union will be condemned by heaven, there is no benefits for them."

Hong Ning was despondent.

Jin Xiu said: "In the next life, if Hai Ming is willing to concentrate on cultivation, if there is really a destiny, the two of them will be able to ascend to the immortal path, is it not better than in the mortal world?"

Hong Ning looked at him: "You are also a practitioner of immortality?"

Jin Xiu said, "Considered."

Hong Ning said, "Why do you want to protect me?"

Jin Xiu looked at her for a moment: "I owe it to you."

The words sounded natural, but to Hong Ning's ears, they sounded a bit more ambiguous, and she was uncomfortable: "I don't remember that you owe me anything."

Jin Xiu said, "It's good that you don't remember."

Being flustered by his look, Hong Ning parted her face: "What happened this time ......Thank you, I will go back tomorrow."

"Do not come out to run around again, I do not have much time to see you recently," Jin Xiu sighed and whispered, "Whatever happens, it is a tribulation, you must understand this."

For some reason, hearing these words, Hong Ning's heart actually grew a trace of uneasiness, vaguely made an "en" sound, suddenly got up: "I'll leave first."

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