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Chapter: 9

When The Flowers Falls, I'll See You Again

Chapter 9


Terms in WTFFISYA Chapter 9

公 (gōng): lit. male, similar to Mr in usage 

衙门(yá mén): Government office in feudal China

师父 (Shī Fù): Master

內丹 (nèi dān):Inner/internal alchemy

师兄 (Shī Xīong): Senior brother

师妹 (shī mèi): Junior sister

钟仙 (zhōng xiān): Bell immortal

杏仙 (xìng xiān): apricot immortal/fairy

天女 (Tiān Nü): Heavenly maiden

瑶池 (Yáo Chí): Yao Pond

天神 (Tiān Shén): Heavenly god

帝君 (Dì Jūn): Emperor lord

These terms can also be found in the Glossary

A secret that has been buried for ten years, but now the truth has come out, and Hai Gong was so moved by Lian Hua's love and loyalty that he ordered the monks at the temple to guard the pond and not to spread the word about Lian Hua. When they heard that Magistrate Tao had fallen, the people applauded. As for Zheng Ke's death, Hai Gong only claimed that it was the Hai Ming's wronged soul. Anyway, he was a bully, so it was just in response to the words of karma, but also to warn the world, people in this era fear ghosts and gods, plus the Yamen runners described Hai Ming's appearance in a vivid way, so no one could not believe it.

Hai Gong originally intended to reward Hong Ning, but he couldn't find her again.

Hong Ning left the temple early in the morning and hurried back.

The sun was shining brightly in March and far away, a forest of cedar trees appeared in the hollow of the mountain, a few small thatched huts at the edge of the forest, the grass on the eaves trembled in the breeze, the natural simplicity was as beautiful as a national painting. Having seen concrete and steel buildings, this kind of house seems too simple but Hong Ning has never felt any dissatisfaction, because only she knows how warm and comfortable it is inside. After living here for more than ten years, these few houses, together with every grass and tree around them, all feel familiar and dear to her.

The green stone steps were clean and the door was half hidden.

Hong Ning unconsciously stopped walking, becoming more and more apprehensive, even a little frightened, as to what the reason was, she was not sure. Bai Ling had said he would come back to the temple to look for her today, but she had not met him on the way.

He had already known that things were settled, and that was why he hadn't gone back.

Reassuring herself, Hong Ning quickly stepped forward and pushed the door open.

The moment the door opened, she realised what was wrong. The two windows that were usually wide open were now closed, making the room a little dim. The two people inside were no different from usual, Wen Xin sat on the bamboo bed with his eyes crossed and closed, and Bai Leng stood next to him with no expression on his face.

The difference was that there was an additional bloodstain on the floor, and a person.

Snow-clad with white hair and pitifully beautiful, she sat motionless on the ground in a daze.

"No matter what happens, you must remember that it is a predestined fate", thinking of Jin Xiu's words last night, Hong Ning vaguely guessed what was going on, changed colour and walked over quickly, "Shi Fu!"

Wen Xin opened his eyes and smiled, "You're back."

Hong Ning looked at Bai Ling and said coldly, "Is that her?"

For the first time, a guilty look appeared on his beautiful, flawless face, and Bai Ling averted his eyes, not looking her in the eye.

Wen Xin shook his head, "I had already expected this fate, so I guarded the formation to cultivate my nei dan, but I didn't expect to still be unable to escape fate. This is all predestined, it doesn't help to blame her.

"I don't believe in destiny!" Hong Ning was furious and walked quickly to He Lan Xue, "It's true that you like my Shi Xiong, but you are now harming my master."

He Lan Xue bit her lip and turned her face away, "As long as he goes back with me, I won't ......"

"Pa" Sounded, before Wen Xin could stop her, Hong Ning raised her hand and slapped her across the face: "You think you're the only one under the sky who will be sad? A man can make you kill innocents indiscriminately, if you have the ability to kill all the people in the world, then ask him if he will go with you?"

He Lan Xue covered her face, her eyes were red as if tears were welling up, but she tried her best to hold them back and looked at Bai Ling.

Bai Ling did not move.

He Lan Xue said softly, "You never let anyone bully me."

Bai Ling was silent for half a day before he said, "You are not the same Xiao Xue as before."

小 (xiǎo): Small/little 

He Lan Xue looked at him and her gaze grew cold: "If you didn't like me, why did you save me and help me at Kunlun Mountain? Even though I am not as good as Xiao Ke, if you had treated me half as well as you treated your Shi Mei, I would have been satisfied, you forced me to do it!"

The woman was so radical that Hong Ning felt both hate and pity: "You are not wrong, but where is my Shi Fu wrong? There are many people in the world who are more pitiful than you. Don't think that everyone in the world has wronged you." She turned to Wen Xin, "How could she hurt Shi Fu with this little magic power?"

Wen Xin said, "She did it while I was cultivating my nei dan. I never thought that someone could break my formation."

Hong Ning didn't even think: "It was Lu Jiu, the Nine Tailed Fox tribe knows formations."

Wen Xin did not pursue the matter further and looked at He Lan Xue: "I am a cultivator, now you dare to do such a thing, are you not afraid of the wrath of heaven in the future? Not only will you not be able to become an immortal, your years of cultivation will also be ruined."

He Lan Xue laughed out loud and said with hatred, "I have worked hard to cultivate in the hope that one day I can join him in the immortal world. She slowly straightened up and looked at Bai Ling, "I killed Xiao Ke, I also harmed your master, now that I am in your hands, If you want to kill then kill. Don't you want to take revenge for Xiao Ke?"

Bai Ling did not say anything.

Wen Xin sighed and waved his hand to lift the spell for her, "It is my fate to have this tribulation, so you can go."

He Lan Xue did not thank him, nor did she look at Bai Ling, and went straight out the door and left.

Although Hong Ning was angry and resentful, she could not say much and went over to help Wen Xin, "Is Shi Fu alright?"

Wen Xin patted her hand and smiled, "What are you worried about, it is just looking for trouble, for us cultivators, life and death are no different, it is just a skin bag, and it's good now that the tribulation has passed."

Hong Ning was silent for a moment, got up and left, "I'm going to pick medicine."

Bai Ling didn't say anything, but also hurriedly followed her out.

Wen Xin shook his head.

Since being secretly schemed by He Lan Xue, Wen Xin's health had weakened dramatically, and Hong Ning was so anxious that she went around looking for good medicine, and even went to the city many times to consult a doctor. Bai Leng occasionally brought back some precious herbs, not sure where it was picked, perhaps taking into account the wishes of the two, Wen Xin did not refuse. He behaved more calmly, not only resetting the surrounding formations, cultivating as usual, and retreating from time to time.

As autumn turned to spring, a year passed and the hillside was once again covered in apricot blossoms.

Jin Xiu has never been seen, and he should have known what was going to happen, so he said those words in the first place. Heaven's will, he had the opportunity to stop it, but he could not go against heaven's will.

The fire-like apricot blossoms were blinding and Hong Ning's heart became more and more sullen as she reached out and tugged at them.

The hand was held.

The beautiful eyes were slightly indifferent. Bai Ling looked at her, his tone was as unperturbed as his gaze: "Shi Fu has his own immortal fate, this is originally his destiny, if he can survive this tribulation, in another hundred years he will be able to ascend in the flesh and become a loose immortal, that is the best. Even though there is an accident now, he can at most give up this mortal body. He himself understands it, so why should you be sad?"

Hong Ning shook off the hand.

Bai Ling frowned: "Hong Ning."

Hong Ning lost her strength and sat down on the stone: "Shi Fu said his days are numbered."

Bai Ling said, "Sooner or later, this day will come. Do you remember what Zhong Xian said?"

Hong Ning's face was expressionless: "Shi Fu may not be able to ascend with his physical body, but if he cultivates diligently, he will be able to enter the immortal book."

Bai Ling said, "Master's merit and virtue are complete, he will not suffer in the Underworld, death is life, in the future he will be able to cultivate into a ghost immortal, just like the words of Zhong Xian, it is all predestined by heaven. Shi Fu has been cultivating for many years, to become an immortal is his wish, you should be happy for him."

"What about me?" Hong Ning finally raised her face to look at him, and her tone was calm, "Becoming an immortal, it has nothing to do with the human world. To me, it's good if Shi Fu can accompany me for a hundred years, at that time I will already be dead. However you become immortals or Buddhas, it has nothing to do with me. Now he is harmed by He Lan Xue, once the soul returns to the underground palace, we are separated by yin and yang, even if he cultivates into ghost immortals in the future, where will I go to see him?"

Bai Ling froze.

"I only recognise the present, now he is not an immortal, he is the master who raised me for more than ten years," Hong Ning muttered, "I hate He Lan Xue, she is crazy, why should your affairs involve Shi Fu, it is only right to kill to pay for a life."

Bai Ling was silent.

Hong Ning also realised that she had spoken too harshly and was busy raising her hand to wipe her eyes: "Don't misunderstand, I don't blame you." She sighed and whispered, "I just want to say that life and death are no different for you, you will cultivate immortality and live a long life, you will remember many things, but I am different, there is no eternal love on earth, even if you find me in the next life, I will not remember you anymore, that is why I want you to stay with me for more time in this life, don't blame me for being selfish."

Bai Ling looked at her for a moment, "It is enough that I remember."

Hong Ning's eyes reddened again and she forced a smile, "You all who have lived for thousands of years, have experienced a lot of things, how can you remember everything in one head."

Bai Ling said no more and pulled her up, "Let's go back."

Hong Ning nodded her head.

Just as the duo's figures disappeared, a person appeared on the rocks next to them.

He Lan Xue looked down at the crumpled apricot petals on the ground, seemingly in disbelief. After a long time, she lifted her face fiercely and looked in the direction where the two of them had gone, her beautiful eyes revealing a myriad of resentment as she muttered under her breath, "So it was her."

With a brush of her long sleeves, the entire apricot blossom forest was instantly covered in white snow.

"Good flowers, today you two are taking turns to spoil it." The magnetic voice was tinged with laughter as a hand reached out from the side and wrapped itself around her waist.

The look of disgust in her eyes flickered away as He Lan Xue returned to her delicate form and leaned into his arms: "Lu Lang."

Lu Jiu lifted her chin: "Your courage is not small, you dare to use me?"

He Lan Xue's face changed slightly and she forced a smile, "What are you talking about, I don't understand."

"You wanted to provoke him, but unfortunately it didn't seem to work," Lu Jiu kissed her on the cherry lips, "I thought what kind of man liked, you dared to take this risk, but it turned out to be a mere ice demon, I thought you were very discerning, but I was wrong."

He Lan Xue bit her lips and did not say anything.

Lu Jiu said, "Aren't you afraid that I will deal with him?"

He Lan Xue's voice went cold: "You'd better not mess with him, otherwise it will be too late to regret."

Lu Jiu squinted, "How capable are you of avenging him?"

He Lan Xue smiled coldly, "You know who he is."

"What does his origins have to do with me," Lu Jiu didn't care, "Do you think I'm really jealous over this? I just didn't expect that for his sake, you would really dare to deal with Wen Xin, that is a man of great fortune, aren't you afraid of the future wrath of heaven?"

He Lan Xue said indifferently, "If you already knew, why did you tell me the way to enter the formation?"

Lu Jiu smiled with a spring smile, "This time I was really schemed by you, at that time I didn't know what you were going to do, I thought you wanted to break into the formation and go for a walk, or also acknowledge a Shi Fu." As for the Ice Demon, I don't understand what's so good about him that he can't even compare to the Northern Realm Fox Clan's son?"

He Lan Xue didn't answer, but smiled, "Didn't you fall in that girl's hands once, don't you want to taste her?"

Lu Jiu licked her earlobe, "She's just a mortal, how can she compare to the taste of the double cultivation of you and me?"

He Lan Xue closed her eyes, her chest rising and falling, and whispered, "How would you know what she tastes like if you haven't tried it before?"

"Humans and demons are different, unlike you and I who are both demons, it's better not to mess with them," Lu Jiu suddenly left her and turned his face to look at the direction they had gone, his eyes twinkling, "This girl is also really something interesting, I've always found it strange."

He Lan Xue's gaze twitched slightly: "What?"

Lu Jiu thought for a moment, "My future brother-in-law seems to recognise her."

He Lan Xue wondered, "Isn't your sister an immortal, so naturally your brother-in-law should also be a god, how could he recognise her?"

Lu Jiu sighed: "Aren't I wondering."

He Lan Xue said, "Your father won't betroth you?"

Lu Jiu said, "Only when I am in the immortal class."

He Lan Xue smiled, slightly contemptuous, "Foxes are lustful, no wonder you couldn't resist running out. He wants you to become an immortal, but unfortunately you are inferior to your sister."

Lu Jiu said leisurely, "Our nine tailed fox tribe is not comparable to yours. I was born with three tails, now I have cultivated for two thousand years, another four thousand years and I will be promoted to immortal directly, unlike those who can only be a loose immortal after years of hard work. This is just a play in the middle, I don't want to really cause any troubles."

He Lan Xue covered her mouth, "You're afraid of your father, aren't you?"

"You don't have to provoke me, I don't like to be used," Lu Jiu patted her face, "Our Northern Realm Immortal Clan is not your Kunlun Clan, and I am not that Ice Demon, what you did already made me angry, if you want to live, don't use the same tricks against me again."

He Lan Xue's face turned white and she snapped, "What are you talking about, I am afraid that if you do become an immortal in the future, you won't remember me."

Lu Jiu pushed her away from him, "It doesn't matter if I remember or not, don't think I don't know what you have in mind, since you have messed with me, behave yourself." After a pause, he smiled gently and elegantly, "I can't touch mortals, but a little demon like you is not a problem, although you will sooner or later suffer the wrath of heaven, but I can't bear to let your soul disperse so early."

He Lan Xue stopped talking.

Lu Jiu said, "Even if I did move that girl, do you think he would go with you?"

"But with her around, he will never go with me," He Lan Xue said coldly, "He had once lost five thousand years of cultivation and failed to ascend to immortality, otherwise your two thousand years would be nothing."

"Is she really that good?" Lu Jiu was surprised, and a playful look gradually rose in his eyes, "I'd like to try it."

He Lan Xue finally revealed a smile, in a soft voice: "I also wonder, what exactly is good about her......"

In the absence of her master, the palace city looks cold and lonely, with clouds and dew staining the embroidered curtains. Lu Yao sat in front of the window, letting Xing Xian whisper to her, but she leaned far back in her chair, playing with her long and beautiful nails as if nothing was wrong.

Seeing no response from her, Xing Xian stopped talking and called out, "Tian Nu?"

Only then did Lu Yao make and "Oh" sound and said: "Is all this true?"

Xing Xian said: "Maidservant does not dare to lie in front of Tian Nu."

Lu Yao was a little surprised to see her call herself a "maidservant", so she glanced at her and said with a smile, "I often heard him lament about the waning of his disciples, he wants to encourage his fellow clan to cultivate immortality. Not to mention being a flower god, this is also a matter of duty, why do you tell me this?"

Xing Xian was slightly stunned.

Lu Yao raised her eyebrows.

Xing Xian immediately lowered her eyes, hiding the expression in her eyes: "That girl is bent on becoming the empress."

Lu Yao laughed lightly, "That was just a youthful indiscretion, not to mention that she was determined to repay her kindness and willingly shed her original form to become a mortal, so she had already forgotten all the past events, how could she remember anything about the empress?"

Xing Xian said, "But Lord Shen Zun treated her very unusually back then, he also took her to the Yao Chi Immortal meeting, She is just..."

Lu Yao raised her eyebrows: "She is just a small demon, how can she be qualified to go to the immortal meeting, if she wants to go, you guys should also be brought along."

The words in her heart were seen through, and Xing Xian turned red, "How could we be so narrow minded? It's just that Lord Shen Zun will be promoted to Tian Shen in two years time, so if he cares too much about her now, I'm afraid he'll delay his cultivation."

"After saying this for half a day, only this sentence speaks to my heart," Lu Yao sighed, "I have already heard about this matter, he is already an amorous person, he must still be guilty of the events of that year. However, it is absolutely impossible to delay the cultivation because of this, and Di Jun is also very worried, so he asked me to pay more attention. You go down first, and there will be something to report to me in the future. " but because of this delay in cultivation, it is absolutely impossible, and the emperor is also very worried, so let me pay more attention. You go down first, and report to me if there is anything in the future."

Xing Xian sighed with relief and nodded her head, retreating.

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