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Chapter: 240

The Price of Strength But Eyes Filled with Fiery Fury Part 1

Chapter 240: The Price of Strength, But Eyes Filled with Fiery Fury Part 1

No matter how one tends to look at it, both the Unique Scenario "Invitation to the Bunny Country" and Unique Scenario EX "The Epic of the Vorpal Bunnies" are very challenging quests that may prove extremely difficult for new players.

The content of those quests is all about fighting hordes of monsters whose level is way higher than that of the player character, but fortunately what you lack in pure numbers you can make up for with both skill and agility…… Looking at it now, I was even able to fight and defeat the most broken of all enemies, the Loser Woods, who was supposed to be invulnerable to physical attacks with physical attacks, just because I was able to grab its staff from its hands.

That is all there really is to it.

For example, due to a set of miraculous coincidences like: "continuing to obtain items that give very good effects and modify your stats like crazy" and "fighting really strong enemies such as boss monsters and two Unique Monsters" you could obtain the power necessary to get through all of those challenges with ease. If there really was a player like that, you could say that their Luck stat would truly be out of this world.

What do you think would happen if something like that was to take place? The result would be just like what you can see here.


It is not really something that I should boast about here, but as a sh*tty game hunter I have conquered many brokenly difficult games and defeated many bosses whose difficulty level was high as sh*t. I don’t know why, but apparently broken difficulties and over the top battles seem to go hand in hand when it comes to sh*tty games, and it is a major factor why some of those games keep on losing players that actively play them. Still, even if it is a raid boss placed in a single player game, or a challenge quest with rules that were clearly not all that well thought out before green lighting the quest, I have managed to conquer them all, although not without my fair share of both struggles and frustrations. Hell, I even managed to conquer a boss fight that initially took me almost one hundred weeks of trying to figure out! One hundred weeks! Can you imagine just how broken that fight felt to me at the time? That being said, not that I was doing only that boss fight for one hundred weeks straight, but you get the point…… It was a truly fierce battle that would nowadays require me to consume a fair share of Riot Bloods beforehand.

However, even someone as experienced in fighting sh*t bosses and broken difficulty levels as I was, was forced to watch in awe at what was happening right before my very eyes.

「Eh, what was that thing about now…… Was that a bug? In my ShanFro?」

「Ahhh…… Grabbed by the neck and slashed like that…… Looks painful…… Piuuu……」

About ten meters away from us, Akitsu Akane was doing whatever he could against his opponent, which was huge black shadow. That shadow could only be described as the "Grim Reaper Lookalike" and it was literally slaughtering poor Akitsu Akane.

Just then, a scythe appeared in the hands of the Grim Reaper, one that looked as if it was made out of dried up blood and crystalized darkness and malice. The black shadow made one swift motion with that scythe, a motion that it must have familiarized itself with after making it countless of times in the past……

There was a bright flash, and in the next moment Akitsu Akane’s head fell from his shoulders and hit the ground with a loud THUD!, slowly rolling away. That was…… Almost like that one hit kill that Luukan was able to perform.

Dear Game Masters…… maybe you should not make things look so graphic? This could definitely traumatize some people.

「Sickle? That…… What the fuck is that……?」

「That, lad, is "True Quiet"…… The highest of the spirits known in these lands, and something that only Father was able to defeat in combat in the past.」

"True Quiet" huh……? So that cheat-looking throw technique was not really a cheat, but rather its insta-kill move? Something like that? Ahh! I wanna redo the "Invitation to the Bunny Country!" so bad! I want to test my own skills in fight against that thing!

No, wait just a moment, calm down, me……! I already have super hard secret boss to beat for the current moment! Ryuuguin Fugoku! For now I have no idea just how am I going to defeat it with the capabilities of my avatar being so severely limited, but I’ll think of something sooner or later. Yeah, definitely.

But still, it is very interesting indeed, so it won’t hurt to ask Weissash about the details sometime later.

「Ohh! Well, if it isn’t Sanraku!」

「Good evening, Big Brother! We have succeeded in finding the requested items!」

Usually I play very casually and without worrying about anything, but it is also quite nice to roleplay someone else in conversations from time to time.

More often than not I have come to realize that this kind of "small roleplay" was surprisingly successful in many story quests and NPC interactions, but I get a feeling that a slightly rouge approach would be good against Weissash, because he is giving off that particular vibe himself.

「Oho, oho…… I did not think that you would find those materials so quickly, I was thinking that you would need more time before you would be able to do it.」

「Oh you know…… My body is really light, and it only took some flexibility and wall running…… Your usual things while exploring around.」

I could feel that Emul was looking at me with a mortified expression, but it is not that I have told a lie here or anything like that. Sure, it was kinda hard to obtain those materials and one wrong move would spell doom to the both of us, but overall it was not all that bad…… I think?

「Fumu…… Sanraku, Yuzuki, and…… "the materials from the monsters that you admit that are strong". You will need all of that.」

Ooh, here it comes, here it comes! No matter how much I would nag Break about it, she would never want to create a weapon for me in a way that Weissash did it, saying something that it required outstanding skill and that it would result in breaking the materials if handed poorly.

I have no idea what am I going to fight in the end, but perhaps the key to that quest is the weapon strengthened with the materials obtained while doing the other Unique Scenario EXs.

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