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Chapter: 31

Chapter 31: Ye Qingchen, You Made Yourself a Fucking Idiot - Enchantress Translations

Enchantress4-6 minutes 14.04.2022

That was right.

The man in front of her was Ye Qingchen, the man she had a marriage contract with which was annulled already.

Qingchen was wearing a cool-colored suit, sitting on the sofa and looking at her condescendingly. A pair of gloomy eyes fell on her as if to smash her into pieces.

Zhizhi lowered her eyes and glanced at the syringe thrown on the floor.

Her thoughts were a bit chaotic.

Her willow-leaf eyebrows were firmly creased. "What did you inject into me?"

Qingchen changed his sitting posture, he leaned down and locked his eyes on her, gritted his teeth, and replied, "Qin Zhizhi, you should not have schemed against Yunyun. I brought her back because I was ashamed of you and didn’t plan to do anything to you, but how dare you drug her?!"

The night before yesterday, after Qinyun left the Heaven and Earth Club, she called him on the way back.

She cried and said that something was wrong with her, so she asked him to pick her up.

When he arrived, Qinyun was being humiliated by a few thugs and was almost sullied by that group of thugs.

"Drug her?"

Zhizhi frowned deeply and many emotions flashed across her eyes in an instant—bewildered, puzzled, and finally stunned.

She smiled coldly.

That night, she didn’t let Qinyun touch anything and she didn’t even give her saliva to drink, but she was actually still drugged.


The only answer to that is that she took the drug herself.

Did she do that with the intention of slandering me?

Zhizhi suddenly had a headache. She had done so much effort and thought she could change the ending of the original owner.

Unexpectedly, she missed the most important thing, because she only thought the drug was given by someone else.

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In the end, it was actually from the female lead herself.

Is this what you call Murphy’s Law?

Just like in those novels, where the plots had been written and set up, the endings could not be changed.

Does that mean that I can’t change the tragic ending of the original owner in the future?

She pondered about this.

There was a little more frustration in her eyes, and the hand supporting the floor slowly tightened, and an uncontrollable resentment grew out in her heart.

"Since you dared to drug Yunyun, you should have expected such a result!" Qingchen’s cold voice disrupted her thoughts.

Zhizhi then raised her head.

Her clenched fingers were loosened.

Why should she accept her fate and bow her head to this kind of person?

If there was no way to change her own fate, then she decided that she would change this scumbag’s fate instead.

She picked up the syringe and stood up from the floor. Her beautiful eyes looked at Qingchen like a sharp sword and a touch of sarcasm appeared on her lips as if laughing at his stupidity.

Qingchen frowned and asked, "What are you smiling at?!"

"I have a message for you."

"What is it?"

Zhizhi sneered. "God had spread wisdom to the world, but you are the only one holding an umbrella. What a fucking idiot!"

Qingchen roared, "Qin Zhizhi! You dare to curse—"

"You are wrong, cursing you will only dirty my mouth! I am simply stating the facts!"

"You are courting death—"

Zhizhi glanced at him lazily and interrupted him again. "Take more sleeping pills when you have nothing to do, burn your hair when you are bored, inhale more drugs when you are sad, and pour out a hundred-degree Celsius boiling water down to your brain. It’s alright to pour less day by day, I don’t even care how much is okay. But this will blast off your stupidity, do you know that?"

Qingchen’s face was livid with rage and his anger was about to burn him.

His subordinates were still holding back their laughter.

Seeing their reactions, he roared angrily, "Go and throw her on the road for me!!!"

The subordinates immediately shut up and came over to grab her.

But Zhizhi was faster than them. She flicked to his side and pointed to the top of his head. "Look!"

Qingchen’s conditioned reflex seemed to follow along.

Zhizhi spoke again, "Your ancestors were all fuming in rage because of your stupidity, do you know that?"

His face sank and he was about to throw this woman away by himself when he suddenly felt a pain in his arm.

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