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Chapter: 217

Chapter 217: It's Been a While!


【Hiiragi Seiichi-sama】

It’s been a while. It’s me, Status.

I would like to apologize for my long absence.

And I, Status ―――― have returned.


In front of the written status, I was taken aback.

What a surprise, the one that the world was talking about was Status!

When I was surprised by its unexpected return, Al looked at me suspiciously.

"Oy, what the hell is going on? After all, what the hell is this voice from this world is all about ……"

"That’s…… it’s saying that my status is back……"

"What are you talking about?"

I’d love to hear it myself!

It’s a strange situation that my status left me in the first place!

Then, the world says with pride.

『I see that you’ve confirmed it. Thus, with the return of your status, I gained the ability to interfere with the Demon God. 』

"No, there’s no connection between my status coming back and the world being able to interfere with Demon God, is there?"

What and how can you connect it to the Demon God?

It wasn’t just a question that I was feeling, but the Demon god himself was feeling the same thing.

"……I don’t understand. Even the interference of the world is extremely unpleasant to me, and now my power is to be interfered with by an incomprehensible being?"

『There is no way that you, a mere omniscient and omnipotent god, can understand Seiichi-sama. 』

Like I said, do you know what omniscient and omnipotent means?

Isn’t it quite considerable for such a being to not understand me? Not to mention that even I can’t understand myself!

After that, the Demon God tried various things to activate his own power, but all of them failed and nothing happened.

"Impossible. Impossible. Impossible! Why doesn’t my power work!"

『Since you, have already been weakened by Seiichi-sama’s status』


At the words of the world, the Demon God’s eyes widened in disbelief.

It was the same for us; we were dumbfounded before the exchange between the demon god and the world.

I mean, really, why does my status have anything to do with the weakening of the Demon Gods ……

"He,hey, why does my status have anything to do with the weakening of the demon god?"

『That’s right, isn’t it…… I haven’t figured out the exact thing yet, so I’ll have the status explain it. 』

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Status already comes out with words and explanations that I don’t understand.

Then the status I was displaying changed, and a new text appeared.

What’s more, the status has been magnified and floated like a hologram, and was projected in the air so that Saria and the others could see it as well as me.


Earlier, I realized that I could not display Seiichi-sama’s status, so I departed.

I was so proud of myself.

If it was me, then I could display any existence as a Status.

But in reality, I couldn’t.

After Seiichi-sama annihilated the army of monsters in the royal capital Terviel, I had already abandoned my role as a status.

Since there was no way for me to convey your greatness, I had no choice but to describe it in words.

However, Seiichi-sama continued to go on and on, and finally went to a realm that could not be represented by my status display.

Therefore, I ran away because I didn’t want to admit that fact.


I want you to wait a minute.

It’s already too late for me to quip.

I was also surprised that the status had something like an ego from the beginning, and when I thought that it was setting off on a trip, it was actually an escape. ……

"Status-san, you’ve been through a lot. ……"

"Uhmm, Saria-san? The way you say it, it sounds like it’s my fault. ……"

"Is it different?"

"It’s different, though!?"

I didn’t want to get this unreasonable body either, you know!?

……No, well, thanks to this incomprehensible body, I’m able to stay in good shape even when dealing with the Demon God, so I’m not just lamenting, I’m grateful for it.

But even so, I think there are a few more ways to handle it!


After running away, I spent some time traveling around the world, searching for a reason for my existence.

I wondered what could I do with my presence.

As I traveled around the world, when I saw my colleagues who were active in its world as the same concept of status as I was, I still felt helpless and constantly blamed myself for why I was so bad.

I wondered why I couldn’t do it, while my colleagues so perfectly represented the inhabitants of that world as a status.


"Status-san, so pitiful……"

"As I said, Saria-san? That makes it sound like it’s my fault. ……"

"Is it different?"

"Like I said, it’s different!?"

I,I do feel very sorry about that……No, did I feel so?

A,anyway, I’m sorry if my body has caused you to lose your role as a status.

However, I didn’t particularly want my status to be displayed properly, and if anything, I would be glad if it left the honorifics as it is.



As I thought, you didn’t need me to be able to function properly. ……


What a pain in the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaass!

A’re!? We’re in a situation where it is being explained why the Demon God was weakened, right!? When did this turn into a blame party for me!?

"Even though it’s the status of Milord, it’s a pretty wimp status."

"Wait, Rurune! If you say that, it’ll make it even worse for me!"

"……Hmm. Glutton, you are indeed unreasonable. I think Seiichi-oniichan’s status is working hard."

"Tha,that’s right. I think Seiichi-san’s Status-san was doing its best!"

They finally started to comfort my status!

While everyone was sympathizing with my Status’ situation, I was alone with my head in my hands, then the Status continued.


Such being the case, I was thinking about various things while traveling around the world.

How can I become worthy of being Seiichi-sama’s status ……

Then, one day, I reached a certain point.

―――― Ah right, let’s become another person’s status.



You, are my status, right!?

Moreover, far from being on edge, that’s, just giving up!

In the end, you’ve seriously abandoned your role as my status, haven’t you!?

"Well, that’s unavoidable if it’s Seiichi!"

"Ah. That would be the most rational thing to do."

"You yourself understood it"

"……Hmm. Smart."

"I,I think that’s good!"

"It was unexpectedly highly appreciated!?"

You’re saying it to my status, right? Why?


There is a good reason for this.

As Rurune-sama said, the idea of me becoming Seiichi-sama’s status was absurd to begin with.

Seiichi-sama is the only person in this world who cannot be represented by status.

It was simply sterile for me to make a profane effort to attain status for such an existence.


That’s not true, you know!?

Look, if you give up, it’s all over! Do your best!?


Therefore, I decided to represent other beings with status.


Hence, why!?

I know I keep saying it, but you’re my status, you know!?


Because I couldn’t display the status as Seiichi-sama’s Status, I wanted to be able to display it as all the other beings’ status.

Even if it’s a world without the concept of status, I decided to train myself to see those who existed there within the framework of status.


The scale of its story is huge!

From just displaying my status, why did it expand to other worlds!?


After I had set my goal in this way, I continued to move to capture various entities in the frame of status.

From general people to objects and concepts …… Anyway, every day I would move from one world to the next again, until I was able to display the status of everything that such world was made up of, and finally the world itself.

However, if I just keep doing this indiscriminately, I don’t know how many years will have passed by the time I return to Seiichi-sama.

So, after completely conquering one world, I went on to conquer various worlds without being bound by the framework of time by being a status of 『Space-time』.


"What is space-time status!? It’s faster to show my status than to show something that doesn’t make sense like that with status, right?"

"Is that right?"

"Hmm…… I think it would be more difficult to display Seiichi’s status."

"…… Space-time is still understandable."

Understandable!? That’s refreshing to me, you know!


Now that I have 『Space-time』 under my control, I have traveled to many different worlds.

A world where fighting races compete with the strong. A world where pirates search for a single great treasure. A world where ninjas live. ……

Besides, I have seen all the worlds, such as the world of giants and the world of giant robots, and the world where gods of another dimension compete with each other. (Note: I’m pretty sure you understand most of the references here)


These worlds sound so familiar for some reason!? Is that okay? Aren’t they gonna get mad?


As a result, I have learned how to set 【upper limits】 for all things; animate and inanimate, event, concept, cause and effect, and everything else, by grasping them in the framework of status.



What to do, I don’t understand what’s so great about this!

Rather than such a difficult story, I think it would be much easier for you to exist as my status.

However, apart from me thinking about this, the status displayed a somewhat tired-looking text.


It was really tough …… depending on the world, they could disable my abilities, or take away my abilities themselves …… they can reflect, erase me as a status, or kill me…… There were all sorts of obstacles, but I had also given status to those who tried to play tricks with words by various means.

There is no longer any entity that I can’t give status.


"O,oh! I don’t really understand what’s going on, but if you say that, then my status is ……!"


Ah, that’s impossible.


"Hence, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?"

It’s strange, right!? You can give status to any being now, can’t you!?

What’s the point of you coming back if you can’t do it in the first place!?


Indeed, I am now able to give a limit to one’s power unilaterally, disregarding the various wordplay abilities that exist in all worlds.

However, Seiichi-sama is not in that dimension in the first place. …… He is indisputably invincible compared to any other being.


"Who are you talking about?"


It’s about Seiichi-sama, though?


"You’re kidding meeeeeeeeeeeee!"

『It was no lie, no matter what, as the status says, Seiichi-sama can no longer be expressed in words that exist in this world of the living, you know? 』

I don’t remember becoming such an outrageous phenomenon!

What is it!? It cannot be expressed in the words of this world of the living, is it!

Then what the hell am I doing here right nooooooooooow!

As soon as it returned back to me, I was mentally damaged by my status.

Then, the Demon God, who had been silently watching the stupid exchange we just had, shakes his body.

"……Are you still trying to make a fool of me? Why can’t I use my power…… I silently watched the unproductive exchange between you incompetent creatures, hoping to find out why. However, it was for naught …… I don’t understand anything! The fact that your status has returned has nothing to do with my power not being able to connect with you!"

Saria and the others cowered from his roar that shook the entire space.

However, even with such a roar, the status still displays indifferently.


Don’t you understand what I’m talking about here so far?

I can now set an 【Upper limit】 called status even for a god like you.

This means that you are no longer infinite.

After all, it fell into the range that can be measured as a numerical value.


『It is as the status says, you, who can be measured with a numerical value, is already weak as a god. That’s why, I was able to interfere in this way too. 』

"That’s impossible! No one can measure this me! A mere world mechanism, can’t impose its concepts on me, the Creator. ……!"


Is that so?

Well, if that’s what you want to believe, that’s fine.

I’ll just reduce your existence into the frame of numerical values and reduce the value of your existence.


"What―――― nuh!?"

The moment the status displayed so, something strange happened to the Demon God’s body.

The Demon God pressed on the part of his body where the human heart was located, and he suddenly began to suffer.

"Guh…… gaaaaaaah! Sto,stop! My …… my power ……!"

And as more and more jet-black mist spouted from the Demon God’s body, I felt the presence that seemed to crush everything in the world steadily fading.

"Wa,wait! Hold on! I, I’m disappearing! All the power I’ve gathered, is vanishing!"

『This is the power of status. For example, even if you had the power to nullify status, the end result of your disappearance would still be the same. Because if a status was invalidated, it means you have no status, and as long as you have no status, you are treated as non-existent in the first place and will disappear. 』

"I, I don’t understand what you’re talking about…… A,anyway, stop! I’m your creator, alright!? And you can’t do this ……!"

『Indeed, you are our Creator. Nevertheless, you’re not greater than Seiichi-sama. I’m grateful that you’ve created us, you know. Since thanks to you, we were able to meet Seiichi-sama. 』


The Demon God desperately tries to reach out and gather up his dissipating power.

However, his actions were in vain, his power is steadily vanishing, and at the same time, the Demon God’s body began to fade, and finally, the Demon God fell to his knees.

And then――――he just became particles and disappeared.

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