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Chapter: 219

Chapter 219: Cinders

"Wha――――what happened!?"

――――Helio Roban, an apostle of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 and a court magician of the Kaizer Empire, was appalled by the tragedy in front of him.

Not long ago, Helio had infiltrated the Kaizer Empire as an apostle and manipulated the current emperor, Sheld Wal Kaizer, in a certain way, steadily preparing the pieces for the Demon God.

One day, however, the presence of the Demon God suddenly disappeared from Helio’s body.

Surprised by this, he immediately checked his status and body directly, and found that the proof of being an Apostle of the Demon God that should have been engraved on his body had disappeared, and the power of the Demon God had completely disappeared from his body.

Helio, who was unable to grasp the situation because he had never had such a thing happen before, immediately headed to the hideout of the 【Demon God’s Cult】.

However, this hideout had originally only been entered by the Deities.

Because the place where the hideout is located is the underworld, it was difficult for anyone to go to the hideout, unless they have some special skills.

But, Helio was one of the few beings who could move in the underworld while being an apostle.

However, he can’t easily move around, and with the true essence of the 【Phantom Demon】, which is also Helio’s alias, with phantom magic, he proceeded to deceive the underworld and arrived at the hideout.

"It doesn’t look any different, but ……"

Helio used his transference magic to enter the hideout, but at that stage, he could not sense anything unusual.

However, when he was in front of the room where the demon god was supposed to be sitting, he could not enter without permission from the demon god, but he decided to go in.

Then ―――― in there, was a space with strange patterns, and in the air was a miserable situation of broken space, shattered pieces of ground, and collapsed pedestals.

"Wha,what the hell is going on here!? What about the Deities!? Where is the Demon God-sama!?"

He hurriedly looked around, but he couldn’t detect any signs of people, not even the Deities or the Demon God.

"This is……"

『―――― Is there anyone there? 』


As Helio looked around, he heard a faint voice.

Helio, hurriedly searching for the owner of the voice, noticed the dust drifting in the air.

Then, the dust gradually gathered and eventually turned into a purple crystalline body the size of a human nail.

His crystalline body glows weakly as it floats in the air.

『Kuh…… this me, to become like this……』

"No way…… are you Demon God-sama!?"

Helio couldn’t believe that the crystalline body in front of him was the Demon God that had once boasted immense power.

However, Helio, who has touched the power of the Demon God, even if it’s only partial, definitely felt the vibration of the Demon God from the crystal in front of him.

The demon god, which had completely transformed into a small crystal, continued to glow dubiously.

『Indeed…… I am the demon god. 』

"No,no way…… What happened to your figure……?"

"It was due to a divine enemy who has dishonorably opposed me. ……"

"Di,divine enemy?"

『……Ah. But I didn’t expect him to have that much power. …… 』

The demon god muttered in abhorrence.

Seeing the Demon god’s reaction, Helio’s face turned pale.

Because he couldn’t believe that there was someone who could change the God he believed in into such a figure.

"Tha,that is…… where is this divine enemy……?"

"Well now…… but, they left this place thinking that I had completely disappeared."

When the Demon God talked that much, he laughed in amusement.

『Kukuku…… That’s why they’ll never dream that I’m still alive like this. 』

"Are you sure you’re okay?"

『Fuhn. I am the Demon God, remember? It was a little surprising, but it was still naive. This is the result of them underestimating me and overestimating their own power. In a desperate attempt to survive the situation, I completely erased any sign of my presence and thus survived. Hahaha! The Status that has weakened me this far, and the god who looked down on me, are stupid who can’t see that I am alive! Sooner or later, they’re going to regret not making me disappear.』

Helio felt a chill run down his spine at the sound of the Demon god’s voice, which was tinged with hatred.

Then the Demon god changes his thinking and talks about the future.

『However, I can’t move right now either. If the Gods were to find out about my current situation, that’s when they would truly annihilate me. 』

"S,so, what are we going to do now?"

『I feel displeasure, but I have no choice but to regain my strength. However, let’s be more careful than before. If they find out that I am still alive, they will come back to annihilate me. However, once I catch my breath and regain my strength …… I will have no mercy. At that point, let’s extinguish the world without anyone knowing. 』

When Helio trembles at the words of the mad Demon God, he prostrates deeply.

"Thi,this Helio, will obey the Demon God-sama to the end!"

『Umu. The deities are gone, but…… you apostles are still here. It’s going to take time, but for sure, we’re going to hunt this world down. …… 』


Helio, who once again deeply prostrated, remembered something.

"Wi,with all due respect, Demon God-sama. I have a suggestion for you, Demon God-sama."

『What is it?』


Helio told him exactly what came to his mind, and the Demon god laughed out loud when he finished listening to him.

『Kukuku …… hahahahaha! I see, you have that hand! Certainly, that would be a good way to regain power quickly. If it was the original me, the vessel would not be able to withstand my power, but …… currently, I need some means of self-defense. It’s just right as a temporary lodging』


『Umu. I accept your proposal. 』

Helio bowed deeply and scooped up the crystal body that was the Demon god fearfully.

『Come now, my apostle. Let’s move immediately. 』


The demon god and Helio left the hideout quietly as it is.

Then, with the Demon God’s presence gone, the home base of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 completely collapsed.


After informing Ranze-san of the end of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, we breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that one of our worries was gone for the moment.

However, this does not mean that everything is okay.

In terms of causing trouble for the entire world, it’s not just the 【Demon God’s Cult】, but also the Kaizer Empire.

So far, this kingdom of Welmburg has successfully defended even when they attacked, and the stalemate continues, but you never know when the battle situation will turn.

……I am wondering what’s going on with Kannazuki-senpai and the others, and I have to join them somehow. ……

That was when I thought so.



"Eh? Ka,kannazuki-senpai, Airin!?"

"Why do our names in the order of Kanazuki-senpai first!?"

"No, you’re asking from there!?"

I suddenly heard a familiar voice, so I hurriedly turned my gaze towards that voice, and Louise was there with a large number of people, including Kannazuki-senpai and my fellow schoolmates.

What’s more, Kannazuki-senpai and Airin noticed me before I did and appeared in front of me, overcoming the restraints of Louise and the other soldiers.

I was surprised about that, but Airin was angry about something super unimportant.

"That’s, an important thing for me, you know!?"

"Hahaha! Seito-kun! This is the difference between you and me! Yes, it’s love!"


"Somebody! Somebody get me a doctor!"

Examine these two’s heads! It may be too late for that, though!

Or rather, when did this happen!? Why did they get this far for me……

As I was holding my head in my hands to the two of them, I noticed that Ranze-san, who had been distracted, came to his senses.

"O,oh. I froze when you came out of nowhere, but …… who are you guys?"

"Your Majesty. These guys seemed to be the heroes who have apparently escaped from the Kaizer Empire. ……"

The one who answered Ranze-san’s question was Louise, who had guided Shouta and the others here.

Moreover, checking them carefully, I can see Agnos and my other former students. Whe,when did they get together?

Or rather, did they escape from the Kaizer Empire?

When I was surprised by Louise’s words, Kannazuki-senpai nodded.

"Ah, it’s exactly what she said. As you know, Seiichi-kun, we were ordered to return to the Kaizer Empire, and we had to leave Barbador Magic Academy before we could say a word to you. However, on the way there, I found a gap in the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire, and we escaped."

"So that’s what it was……"

"And on our way to escape, we met up with Agnos and his friends there."

"Aniki! It’s been a long time!"

"Long time no see, everyone!"

Agnos and the others greeted us cheerfully, so we were relieved.

Then, Al notices something and asks Blued.

"I mean, is it okay for Blued to be here? You’re from the Kaizer Empire, right?"

"……Ah, Fortunately, the ones who are important to me are here. So I no longer have any regrets about the Empire."


Beside Blued who said so, there was an unfamiliar maid.

Perhaps she was the one who was important to Blued.

Well, Blued may be complicated in many ways, but if he’s happy, then that’s the best.

"Even so, how did you manage to escape unscathed?"

"Well, heading to the kingdom of Welmburg was a gamble, to be honest. First of all, I didn’t even know exactly where Seiichi-kun was."

As Kannazuki-senpai said, we didn’t even get a chance to exchange a few last words before we were separated at the Barbador Magic Academy.

Hence, no one, including Agnos and the others, would have known that I was normally in the kingdom of Welmburg.

"We’ve been investigating at countries that are not under the control of the Kaizer Empire. That is the Kingdom of Welmburg and the Varsha Empire, and the only way for us to escape was to head to one of them and have us be sheltered."

"That’s why you chose the Kingdom of Welmburg."

Their luck is very good.

Perhaps the world was so attentive that it sent a kind of bug report to Kannazuki-senpai and the others, but thanks to that, we were able to meet again like this.

If that was not it, were they geographically closer to the Welmburg Kingdom?

I was carefreely thinking about that, but Kannazuki-senpai and Airin betrayed my expectations.

"No, Seiichi-kun is over here."


"Why do you know it!?"

You told me I didn’t tell you where I was, right! Why is that!?

"I know everything about you, Seiichi-kun."

"That’s right"

"These people are already no good!"

They’re even farther away from humanity than I am! How can they pinpoint me from a distance!?

Maybe these two girls know more about me than my status or myself? That’s too scary.

Then, Ranze-san, who was watching our exchange, pulled his cheeks together.

"Ho,how do I put it…… it feels like they’re Seiichi’s friends……"

"Yes. They are indeed friends of Shishou."

From where are you convinced, Louise?

As I was holding my head more and more, Shouta called out to me as if he was tired.

"Well…… Give it up. Because we didn’t even expect that Kannazuki-senpai would be this terrible either. ……"

"I know…… since coming to this world, the position of Kannazuki-senpai has changed a lot, but when she was on earth, no one could have imagined Kannazuki-senpai being like this, could they?"

Kenji’s words were met with deep nods from the rest of the group, but …… that’s something I don’t want to know, and I can’t believe it.

Then Airin exclaims, seemingly remembering something.

"Ah! That’s right! I forgot something important!"


"Sei-chan, you’ve increased, right!?"

"Like I said, how do you know that!?"

It’s only a story about a few hours ago when I increased, you know!?

When I was no longer surprised and felt only fear, Kannazuki-senpai nodded her head with a serious expression.

"Isn’t that natural? Since it’s you. Besides, the more you increase, the better."

"What are you saying?"

It’s no good, this girl. It was too late.

Kannazuki-senpai continued, as I was making my eyes white because it was too late for Kannazuki-senpai.

"Well, I stray a little off track, but I know you’re in the Kingdom of Welmburg. That’s why, we were running towards it, but…… when the soldiers noticed our escape, they came after us. We were so close to the border, but we were cornered."

"Eh!? Ah, did you, by any chance, meet Louise and the others there?"

"No. It will be after that that I joined them. Since I didn’t feel any sign of the Kaizer’s Imperial soldiers following behind them……"

Apparently, Louise did not save them.

Then how did they get through them?

Then Shota talked about that time, as if it was still unbelievable to him.

"That’s the thing. Suddenly, there was a huge slash falling from the sky."


The answer, which I did not expect at all, made me look dumb.

No, that’s because…… what do you mean by a slash that came down?

"You might not believe it. But what Shota had said was true, you know? Suddenly, a slash came down from above, creating a huge rift between us and the Kaizer Empire."

"It was really amazing, you know! It was like a bang! I’ve never seen the ground split open like that!"

To supplement Shouta’s words, Kenji and Miu also said so, but ……

"We,well, it’s another world, and slashes can sometimes fall from the sky…… right?"

"I don’t know."

In my words, Al quickly quipped. That’s right.

Then that would make it artificial, but …… to rain such huge slashes down from above, it can’t be done by a human, and I don’t know its reason in the first place.

I was glad that the slash ended up saving Kannazuki senpai and the others, but if that slash was aimed at Kannazuki senpai and the others, it would mean that the other party was an enemy.

If possible, I would like to know the identity of the other party, but …… As I was thinking this, Saria, who had been silently watching our exchange so far, tugged at my clothes.

"Hey, Seiichi."

"Hmm? What’s wrong?"

"That slash, isn’t that from Seiichi?"

"Ha? Mine?"

I was surprised by Saria’s words.

That’s because I don’t remember shooting such a slash.

No, I released an all-out blow in my fight against the Demon God earlier, but if that slash had been unleashed in this world, the world would have disappeared at that point. I’ve always heard the world scream every time I’ve ever tried to give it my all.

But Saria seemed convinced that it was my attack.

"Yup, Seiichi’s. Look, it’s about the time you fought against the King of the Night ……"

"The Night king? ……Ah!"

When you said that much, I do remember a certain attack.

When I fought against the Night King before to save Luthia’s father, Zephar-san, I fired a slash with a little force to destroy that space because the Night King was invincible, never dying under the night conditions, and also because it was always night where the Night King was.

However, in reality, it was not an enclosed space, but was connected to the universe, and at that moment, it disappeared beyond the universe without cutting through space.

I completely forgot about the slash after that, but ……I didn’t expect that the title of 『Inadvertent Savior』 would be in effect here as well.

Nonetheless, it seems that it was just me thinking so, and not Saria and the others.

"Your attack that time, saved Kannazuki-san and the others!"

"Well, I didn’t think that it was over, I guess"

"Of course! After all, it’s Milord’s attack!"

"……Hmm. But as expected, I didn’t expect it to reach this far from there."

"Tha,that’s true, isn’t it. But, even though it’s unexpected, it’s strange that when you hear it, you will naturally accept it ……"

I’m not sure if I’m happy about it or not, trust me!

Then, seeing my reaction, Kannazuki-senpai’s eyes light up.

"Fumu…… apparently, that slash was Seiichi-kun’s, wasn’t it?"

"Tha,that’s right……"

"Seriously…… what the hell happened with you, when you came into this world?"

"I’m the one who wants to hear it the most!"

I mean I was a good match with the fruit of evolution, though!

When I nodded my head in confusion, Kannazuki-senpai nodded many times.

"I see, I see. I knew you loved me too!"


"I can’t believe it, Sei-chan~. It doesn’t have to be such a roundabout way of expressing affection, you know~?"

These two are way too positive!

I have a good reputation for being positive as well, but I can’t beat these two!?

When I was taken aback by their words, which were too messed up, I suddenly remembered something and decided to ask them about it since it was a good time to do so.

"Speaking of which, this is off topic, but…… do you guys want to go back to Earth?"

『Eh? 』

It seems that my question was unexpected, and Shouta and the others have a blank look on their faces.

"It’s hard to explain it in detail, but it looks like I can go back to Earth. …… If you want to go back, I can take you back, you know?"


Shouta and the others were taken aback, but they gradually began to understand the meaning of my words ――――

『Eeeeeeeeeeeeehh!? 』

They were astonished

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