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Chapter: 37

Chapter 37: Veramood Lunatil

Marisuez looked at the butter with her eyes squinted. In her hand was a beautiful silver butter knife. 

‘I had alight breakfast this morning, so i think it would be okay to spread some butter for lunce. Nice.’

Then Marisuez stared at Sigrid while scooping freshly made soft butter with the knife butter and spreading it on the scones. 

Sigrid, without any hesitation, stuffed the scones that coated with butted and ham into her mouth.


Sigrid quickly swallowed the scones after hearing Marisuez’s call. "Yes? Why?"

She always got nervous when Marisuez called her.

"Do you know how worried I was?"


"You secretly infiltrated the Count’s house, no—you’ve also killed the Count—wait, np, you’re also a temporary member of the Imperial Knight?!!"

Marisuez’s voice grew sharper the more she spoke. 

Even though Sigrid had already been scolded once, she quickly made a gesture of smalling herself. 

"I’m sorry."

"Why—before you do such a thing, you should get some advices!"



Marisuez thought that girl was going to die, but she wasn’t. And also because of this, Marisuez felt she was wronged and had been deceived. Though, she wasn’t that cruel to say, ‘Sigird, I don’t to know you again.’ then, in the end, she had no choice but to murmur and grumble only to Morris and Alkerto. 

"That’s right. I wish you could ask for helo? To even visit Lord Lunatil before us," Rowen Green drank tea leisurely next to Sigrid.

"That.., I.., there.., so..,— i didn’t really think we’re friend, so—" Sigird said timidly.

But before Marisuez continued to scold, Sigrid quickly said, "But now I understand. Marisuez and Rowen Green are friends."

"You really!" Marisuez could not get angry at the face who looked at her with wide eye and bizarre expressions. She just roughly lifted her glass and gulped her iced tea. With a ground, she put her glass down, and the maid who was standing by her side, came quickly and refill her tea. 

"But how do you know that?" Rowengreen smiled and asked Sigrid.


"That, the imperial knight rights. Truthfully, although the imperial knight has the right to dispose of someone immediately, no one uses it. The reason that particular clause is left alone was that the body of that law included out predecessor, the Ahtschwietz—the eight swords."

Ahtschwietz—commonly called the Eight Swords, referring to the eight warriors of Bahanat, the founder of the kingdom. The reason why they were called warriors was, those eight people were not only swordsmen but also magicians, and archers. They helped Bahanat to get rid of Masu Khallad and established the Bahanat Empire. The first king of Bahanat called them the eight swords, and they wielded unprecedented power. The power of summary judgment was also one of Ahtschwietz’s authorities. And as the empire was established, Ahtschwietz was renamed under the imperial family, that was, the Imperial Knights, and then it became what it was today, and inherited most of Ahtschwietz’s authorities. 

However, that also was in the early days of the empire. As the emperor’s rights gradually weakened and aristocratic power greatly emerged, most of these rights were now obsolete.

"I’m a knight, so I have to know everything about my rights." said SIgird while blinking her eyes. 

"But, isn’t that the right of the imperial knight?"

"I know all of knight’s right."


"Doesn’t everyone know?"

"No, I don’t know." 

Sigird was bewildered by Marisuez’s quick answer. "Really?"

"Uh-huh," Marisuez answered in a strong tone. 

"Which party has the right to drink alcohol in front of the emperor, and shout Long Live His Majesty?" Rowen Green asked, wondering if Sigrid really knew.

"The First Knight of the Imperial Knight." Sigrid answered without hesitation. 

Marisuez looked at Rowen Green, and then Sigrid, then looked at Rowen green again, and cried out, "How could there be such a stupid right?!?!"

"The rule was made one hundred and fifty years ago."

"What a stupid rule."

"There are many other silly provision besides this. But…, You’ve really memorized it all…."

Rowen green shook her head in admiration. 

Marisuez looked back at Sigrid. "You even wear sling bag and mules! Why are you memorizing those stupid law!?"

"That, um. I’ll try my best for fashion." SIgrid said softly. She was not sure about shoes. No, actually, she didn’t know much about anything else. Even so, she was going to make an effort. At least, she didn’t want to face angry Marisuez. 

Marisuez sighed. "Anyway, okay. Alright. I’ll tell you in the future."

"Yes, tell me everything from now on."

"No, not everything."Marisuez said flatlu. 

"But, then, is Sigrid going to the first squad imperial knight now?"


Both Marisuez and Rowen Green tilted their head. It was a lukewarm answer that was not like the usual Sigrid. 

"Aren’t you going?" Marisuez asked.

"It’s just…"

It was understandable that everyone guessed like that. After all, the imperial knight was like that. It was Sigrid, who was a little troubled. 

"If you don’t want to go, don’t go. If you become one of them, it’ll be hard to get married. Men don’t like women who are too strong." Marisuez said while blinking her eyes.

Sigrid shook her head. "It doesn’t matter."

"Why not?"

"Well, I have no intention of getting married."

"The girl who said that was the first to get married." Saying so, Marisuez looked at the sweets with sad feelings. She wanted to eat one more, but her waist, which she measured while she tightened with her corset every morning, had stretched about 5mm. Sweets were prohibited until her waist returned to its original state. 

"So, you don;t want to get married?" Rowen Green asked.

"Because I don’t want to give birth. After giving birth, a woman’s stamine would be low, so low that it is difficult to maintain her knighthood."

Marisuez opened her mouth hearing that, "are you really not going to marry?"


"You want to be a knight?"


Marisuez opened her mouth, and closed it. 

"Because Marie becomes a knight in order to get married." Rowen Green made fun of Marisuez.

"Is that so?" this time, it was Sigrid who was surprised. 

Marisued answered, "hmm," then she continued, "otherwise? Why would you do this hard job? I could just sit down and marry the man my parents choose, but I still wanted to get married for love. And this is the only way to do that."

"Then, have you found a good man?"

When Rowen green asked, Marisuez sighed and shook her head. "No, not yet.—anyway, so, how is Sir. Lunatil?"

"Sir. Lunatil?"

"Yes. the captain of 1st squad imperial knight. That person’s family is fine. It’s Duke Lunatil. Of course, thes not the duke himself. Also, his cousin is also crown princess."

Sigrid muttered, "I don’t know," and then thought for a moment, "A sexual harraser…?"

At that moment, Rowen Green made a strange sound, "oh?", and Marisuez said, "What?!". She then shouted, "Did you get hit? Did that person sexually harass you?!"

"Umm, forcing shirt open… touch…"

"WHAT?!?!" Marisuez shouted in anger.

"It’s not sexual harassment, it’s sexual assault! Did you just leave it alone?!"

"Well, he is a boss…"

"Even if he is your boss, he can’t do that! The next time something like that happens, you said, ‘No way! Don’t touch me!’ and say it firmly, understand?"

"Okay." Sigrid nodded quietly. 

Rowen Green also seriously said, "the next time something like that happens, please tell me. 

Marisuez fluttered her fan angrily, "Honestly, we could not deny that such people exist. Whenever you live, if you really try to look at it, it could be seen."

"I didn’t expect Lord Lunatil to be such a man."

Rowen Green shook her head. Veramood’s reputation fell in her heart. 

"But, is SIgrid coming to the ball next week?" Rowen green asked.

"May I go?"

"Of course." Rowen green smiled. 

It was a ball held at Marquis of Alsekidna for the first time in a long time. And because of it, people were interested more than usual even though it was an off-season ball.

Marisuez narrowed her eyes, "But that dress was dismissed."

Sigrid looked down at her dress, bewildered. "Is it strange?"

"No, but you only have that dress, don’t you? How old is it?"

"Hey, I don’t wear a dress very often." 

Sigrid only wore the blue dress that she first matched. 

"It’s too simple." Marisuez said sharply.

"Is that so?"

"Simple and elegant? That’s a good thing to say. But to be simple and elegant, it should be expensive, which comes from the finer details. And if there is such a difference in detail..,." Marisuez made a small gap between her index finger and her thumb. "The price is about ten times different."

Sigrid gasped. The dress she was wearing now was already expensive! And there is a dress ten times more expensive than this!? No matter how much she thought about it, it was too much of a luxury for her.

Rowen green nodded her head in sympathy for Marisuez. "Another thing, a simple design is based on the material itself, the fabric alone is expensive. Even for patter, the incision line has to be perfect. The difference seemed just that, but the price difference is huge. And if the fabric is embroidered, it would be done beautifully and properly which would cost a good deal of money."

"If you want to go to the ball, get a new dress."

Marisuez simply ordered

Sigrid let out a groan. ‘Ball, I want to go. But the dress is too expensive. Besides, I’ve employed maids lately… i can’t increase my spending too much.’

Hearing Sigrid groaning, Rowen Green said, "by the way, you said you’ve decided to live with Sir. Arcana? I heard from Seria."

Hearing those words, Sigrid’s face brightened. "Yes! I’ve made friend!"

"Huh?" Marisued then continued, "If we become friends, will we live together?"

"He has no good place to stay. Besides, it would be nice for him to live with siblings"

"Are you getting the payment?"

Sigrid made a puzzled face, "What kind of payment do you ask from friend?"

Marisuez rubbed her forehead.

Rowen Green laughed.

Marisuez pointed her finger at Sigrid. "That’s not a friend, it’s called a pushover!"

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