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Chapter: 682

Lei Junze s Guidance

682 – Lei Junze’s Guidance

TL : GoldenLung

Hence, after careful consideration, Lan Xuanyu decided to let everyone continue with the mission. With the prerequisite that they had completed the mission, everyone could get into the battle lightly. With the speed of a fighter, he could reach any battlefield in a short period of time to provide support.

With the experience from the previous battle, as long as it wasn’t a rank 7 or higher Proto Dragon, it shouldn’t be a problem. And in the previous Proto Dragon Tide, there were quite a number of high rank Proto Dragons that had died, so it shouldn’t be easy to encounter high rank Proto Dragons near the base anytime soon.

Everyone naturally had no objections to Lan Xuanyu’s arrangements. The mission was already completed beyond their expectations, and there was no doubt that they had reaped quite a lot this time. The next step was to expand their gains and increase their fighting experience.

"Alright, let’s split up. We’ll set off after we’re done splitting up." Lan Xuanyu had already decided on the distribution of teams last night and proceeded according to an appropriate combination of assault, control, and agility-type soul masters.

Yan Ruoting also participated in this meeting, or rather, she was waiting for Lan Xuanyu at the side. She had already contacted Lei Junze and wanted to bring Lan Xuanyu to meet the commander of the base.

Yan Ruoting’s eyes were filled with admiration as she watched Lan Xuanyu delegate the tasks. This young man was brave and resourceful. Although he was a little rash that day, who could predict that a rank 8 Proto Dragon would self-destruct? If not for the self-destruction, his battle could be said to be perfect. Especially the piloting of his fighter, it was simply amazing. She simply couldn’t understand how a 16-year-old boy could master such piloting skills.

After the distribution, everyone went back to prepare. Lan Xuanyu was led by Yan Ruoting to the command center of Dragon Source Planet.

In the commander-in-chief’s office, Lan Xuanyu saw Lei Junze.

In fact, he didn’t have any impression of Lei Junze because the one who saved him was Lei Junze’s god-class mecha.

When they saw Lei Junze again, the commander of the base was dressed in military uniform and had a dignified appearance. He had the rank of major general on his shoulders.

"Oh, our little hero is here." Upon seeing Lan Xuanyu, Lei Junze couldn’t help but reveal a smile and walked forward.

Lan Xuanyu blushed and said, "Greetings, commander-in-chief. I was too rash that day. Thank you for saving my life."

Lei Junze reached out to shake his hand and shook his head. "Young people all have their own passion. It’s fine, you have us as your backers. You performed perfectly that day. There’s no need to say anything about me saving your life, we’re all comrades on the battlefield."

Lan Xuanyu didn’t expect this commander to be so straightforward and his impression of him improved greatly.

Lei Junze pointed to the sofa and said, "Sit."

Lan Xuanyu sat down on the sofa and Yan Ruoting tactfully walked out and closed the office door.

"Did you find that day very thrilling?" Lei Junze smiled at Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said, "I felt a little afraid and regretful afterwards. As a team commander, I shouldn’t have taken such a risk because I couldn’t bear the worst outcome."

Lei Junze said, "Self-reflection is a very good quality. From your age, your performance that day was very stunning. Even I couldn’t help but applaud you. I’ve never seen the ability that you displayed before among your peers. But just like what you said, as a commander, your actions that day were somewhat unqualified. As a commander, you must always look at the big picture and not care about the gains and losses in a city. You must look at the overall battlefield and even have a spirit of sacrifice when necessary."

"But it seems like you’ve already realized what your problem is. The saying ‘failure is the mother of success’ has been around for tens of thousands of years. Why is that? It’s because it contains a profound meaning. Every failure brings us valuable wealth and experience. There is a saying in our military that a commander who has not fought more than ten battles before is not qualified to be a general. The so-called winning general is something that only exists in novels. A real general must go through countless training and experience countless failures. The key is to be able to stand up after each failure and have the courage to take on the next war that might fail. Only through continuous training can one truly grow."

"So, I’ve never thought that failure is a bad thing. Failure is something a man must face, and it is also a man’s most precious asset," Lei Junze said sternly.

Lan Xuanyu nodded seriously. He knew that this general was imparting valuable experience to him.

Lei Junze smiled. "Actually, you should call me senior. Although I’m very regretful that I didn’t get into Shrek Academy’s Inner Court, I still graduated from the Outer Court. I can call myself a Shrek graduate."

"Senior?" Lan Xuanyu looked at him in surprise. A major general and the commander of Dragon Source Planet was such an important position, yet he was actually his senior and was only an Outer Court senior.

Lei Junze sighed and said, "I’ve had a few regrets in my life, but the biggest one was not being able to get into Shrek’s Inner Court back then. My problem was that my Martial Soul’s talent was still lacking. In the end, I was unable to take a step forward and was eliminated. At that time, I was still unconvinced because I felt that I could still work hard. But the rules of the academy must be followed. Now that I see you young people, I’m completely relieved. All of you are really outstanding. I heard that all of you are from the Star War Experimental Class. Anyway, in my time, the academy has never had an experimental class, which shows how much importance the academy has placed on all of you. And the abilities that all of you have displayed have not tarnished the academy’s reputation. All of you are very outstanding."

"Initially, I saw that you only had four rings, and it seemed like you were mainly auxiliary-type, so I wanted to recruit you into the military. But you even killed a rank 8 Proto Dragon, so how could your talent be bad? Are you confident of entering the Inner Court in the future?"

Lan Xuanyu hesitated for a moment and said, "I’ll do my best." If it was before yesterday, he would have said that he was confident without hesitation. But the setback this time was quite a blow to him and he didn’t say it fully.

Lei Junze said, "Good luck. Shrek Academy’s Inner Court is a completely different world. I really want to go to the Eternal Sky City and take a look! That is the stairs that lead to god-rank. But how many people can actually enter it?"

At this point, he laughed at himself and said, "Let’s not talk about this. If you fail to get into the Inner Court, you must let me know ! Let me be happy."

"…" Lan Xuanyu thought to himself, ‘Can’t you not speak like that? Are you cursing me ?’

Lei Junze laughed and said, "Don’t take it to heart, what I mean is that if you don’t get into the Inner Court, then I will have a chance to recruit you. I will be here for a few more years, then I might be transferred to the fleet. If you want to join the military, you have to think of me first. I will give you the position of captain of the space fighter squadron. In three years at most, you will be promoted to commander. With your ability, it will not be a problem. Don’t forget that I saved your life. If you want to join the military, come and repay me."

"Alright…" Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but laugh. This person really didn’t hide anything!

"Of course, I hope that you can get into the Inner Court and become a true expert." Lei Junze smiled. "Do you have any plans for your future?"

Lan Xuanyu shook his head and said, "I also want to get into the Inner Court, but I don’t know what the Inner Court is like or how long I have to study."

Lei Junze said, "Shrek Academy’s Inner Court is very mysterious, and I don’t know what qualifications you have to fulfill to graduate from the Inner Court. However, among the Sky Fighters, there are many important figures that come from Shrek Academy’s Inner Court. I reckon that you will be working hard in this direction in the future."

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