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Chapter: 683

The Difficulty Of Ranking Up As A Sky Fighter

683 – The Difficulty Of Ranking Up As A Sky Fighter

Lan Xuanyu said, "Commander-in-chief, I actually don’t really understand Sky Fighters. This department is carrying out missions for the Federation, but it doesn’t seem to belong to the Federation."

Lei Junze said, "The Sky Fighter Division is actually also known as the Federation’s Special Affairs Department. Only the strongs can join it. The big shots that I’m talking about are those Sky Fighters at the seventh rank and above. These people are the true heroes of the Federation. There are some secrets that you can’t know yet, but what I can tell you is that if you can become one of them in the future, you will know that, although the Federation’s development is rapid, we are also facing great danger. This is also why the Federation has never slacked off and has been working hard to develop itself. We have enemies, extremely strong ones. When you can get into Shrek’s Inner Court, you will have the qualifications to know more details. Every generation of the Sky Fighter Division’s ancestors worked hard to fight for the sake of allowing ordinary citizens to continue living peacefully."

"Just like those races that were conquered by us. If we aren’t strong enough, we will be the ones being conquered."

This wasn’t the first time Lan Xuanyu heard that the Federation had enemies. But what exactly were they ? They didn’t have the qualifications to know.

Lei Junze said, "You guys have gained quite a bit from this mission. I’ve asked Yan Ruoting’s academy for your requirements. As your senior, I have to give some help. Since you guys killed a rank 8 Proto Dragon this time, I will ask the Sky Fighter Division to increase the difficulty of your mission to rank 4. The mission reward will also be increased to 150 points per person. The condition is that you guys have to exchange all of your Dragon Crystals with us. We have a duty towards the Federation too and we have to send Dragon Crystals regularly."

Lan Xuanyu replied, "No problem. We also want to exchange our Proto Dragon Crystals at the base. Thank you, senior."

Lei Junze laughed. "You don’t have to thank me, this is what you deserve. En, let me remind you. The Sky Fighter Division’s points are the most important to increase one’s rank, don’t use them to exchange for school emblems."

"En?" Lan Xuanyu was stunned.

Lei Junze said, "With every increase in the rank of a Sky Fighter, the authority that you guys can wield will increase. An official Sky Fighter can enjoy preferential treatment from the Federation. Also, it will be beneficial in all aspects. The rank of a Sky Fighter is also useful in the military. Don’t you have military contributions? Military contributions will actually correspond to your Sky Fighter rank."

Seeing that Lan Xuanyu still didn’t quite understand, Lei Junze said, "To put it bluntly, if you can become a rank 6 Sky Fighter, you’ll be equivalent to me, a major general, in the military. When faced with war, you’ll have the ability to temporarily command. At the same time, in Shrek, if you’re a rank 5 Sky Fighter, you’ll have the qualifications to enter the Inner Court directly and don’t need to take the test. I only found out about this later. I’ve tried to work hard before, but the academy’s requirement is that you must reach rank 5 Sky Fighter before 25 years old to be accepted into the Inner Court. In the end, I couldn’t do it. The rank of a Sky Fighter is simply too difficult to increase, but the benefits of being promoted are all around. Those who are rank 7 and above are all almighty and have an influential position in the Federation."

A rank 5 Sky Fighter could be exempted from the test to enter the Inner Court? This news shocked Lan Xuanyu. He initially wanted his teammates to exchange their points for resources, but it seemed like increasing one’s Sky Fighter rank was the most important.

If he didn’t remember wrongly, becoming an official Sky Fighter, which was a rank 1 Sky Fighter, required 100 points? All of them should be able to do it then. As for how many points were needed to increase to a higher rank, he didn’t ask. He didn’t have many thoughts about the rank of a Sky Fighter.

After chatting with Lei Junze for a while more about the situation at the academy, Lan Xuanyu bade him farewell and Lei Junze got someone to bring him to the base to exchange for the Proto Dragon Crystals that he had already obtained.

During the exchange process, Lan Xuanyu finally understood the difficulty of obtaining Sky Fighter points.

Initially, he thought that the Dragon Crystal of a rank 8 Proto Dragon could be exchanged for a tens of thousands points. But in fact, it was only 500 points!

A rank 6 Dragon Crystals could only be exchanged for 50 points. That’s right, it was so little. There was no mistake at all.

A rank 1 Dragon Crystal could be exchanged for one point, a rank 2 Dragon Crystal for three points, a rank 3 Dragon Crystal for five points, a rank 4 Dragon Crystal for 10 points, a rank 5 for 20 points, and a rank 7 Dragon Crystal for 200 points.

From this, one could see how difficult it was to obtain Sky Fighter points.

Lan Xuanyu also asked Yan Ruoting. A rank 1 Sky Fighter would need 1,000 points to advance to a rank 2 Sky Fighter.

They had hunted over 1,000 Proto Dragons this time, so how many points did they get in the end? More than 6,000 points. On average, each person had about 200 points, and with the adjustment of the mission to fourth rank, each person was rewarded with an additional 120 points. The total number of points each person obtained was about 300 points.

Of course, this was without counting the gains from the next eight days.

Yan Ruoting accompanied Lan Xuanyu to complete the calculations and helped him to do the calculations. She then looked at Lan Xuanyu with envy.

"So few points." Lan Xuanyu looked at the points list helplessly.

"Few?" The corners of Yan Ruoting’s mouth twitched. She really wanted to say, ‘Do you know how many missions I had completed before I got 300 points?’

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said, "That’s right! We killed a rank 8 Proto Dragon and only got so few points."

Yan Ruoting smiled bitterly. "Rank 3 missions usually reward 50 to 100 points. Rank 4 missions range from 100 to 150 points, depending on the difficulty of the mission. This time, because you guys killed a rank 8 Proto Dragon, you guys were rewarded with 120 points each. According to your speed, you’ll be promoted to a rank 2 Sky Fighter in two or three more missions. Do you know what a rank 2 Sky Fighter is? In the military, it’s equivalent to the rank of captain. A rank 3 Sky Fighter is equivalent to the rank of major, and a rank 4 Sky Fighter is equivalent to a colonel. A rank 5 Sky Fighter is equal to a major general."

"There are over 30 of you carrying out missions together and allocating these points equally. If you alone get all the rewards from a rank 8 Proto Dragon, you’d have been promoted to a rank 2 Sky Fighter, which is equivalent to becoming a captain. How fast do you want to climb ?"

As Lan Xuanyu listened to Yan Ruoting’s rising voice, his heart stirred and he said, "Senior, I have an idea. High-rank Sky Fighters are able to obtain more resources from the Sky Fighter Division. If my rank increases, will my team be able to obtain support as well?"

Yan Ruoting shook her head and said, "What good things are you thinking about? Your rank is high, and only you can obtain support. For example, if the Sky Fighter Division gives you an exclusive warship to help you carry out missions. You cannot take low-rank Sky Fighters with you because that is what you got from contributing to the Federation."

Lan Xuanyu was a little disappointed. "I see!" He was still thinking that if they could enjoy the same treatment as a team, they might as well increase one person’s rank first. It wouldn’t be bad either.

"How many points does a rank 3 Sky Fighter need?" Lan Xuanyu asked curiously.

Yan Ruoting said, "10,000. It’s very simple, you multiply by ten every time."

Lan Xuanyu was dumbstruck. "Doesn’t that mean that a rank 4 Sky Fighter needs 100,000 points? How many rank 8 Proto Dragons does that mean? Isn’t it too difficult?"

Yan Ruoting rolled her eyes and said, "Do you think it’s so easy to increase the rank of a Sky Fighter? It’s not that simple. If it was, wouldn’t everyone be a general?"

A rank five Sky Fighter cost a million points. What a terrifying number.

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