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Chapter: 1307


"Have you offended someone?"

The first thing Daoist Ziyuan said when she saw Yang Junshan shocked him greatly.

"Huh?" Yang Junshan was a little confused.

Seeing Yang Junshan’s expression, Daoist Ziyuan explained immediately: "How long have you been back from the outside world? According to the rules set by the Lingxiao Hall, an existence surpassing the tribulation lightning will be able to stay in the cultivation world for as long as possible before they can go out again. "

Although Yang Junshan had a guess in his heart, he did not say it out loud. Instead, he said: "That doesn’t mean that I have offended people, right?"

Daoist Ziyuan gave a cold snort, and said: "Don’t forget the siege you encountered outside your Circulatory World back then when Jiu Si was trying to ascend to the Immortal Realm."

Yang Junshan’s expression congealed, and said: "They can track my movements?"

It seems like no one is able to take control of the Haotian’s mirror and there is no way to investigate your movements. In short, the order to send you out of the realms is really strange, with the sect immortals and Xiao Yao Immortals in Lingxiao Hall fighting in the open and in the shadows, they originally thought that you would rarely go to the immortal palaces, so you would not be involved in these things. It seems like it is not as simple as you think, it seems like the entire world knows that your Path is about to become a saint with your body, so how could they possibly let you stay out of this?

Yang Junshan was startled to hear that, and could not help but ask: "Sect Immortal? Immortal Carefree? The immortals of the Lingxiao Hall are also forming alliances? "

"You don’t even know that?"

Daoist Ziyuan asked in surprise.

Seeing Yang Junshan shake his head, Daoist Ziyuan finally explained with an expression of disbelief: "As the name implies, the so-called sect immortal refers to the Celestial Sovereign s that come from various cultivation world sects, or rather, the Celestial Sovereign s that have the sect’s background as their main body;

Seeing Yang Junshan nod his head, Daoist Ziyuan added, "Of course, this classification is not absolute, but the initial division between these two Celestial Sovereign s was indeed based on these two backgrounds."

Yang Junshan nodded his head to express his understanding, and then asked: "Then may I ask Senior, which side of the two sects do you favor now that you are serving the Emerald Celestial Sovereign in the main hall of the Soaring Cloud Palace?"

Ziyuan looked at him and said: "This question is indeed ingenious. We are all Celestial Sovereign, and the difference in strength and status between us is not too great. The so-called boundary between our factions is naturally very blurry."

However, this Emerald Celestial Sovereign is rumored to have quite a bit of experience in the immortal palace. In his early years, he was also from a sect, but that sect was destroyed a thousand years ago, and even his legacy has not been passed down.

"In fact, other than the sect immortals, the rest of the Celestial Sovereign s are only able to step onto the Immortal Path after gaining a lot of experience? Even if it is a sect immortal, the knowledge and knowledge obtained would not necessarily come entirely from the sect they belong to. Thus, there iroblem with the sect immortal or the unfettered immortal. "

Yang Junshan listened and nodded his head, but quickly realized that Daoist Ziyuan still had not given him a clear answer.

Yang Junshan wanted to know more about it, but Daoist Ziyuan said that she himself was not too clear on the relationship between the two of them. She said witidden bitterness, "In the end, this humble one is only a thunder tribulation Daoist, and is unable to enter the eyes of those Celestial Sovereign s in the Soaring Cloud Palace. Some people, however, want to stay out of the picture and get plotted against by those Celestial Sovereign s no matter what means or means."

Yang Junshan wanted to ask more questions, but Daoist Ziyuan’s previous few words had revealed a lot of information that surprised him. However, Daoist Ziyuan had a displeased look on her face right now, and said a few words before she left.

"Go and investigate in the Lingxiao Hall. After staying there for a while, you will naturally understand the knots in it. Isn’t that much more profound than what I’ve told you?"

After Daoist Ziyuan left, Yang Junshan stood there thinking, and then muttered to himself: "Looks like I really have to stay in the Lingxiao Hall for a while longer if I have the chance."

"Brother, I think it would be best for you to be more cautious. Just bring us to the Lingxiao Hall, if we anger any of the Celestial Sovereign, you can flick us like flies, how can we justify ourselves?"

Yang Junxiu had a fearless personality, although she said that she was afraid of death, her tone was filled with mischievousness and ridicule.

Yang Junshan laughed when he heard it, "Are you afraid? I didn’t see you feeling guilty in the South Heaven Gate just now. "

Yang Junxiu coldly snorted, and said: "Who would be able to see through my movements?"

"What about the Moon Palace? I didn’t intentionally cover it up for you guys. Back then, there were quite a few people who noticed that you Demonic Cultivators and Ghost Cultivators had them. There are even some who recognized you guys from the start."

Yang Junxiu said straightforwardly: "I’m not afraid of them. They might not be able to beat me."

Yang Junshan and Yang Junxiu laughed along the way, while Bao Yuer and Zhong Jiu behind the two appeared to be much more silent. Compared to Yang Junxiu’s carefree attitude, the two undead ghost s were clearly much more nervous.

Yang Junshan glanced at the two of them, and said: "Don’t worry, all the living beings that enter this world will not be able to escape from the Haotian’s mirror, and since the Haotian’s mirror have left a foundation, it can be considered to be recognized by this world, and can be considered as the living beings of this world. Even if they enter the Lingxiao Hall, it’s not a big deal."

As he spoke till here, Yang Junshan’s tone of voice paused slightly, and then he continued, "Furthermore, I’m the one who brought him along, so there aren’t many people in the Lingxiao Hall who can injure the both of you."

After he finished speaking, Yang Junshan had already opened the spatial passageway which lead directly to the Lingxiao Hall in the Moon Palace.

The group of three was led by Yang Junshan into the spatial tunnel, and they heard Yang Junshan say: "Carefully sense, this Lingxiao Hall is located in the spatial realm where Circulatory World are the closest to the origin of heaven and earth, and here, you can easily sense the existence of Essence Will, and try to perceive them, accept and refine them. The more Essence Will you sense, the more likely you receive the acknowledgement of the Essence Will, and then, you can more easily refine the will of heaven and earth into your body, and the easier it will be to experience tribulation lightning in the future."

Hearing that, the three of them immediately focused on sensing of the origin of heaven and earth, while Yang Junshan intentionally filled his speed up to the brim so that the three of them would have more time to comprehend the existence of the Essence Will.

When Yang Junshan first entered the Lingxiao Hall, he was only at the level of Huagai’s field. Back then, in order to allow him to enter the Lingxiao Hall, it was also Daoist Jiu Si who had joined hands with Daoist Ziyuan. He wanted to use their powers to protect him as he passed through the spatial tunnel.

However, right now, Yang Junshan had to rely on his own strength to bring along a Huagai’s field cultivator and two Qingyun Realm Ghost Cultivatorhrough the spatial passage to enter the Lingxiao Hall.

However, Yang Junshan was still calm and composed, he was not exhausted at all, which showed that Yang Junshan’s current foundation was probably no longer inferior to Daoist Jiu Si’s, Dao Ancestor Jiu Si’s, and it could even be said that his strength was far above’s.

The biggest reason why Lingxiao Hall was able to gather such a large number of Great Divine Cultivator s with Lightning Calamity above was because it was much easier to comprehend and refine the origin of nature here.

However, to a cultivator like Yang Junshan who walked the path of becoming a saint, the existence of the Lingxiao Hall space was not as important as he had imagined. This was because he could rely on the body forging technique he had learned to forcefully tear apart the spatial barrier and come into contact with the core of the origin of heaven and earth.

At the same time, this was also one of the main reasons why Yang Junshan rarely entered the Lingxiao Hall, other than going there.

In the process of passing through the spatial passageway, Yang Junshan was able to feel that there were Essence Will surrounding Yang Junxiu very quickly, and the speed of his comprehension of Essence Will was slightly slower, after all, whether it was in terms of cultivation or aptitude, Bao Yuer was still inferior to Yang Junxiu.

But what surprised Yang Junshan was that the speed at which Zhong Jiu sensed Essence Will was not much slower than Bao Yuer.

All these years, Yang Junshan had been to the foreign lands several times and he had heard of Zhong Kui’s Ghost Immortal, the Ghost Clan’s famous Celestial Sovereign. Within the Ghost Clan, he directly chased after the Ten Hades, becoming the eleventh Ghost Clan Ancestor.

From the looks of it, Zhong Jiu being the direct descendant of Evil Lord Zhong Kui, being able to possesalent that was not inferior to Bao Yuer was not considered an accident.

The space passage’s end was right in front of them, and just as the group of four stepped onto the blue rock plaza, more than ten divine intents suddenly descended, and an enormous pressure almost crushed Yang Junxiu and the other two who had yet to wake up from the Essence Will’s enlightenment.

Yang Junshan’s expression immediately darkened and a cold snort exploded in the Lingxiao Hall’s plaza like a clap of thunder. More than ten divine intents were instantly sent flying and several muffled snorts rang out from the void.

Behind Yang Junshan, Yang Junxiu and the other two all revealed looks of lingering fear. Even Yang Junxiu, who was usually fearless, was shocked at that instant.

Yang Junshan and Zhong Jiu, as the Spirit King, had several keen senses, and were able to clearly sense that the entire Bluestone Plaza was filled with malicious intent. They couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment, while Yang Junxiu had already moved forward with his heels at Yang Junshan’s back.

The two of them were shocked and chased after him. In fact, they felt safe as they walked from here to a grand floating palace, and sure enough, no Great Divine Cultivator dared to come out and cause trouble.

However, the moment Yang Junshan brought the three foreign invaders into the Bluestone Plaza, more and more Great Divine Cultivatourned their attention over, and their ten divine intents circled around them. This time, even though they did not provoke them again, they still gave Yang Junxiu and the others a feeling of being carried on their backs, until they stepped into the Floating Soaring Cloud Main Hall.

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