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Chapter: 1308


Meeting the Emerald Celestial Sovereign in the main hall of the Soaring Cloud Palace once again, it was destined that this would not bleasant experience.

"So you’re saying that you’re planning to take those three Outsiders with you when you go to the Outsiders?"

Although the Emerald Celestial Sovereign’s tone sounded calm, his expression had already sunk.


Yang Junshan’s expression was calm, as if he did not sense the storm that was about to arrive.

"How dare you!"

The Emerald Celestial Sovereign snorted, as though the surrounding space had been sealed. An indescribable pressure descended on Yang Junxiu and the rest, as though the three of them were going to sink down under this pressure.

But at this time, Yang Junshan suddenly raised his head and said: "Since Celestial Sovereign is sending me to investigate the reconstruction of the Thunder Door Passage outside of this region and I don’t have any helpers to help me, am I not allowed to find my own people?"

Yang Junshan’s tone was extremely calm, but it was like the sound of water flowing, it melted the confined space around them, and Yang Junxiu and the other two who were immersed in the pressure also felt that their bodies had lightened up all of a sudden, as thougeavy burden had been lifted off their shoulders. Only now did they realise that their backs were already drenched in sweat.

The Emerald Celestial Sovereign obviously did not expect Yang Junshan to be able to so easily dissolve the Primordial Spirit Suppression that he had imposed on everyone. A strange glow flashed in his eyes, but his expression became even more vicious as he said furiously: "What, you’re negotiating conditions with this old man?"


The hand of the Emerald Celestial Sovereign slammed down fiercely as he said loudly, "Who gave you the guts? With your current cultivation level? Do you really think that a Path with your body at the Saint level can do whatever you want? "

If it was outside of Lingxiao Hall, it would be enough to cause the world to change color.

However, when Yang Junshan faced the Emerald Celestial Sovereign directly, he appeared neither humble nor arrogant, and said: "I don’t dare, I really want to do whatever I want, why bring the three of them to the Lingxiao Hall for instructions? Furthermore, Celestial Sovereign is sending me out of the foreign land right now.

The Emerald Celestial Sovereign’s pupils constricted when he heard this and he said coldly: "What, do you still want to bargain with me?"

Yang Junshan’s expression did not change as he said: "I don’t dare, but about the matters of the Little Seven Star Region, if I wanted to leak it, why wait until now?"

The light in the eyes of the Emerald Celestial Sovereign dimmed, and they no longer spoke. The Ling Xiao Main Hall fell into silence, and Yang Junxiu and the other two felt that every moment they were in this place was torture.

After an unknown amount of time, when Yang Junxiu and the rest felt that if they continued to stay in the Lingxiao Hall, the three of them would probably go crazy.

"It’s fine, you can bring them out, and that little tiger demon is fine, after all, he’s a creature from the Circulatory World, but those two brats came from a foreign land, so they have to be from our kind!"

The moment the Emerald Celestial Sovereign’s voice fell, Bao Yuer and Zhong Jiu felt as if their souls were about to fly out of their bodies.

However, unexpectedly, Yang Junshan opened his mouth and asked: "Then Celestial Sovereign’s intention is — —"

The Emerald Celestial Sovereign said resolutely, "Either you can only bring that tiger demon with you, or this old man will personally lay a restriction on those two brats to prevent any accidents!"

Yang Junshan hesitated, "Is there no other way?"


Without waiting for Yang Junshan to speak, the Emerald Celestial Sovereign said directly, "Tell me your true purpose for going to the Foreign Lands."

On the Immortal Climbing Cliff, Zhong Jiu looked at the Haotian’s mirror that was floating in the sky and said, "This is the pathway to the starry universe. I never expected to be able to return to the Starry Sky world."

Yang Junshan’s expression was calm as he said: "Let’s begin, the two of you only have Qingyun Realm. This time, we won’t be staying outside the region for too long."

After speaking, he squeezed out a bit of fresh blood from his fingertips, and dripped it into the lake of mirrors formed by the Void Haotian’s mirror.

Yang Junxiu and the other two also refined according to the law, each of them dropping a drop of blood essence into the mirror, forming the image of a Haotian’s mirror in their dantian.

Yang Junshan reached out his hand and brushed it across the surface of the Mirror Lake, and immediately, the image of the Extraterritorial Space appeared on the surface of the lake.

Zhong Jiu saw and said: "I heard that this Haotian’s mirror can easily construct spatial tunnels that connect to the twenty-five other planes in the Starry Sky world. That means that we can easily reach the edge of the twenty-five other planes through the Haotian’s mirror?"

Yang Junshan looked at him and nodded: "Not bad, you know quite a lot."

Zhong Jiu chuckled twice and did not speak any further.

During the past few decades, Yang Junshan had gone to the Outer Realm several times, so naturally, his understanding of the Extraterritorial Space world had grown more and more. However, he was born in the Extraterritorial Space itself, and was also the direct descendant of the eleventh Golden Body Ghost Saint of the Ghost Clan. He could be considered to be from a famous family, and under the influence of experience, his understanding of the Extraterritorial Space world was naturally far beyond what Yang Junshan could compare to.

In fact, over these years, a portion of Yang Junshan’s understanding of the Extraterritorial Space came from Zhong Jiu.

However, although Zhong Jiu was a undead ghost, in some aspects, he still had the insistence of being a ghost. Whether it was Yang Junshan or Yang Junxiu, they were both not too forceful.

Yang Junshan looked at him but did not ask any further questions. Instead, his attention was already focused on the scene above the Mirror Lake.

Usually, when the Haotian’s mirror’s mirror displays the scene there, then the Haotian’s mirror would be able to construct a spatial tunnel to get there.

In reality, although the Haotian’s mirror could connect to the twenty-five star realms of the Extraterritorial Space, in reality, it could only construct a spatial passageway at the borders of the star realms. However, this time, when Yang Junshan flipped the surface of the Mirror Lake, he used his divine sense to sense it and actually projected the Cold Maple Star Domain onto the surface of the Mirror Lake.

One must know that although the Yin Qiu Star Palace was located at the edge of the Heavenly Jade Star Realm which was closest to the Circulatory World, the Cold Maple Star Region could already be considered to be located inside the Yin Qiu Star Palace.

In the previous few times when Yang Junshan had headed to the Heavenly Jade Star Realm, all of them had descended at the outermost area of the Yin Qiu Star Palace. However, this time, the Haotian’s mirror had directly placed the projection of the spatial passageway inside the Yin Qiu Star Palace.

Was it the Haotian’s mirror that was able to construct the spatial tunnel, or was it because of some other reason?

Although Yang Junshan had many doubts in his heart, there was no one by his side that could answer them. However, if he could directly descend to the Hanfeng Star Region via the Haotian’s mirror, it would save him several days of travelling in the Extraterritorial Space.

"Let’s go!"

Yang Junshan told Yang Junxiu and the others, and then he was the first one to step into the Mirror Lake.

Inside the main hall of the Ling Xiao Palace, after Yang Junshan and the rest left, the Emerald Celestial Sovereign sat down cross-legged in the hall with his eyes closed.

After an unknown period of time, the Emerald Celestial Sovereign suddenly opened his eyes and asked: "They have already left?"

There was clearly no one in the empty hall, but at this moment, another voice sounded, "Not bad, you’ve already left."

The Emerald Celestial Sovereign heaved a sigh of relief and said: "That’s good!"

The voice sounded again, but there waint of curiosity and confusion in his voice. He said, "I don’t understand. Even if Yang Junshan found out about it, what could he do? Since he hasn’t leaked the news yet, why did you send him to the foreign land in one go? Could it be that you are truly afraid of this person? "

As he finished, there was even a hint of ridicule in the tone of the voice.

The expression on the Emerald Celestial Sovereign’s face did not change, but there warace of reminiscence in his tone as he said, "My flesh is turning into a saint. When cultivators who walk the same path reach the Huang Ting Realm, they will definitely be able to compete with Immortals of the Immortal Soul Stage."

The voice was silent for a moment, then said with a laugh, "Is it because of this?"

"The Huang Ting cultivators that go through the Golden Body Immortal Path are indeed powerful, but they can only prove their strength after comparing the length of time. In the past few thousand years, was there anyone that could truly walk through this path? Even if a cultivator like Huang Ting, who was unable to step foot on longevity, had the power to fight shoulder to shoulder with a Primordial Immortal Elder, what can he do? "

"Then if Yang Junshan can really make us afraid, let’s wait for him to truly step onto the Immortal Path!"

The Emerald Celestial Sovereign could not help but smile bitterly when he heard this statement, then he said: "You do not understand, you do not understand, because you have never seen the strength of those Daofathers Huang Ting who walked this Path before. I have some friendship with Daoist Cang Xuan in the past, but I’m afraid that Yang Junshan’s strength is already stronger than Daofather Cang Xuan back then."

The voice faltered slightly, but it still said coldly, "So what? When Yang Junshan killed the Grand Witch Min Zhong in the sea area of the Bright Moon Island, everyone in the Lingxiao Hall must have already been convinced that Yang Junshan had inherited the teachings and teachings of Daoist Jiu ren. But so what? Even if one was unable to step foot on the road of longevity, in the end, it was still a wasted trip. Even if one was as strong as the Grand Taoist Jiu Ren back then, what about it? Isn’t it just dying from hatred under the siege of the Celestial Sovereign? No matter how strong Yang Junshan was, could he be stronger than the Grand Taoist Jiu Ren? "

Ling Xiao Main Hall fell into silence once more, the Emerald Celestial Sovereign seemed to have been persuaded by the existence that had never appeared before.

However, after a while, the Emerald Celestial Sovereign finally opened his mouth again and said: "Do you really think that Daoist Jiu Ren died when he was surrounded by the foreign Celestial Sovereign?"


There warace of surprise in the voice as he said, "Is that not the case?"

The Emerald Celestial Sovereign suddenly changed the topic and said: "Jiu Si is coming out soon."

The voice did not seem to react to the sudden change in topic of the Emerald Celestial Sovereign, and after a while, said with a sudden tone: "No wonder, when I said why you were so courteous to Yang Junshan, but forgot that he has a backer."

After saying this, the voice gradually disappeared. Afterwards, the voice no longer rang out from the main hall of the Soaring Cloud Palace.

At this time, the Emerald Celestial Sovereign had a strange expression on his face. As if he was mumbling to himself, he said: "Is it really because of your backer? Hehe, do you really think this old man is preventing the news from leaking? It was simply because he did not want Yang Junshan to get involved in this matter! I gave you the chance, but you were the one who couldn’t grasp it. You don’t want this old man to not think of you as an old friend. "

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