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Chapter: 1309


In some desolate place within the Cold Maple Star Region of the Heavenly Jade Realm.

Yang Junshan and the rest arrived using the spatial tunnel constructed by the Haotian’s mirror.

The Han Feng Star Region had always been a climate where cold and darkness interweaved. To the Ghost Cultivators, this was indeed a rather suitable place to cultivate.

"The half ghost that was planted with a ghost embryo is here cultivating in seclusion?"

Zhong Jiu’s body was surrounded by a large amount of dark and gloomy aura, he stretched comfortably and said: "To be honest, this place is not bad indeed, although it is not as comfortable as the Fengdu Underworld, but at least it is more comfortable than staying in most of the places in the Circulatory World."

When Yang Junxiu heard him, she glanced at him sideways and immediately shrank his neck in fright.

Yang Junxiu turned her head and said: "Brother, did you really inform that Celestial Sovereign about the purpose of our trip to the foreign land?"

Yang Junshan laughed, then said: "I have only told him that Bao Yuer and Zhong Jiu’s cultivation have reached a bottleneck, and I have come to the outside world to hunt and kill a Ghost Cultivators."

Yang Junxiu blinked her eyes and said: "Just this?"

Yang Junshan nodded, and said: "That’s it!"

"Then he believes that?"

Yang Junshan laughed and said: "It’s jusrade between us. In the end, whether or not it’s Celestial Sovereign or Celestial Sovereign, we have to give them face."

As they spoke, they flew towards the location of the Taoist Yin Sha’s hidden cultivators under Yang Junshan’s lead.

This was the first time Yang Junxiu and Bao Yuer had travelled to the Outer Realm, and along the way, they were filled with novelty, so they could not help but look left and right.

Other than Yang Junshan, Zhong Jiu was also extremely calm and tranquil. However, when he occasionally looked at the surrounding starry sky, a trace of nostalgia involuntarily appeared on his face.

It was at this time that Yang Junshan suddenly thought of something, turned his head and asked Zhong Jiu: "I heard you mention it in detail before, could you tell me now which star realm the main forces of the Ghost Clan in the Extraterritorial Space are located in?"

Zhong Jiu’s expression froze, when he saw Yang Junxiu’s gaze turn towards him, he forced out a laugh and said, "Our Ghost Clan is one of the top forces in the Starry Sky world, so naturally, the Ghost Cultivators’s tracks will be spread throughout the entire Starry Sky world."

Yang Junshan replied with an "Oh" sound, and said: "That’s right, to be unable to see one’s own power covering the entire starry sky, how can it be called a top power in the Starry Sky world? However, I heard that the Ghost Clan has ten Yama Kings, also known as the ten Ghost Ancestors. Each of them is an existence above the Golden Body Immortal Realm.

"Eleven or more Golden Body Immortals!"

Zhong Jiu first corrected Yang Junshan’s fallacy, then said witrace of helplessness, "The base of the Ghost Clan is called the Fengdu Underworld, which is located at the Fengdu Star Palace in the Heavenly Netherworld. There are ten Yama Star Palaces there, and each of them has a Yama Ghost Ancestor overseeing everything."

He continued, "Although the Ghost Clan’s forces have spread throughout the twenty-five Planar Star Realms of the Star World, the entire Ghost Clan’s foundation is still in the Fengdu Star Palace, and at least half of the entire Nether Realm is actually controlled by the Ghost Clan. However, as our Patriarch Zhong Kui ascends to become a Golden Body Immortal, the Ghost Clan has already obtained eleven Ghost Ancestor, so I believe that they will definitely establish the eleventh Yama Star Palace in the Nether Star Realm. At that time, the Ghost Clan’s control over the entire Nether Star Realm will definitely increase."

Yang Junshan listened and nodded, and even Yang Junxiu and Bao Yuer listened with relish.

But at this moment, Yang Junshan suddenly asked: "Zhong Jiu, do you know of a Ghost Cultivators called Bao Jingyu?"

"Bao Jingyu?"

Zhong Jiu’s expression changed, to the point that his voice became too loud.

Yang Junshan’s brows twitched, and laughed: "Seems like you know about this Ghost Cultivators, and it seems like his reputation is not small."

Zhong Jiu’s expression was unsettled, he did not urge them, and continued to lead the group forward.

In the end, Zhong Jiu could not take it anymore and tried asking: "I say, boss, our target this time is not Bao Jingyu right? Could it be that the half ghost embryo was planted by Bao Jingyu? "

Yang Junshan laughed: "What, are you afraid?"

Zhong Jiu said honestly, "It is indeed a little bit, even within the Ghost Clan, it is an extremely cruel forbidden technique, and it is strictly prohibited for one to cultivate or even come into contact with it. I had originally suspected that there might be some bold and audacious person within the Ghost Clan that actually dared to cultivate such a forbidden technique, but if it was Bao Jingyu, then it would completely make sense."

The name Bao Jingyu, was naturally something that Yang Junshan had obtained from the Taoist Yin Sha.

Originally, Yang Junshan was only asking, but he did not think that Zhong Jiu would actually know of this man, thus he laughed: Come to think of it, it seems like this man’s identity is not ordinary.

Zhong Jiu muttered to himself for a bit, as if he was trying to organize his thoughts, but his eyes first swept across Bao Yuer, and said: "All of you know that the cultivators in the Ghost Clan are usually divided into three levels, and only the third level is directly related to the ten Blood descendants of the Ghost Ancestors. Of course, Ancestor Zhong Kui is now a Ghost Ancestor, and so am I."

Yang Junxiu then slapped Zhong Jiu’s head, "Why are you not forgetting to reveal your identity? If you’re so capable, why don’t you go earn a Ghost Ancestor by yourself?"

Zhong Jiu’s neck shrank yet again, but he did not dare to completely avoid Yang Junxiu’s palm. He could only say with a bit of grievance: "If one were to say which of these ten ghost ancestors’ direct descendants was the weakest, then they will undoubtedly be the descendant of the King of Hell, the Bao Clan. Although the Yama has the highest cultivation among the ten ghost ancestors, his core descendants are the least, and he is the least qualified. As for this Bao Jingyu, even if he is the general of the short families, he can be considered one of the best, so, he will naturally be nurtured by the Bao Clan. This way, although Bao Jingyu will not be so arrogant and despotic, he will still do many absurd things, and his reputation will not be very good in his clan. "

Saying that, Zhong Jiu couldn’t help but worry a little: "Are we really going to deal with him this time? This iornet’s nest, if we were to poke it open, then every single one of us will be able to escape once we alarm the Yama. Even our Ghost Lord Zhong Kui will have to pay respects to the Yama when he sees him, and the Yama and King Qinguang, the leader of the Ten Yama Kings, are the only two Ghost Ancestor Lords in the Da Luo Realm in the Ghost Clan. "

As they spoke, the place where Yang Junshan and the Taoist Yin Sha had agreed to meet was already in the distance.

But at this moment, Yang Junshan’s expression changed, and he said: "Not good, everyone be careful!"

Everyone’s hearts sank when they heard this. Each of them raised their vigilance to the maximum, and after walking forward a few hundred meters, they saw that rocks were scattered everywhere in the starry sky, various falling stars, and the floating land was riddled with holes. It was a complete mess.

Yang Junshan’s consciousness instantly swept across the surrounding area, but in the end, he came up empty-handed.

"Yu’er, Zhong Jiu, you two?"

Yang Junxiu immediately turned to look at the two of them.

Needless to say more, both Bao Yuer and Zhong Jiu had already spread out their consciousness and carefully investigated their surroundings. It had to be said that there were some aspects where the Ghost Cultivators had talent that was difficult to reach.

"It’s the aura of the Ghost Cultivators. More than one Ghost Cultivators have fought here before."

The two of them looked at each other, and in the end, it was Bao Yuer who spoke.

"Do you know where we’re heading towards?" Yang Junshan asked.

Yang Junshan looked towards the direction the two were pointing in and was slightly startled. It seemed to be towards the place where Taoist Yin Sha was originally cultivating in seclusion.

"Be careful!"

Yang Junshan turned around and instructed her, before he rushed to the secluded area of Taoist Yin Sha.

Two hours later, Yang Junshan stood in front of a pile of ruins. This was originally Taoist Yin Sha’s hidden cultivation ground, but now this simple yet secret training hall had been destroyed, and the Taoist Yin Sha was nowhere to be seen.

Yang Junxiu stepped forward and whispered: "Brother, we came late?"

Yang Junshan shook his head, and said: "Not necessarily!"

Yang Junxiu still had more questions to ask, but Yang Junshan had already walked to the middle of the ruins, and then came out again after a while, holding ontiece of broken stone in his hand, he said: "Taoist Yin Sha is still alive, but his situation doesn’t seem too good, he should be being chased down, I think he needs my help right now."

Yang Junxiu asked: Then how do we find him?

Yang Junshan threw the stone in his hand upwards, and said: "Taoist Yin Sha is a smart person, he probably went to the Little Seven Star Region."

Yang Junxiu thought about it for a moment and immediately understood. "Looks like this Taoist Yin Sha isn’t a kind person. Could he have discovered your movements towards the Little Seven Star Region long ago?"

Yang Junshan shook his head, and said: "That is not true, but he definitely knows that we were the ones who destroyed the Thunder Door, and he doesn’t need to worry that we won’t be able to find him, if we go there, it will also mean that other than us, the Taoist Yin Sha does not have any other methods to deal with us."

Yang Junxiu frowned and said, "But there is more than one immortal in the Little Seven Star Region that is gathering to attempt to rebuild the thunder well passage?"

"That’s why we have to speed up!"

Yang Junshan continued to speak: "For Taoist Yin Sha to be able to escape, means that Bao Jingyu has not arrived yet, otherwise, in front of Bao Jingyu who has personally planted the ghost embryo, Taoist Yin Sha would not even have the strength to resist, much less escape."

In a remote doorway within the Circulatory World of South Heaven Gate.

"Yang Junshan left the Circulatory World and brought along his three followers."

Daoist Song brought the latest news to Zhang Yueming who was hiding here.

"He left? Good! "Alright!"

Zhang Yueming suddenly stood up and was about to walk out, but unexpectedly, a shadow flashed in front of him, and Daoist Zhu had already blocked his path.

"Fellow Daoist, why are you stopping me?" Zhang Yueming’s face darkened.

"What are you going to do in order to take revenge on the Western Mountain Madame Yang for destroying the inheritance of the Heaven-Shaken Sect?"

As Daoist Zhu said this, he took off the mask on his face.

Seeing Daoist Zhu’s true face, Zhang Yueming’s eyes flashed with a strange light. However, he snorted and said: "With me here, the teachings and legacies of the Heaven-Shaken Sect will not be cut off!"

A charming smile appeared on Daoist Zhu’s delicate face as she said, "Since the inheritance of the Heaven-Shaken Sect is still here, why bother finding trouble with the Western Mountain Madame Yang?"

Zhang Yueming’s face immediately became gloomy.

It was unknown when Song Dao, who was standing at the side, took off his mask, revealing an ordinary middle-aged man’s face, standing between the two of them, mediating, and said: "The fact that Yang Junshan was able to bring a Demon King and two Ghost Kings out of the Outer Realm is already unbelievable, since Yang Junshan dared to do that, then he must have left behind enough backup. Fellow Zhang, you still need to be careful when you conduct yourself!"

That Daoist Zhu was not as polite as Daoist Song, "Since Fellow Zhang has seen our true appearances, even if he does not know who we are, he should be able to quickly find out our identities. Fellow Zhang is currently alone and can naturally take revenge without worry, but the sects behind us are not willing to wait until Yang Junshan returns to face that crazy Dao Ancestor Huang Ting!"

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