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Chapter: 1310

Self imposed

"Tsk tsk, tsk tsk ~ ~"

Taoist Yin Sha looked at the pale-faced man in front of him, but he was unusually handsome. Hearing the teasing voice in his mouth, his eyes could not help but reveal a bit of anger, despair, and fear.

The pale and handsome man walked slowly around Taoist Yin Sha, then spoke with interest: "Gossamer, how stupid are you, before I went to look for you, you took the initiative to crash into my door, have you not endured my kindness for so many years, to the point where you miss your life and death?"

Taoist Yin Sha snorted, and turned his gaze to the side.

The man suddenly attacked like lightning, grabbing towards Taoist Yin Sha’s face, although Taoist Yin Sha tried his best to dodge, but under the man’s hand, the dignified Huang Ting was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, he could not dodge at all, and could only allow his woman like white palm to brush against his face.

The layer upon layer of thin silk covering Taoist Yin Sha’s face fell off. His black hair cascaded down his shoulders like a waterfall, and a pretty face appeared in front of the man’s eyes.

This Taoist Yin Sha was actually a female cultivator!

"Tsk, tsk. After escaping from me all these years ago, not only did your appearance not change, it even became more mature and charming. This makes me feel even more unwilling to part with you!"

The handsome man said as he caressed Taoist Yin Sha’s chin.

A look of humiliation flashed across Taoist Yin Sha’s face, he suddenly shook his head and said: "Bao Jingyu, since you have caught me, you can do whatever you want to me if you want to kill me!"

The handsome man was actually Bao Jingyu, the one who had planted a ghost embryo on the Taoist Yin Sha, a direct descendant of the Ghost Clan Yama.

Hearing this, Bao Jingyu began to giggle, and just as he was about to speak, he heard footsteps approaching.

"Young Master Yu, your subordinate has something important to report." A calm voice came from outside.

Bao Jingyu retracted the mocking smile on his face, coughed once, and said: "Oh, it’s honorable sect. Come in."

Just as he finished speaking, a middle-aged cultivator with a slightly hunched back and a square face walked in from outside. Upon entering, he subconsciously looked at Taoist Yin Sha, only to see a look of disgust and resentment flash past his eyes, and he immediately turned his gaze elsewhere.

He first bowed towards Bao Jingyu, and just as he was about to speak, he heard Bao Jingyu speak first: "Respected sect, it’s been hard on you this time, you were actually able to drive the veil all the way to the Little Seven Star Domain. Originally, this young master was still thinking of how to find the cat that left home, but you instead let this young master settlroublesome matter."

"Letting the young master not be troubled by trivial matters is what your subordinate should do."

Originally, this subordinate’s strength was on par with hers, so she wanted to escape, but this subordinate did not expect that she would actually make it all the way to the Little Seven Stars Region, and coincidentally, the young master just so happens to be here. Speaking of this, Young Noble’s fortune is very good, and when the space passage to the 26th world is about to open, this young master should make a breakthrough in the immortal realm, and if this subordinate is shoulder to shoulder with me, then we will be able to reach the 12th position.

Bao Jingyu was overjoyed by the square-faced cultivator’s serious words, and said with a smile in his eyes: "Well said, honorable sect, you have worked under me for all these years with all your heart and effort. Now that the Circulatory World has been activated, this young master will step into the realm of ghosts and immortals, at that time, I will definitely not mistreat you unfairly."

The square-faced man sternly said, "Thank you for the help, Young Noble!"

Bao Jingyu replied with a "En", then thought of something and said, "Respected sect, you said just now that you had something you wanted to report?"

The square-faced man quickly replied, "That’s right, when Subordinate found the veil in the Cold Maple Star Region, she wasn’t in her hidden cultivation grounds. At that time, she seemed to be waiting for someone, so she specially informed Master about it."

"That’s it?" Bao Jingyu frowned.

The square-faced man saw that Bao Jingyu’s expression was unperturbed, and said, "Also, the progress of the reconstruction of the electric well has progressed, Celestial Sovereign has sent word that the tunnel may be opened up at any time, but Sir, you must remember not to rush to the front."

Bao Jingyu was slightly startled, and said: "Why? Didn’t they say that a large amount of the origin energy of heaven and earth would dissipate only when the spatial passageway for the Circulatory World was successfully opened at the very beginning? If one couldn’t immediately go up, how could one be able to reach the greatest limit of contact with the origin energy of the Circulatory World, and shorten the process of Immortal Ascension? "

The square-faced man said, "Celestial Sovereign’s meaning is that since our Circulatory World has been discovered, up to a few thousand years ago, it has always been in a relatively sealed state, which means that only after two hundred years have it begun to be slowly infiltrated by the Starry Sky world. Although the natural laws of the Circulatory World have been preserved to the point where one can’t underestimate the power of the natives, and it is said that the Sector lord of our Circulatory World has already surpassed the boundary of Da Lou Realm, and can wake up at any time.

Bao Jingyu let out a "Wu" sound when he heard it, and said: "Then it’s better to forget about it. I’m not in a hurry anyways, it’s just a matter of time.

The square-faced man said, "Young master, please enlighten me. Celestial Sovereign Wuchang also means the same thing."

Bao Jingyu thought for a while, then pointed to the Taoist Yin Sha on the ground, and said: "Take her away first."

The square-faced man was taken aback. "Young Master, what she has on her is very important to you. It seems like she’s been causing trouble since long ago. Young Master, it’s better if —"

Bao Jingyu waved his hand, and then sneered: "Relax, since she is already in my hands, she will not be able to escape. I have already set up a formation technique on her, and will not be able to remove it unless she is of the Yama bloodline, furthermore, I want to become a Ghost Immortal, and have cultivated my life’s immortal technique, so I naturally have to choose the best opportunity and use the origin of my Circulatory World to its fullest extent. Moreover, there are many cultivators from various clans gathered here, so it is not a good opportunity to take away the ghost embryo from her."

"Young master is truly thoughtful!"

The square-faced man flattered Bao Jingyu in all seriousness and without leaving a trace of a trace, then picked up Taoist Yin Sha with one hand and walked out.

In a secret room that was temporarily opened, the square-faced man threw the Taoist Yin Sha he was carrying onto the ground and turned around, about to leave.

"Yan Jingzong!"

Taoist Yin Sha’s gloomy voice came from behind him. "Crafty rabbit dies, dog is cooked, and my day is tomorrow."

The square faced man, Yan Jingzong, paused in his steps, but did not turn back as he only coldly said: "This Yan is different from you!"

There warace of ridicule in Taoist Yin Sha’s tone, "What’s the difference?"

Yan Jingzong slowly turned around and sternly said, "I am a member of the Ghost Clan, but Fellow Daoist Yinsha, to us, you are from another race. You do not have to be from our race, we have always been different in essence."

"Haha …"

Taoist Yin Sha’s laughter was unspeakably strange. She stared at Yan Jingzong and suddenly spoke: "Do you still remember Bao Jing Kun?"

"Shut up!"

Yan Jingzong’s expression suddenly changed. The name that Taoist Yin Sha had mentioned was likaboo that caused people to be wary.

"Are you scared?"

The Taoist Yin Sha chuckled, his expression full of ridicule: "As the hidden blade in Bao Jingyu’s hand, how many people died in your hands, both on the surface and in the dark? Would you be afraid? "

At this time, Yan Jingzong had already calmed down from his earlier panic, and his expression returned to normal once more. He said: "There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just that I’m not willing to bring up the matters from several hundred years ago."

"Hundreds of years ago? Yama may not even forget about it! Bao Jingyu himself would never forget! I’m afraid that you won’t dare to forget about it, right? "

The Taoist Yin Sha stared at Yan Jingzong, and suddenly revealed a secret that made him tremble in fear: "Especially back then when you secretly informed Bao Jingyu of the whereabouts of Bao Qingkun’s several concubines, and later when you caught these people, you discovered that one of the concubines even found out that there was Bao Jingkun’s bloodline in her stomach. At that time, you must have been very pleased right?"

"And it was at that time that you became Bao Jingyu’s trusted aide. Am I right?"


Yan Jingzong flung his palm into the air, and a line of blood appeared on Taoist Yin Sha’s face.

However, the Taoist Yin Sha still continued to smile, and his smile became even more sinister: "Do you know why I’m running? It is because I have discovered that the people around him who knew of the events that happened back then are gradually disappearing.

As he spoke till here, a hint of regret appeared in Taoist Yin Sha’s eyes as he said, "It’ity that I wasn’t able to escape his grasp in the end, and he had already planted a demon embryo on me."

"Think about it, I was originally a servant of the Madam. I know too much about the death of Young Master Jing Kun and his wife, so how could he let me go?" But on the other hand, it’s also because he planted a ghost embryo in my body that I have been able to live on and survive until now. "

Yan Jingzong silently listened, and did not interrupt the Taoist Yin Sha’s narration again.

"By Bao Jingyu’s side, I’m afraid that you and I are the only ones who know what happened that year, right?"

Taoist Yin Sha looked at Yan Jingzong as if he was looking at a dead man, "Now that I think I am unable to escape from Bao Jingyu, who is next?"

Yan Jingzong gave a deep glance at Taoist Yin Sha before he turned around and left.

And from the dungeon behind him, came the mournful and creepy laughter of the Taoist Yin Sha: "Hehe, hehe.

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