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Chapter: 1010


Chapter 1010: Trap

Yiyi was gorgeous on top of possessing a unique aura of holiness. She was also very curious about the Buddhist creator of this kingdom.

She entered the pathway and disappeared from the territory lord’s residence.

A second later, Feiyun and the three women appeared inside the independent dimension. Beneath them was a blue ocean with strong waves. The winds had a salty taste.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes beneath her thick and orderly brows: "Tranquility and peace, a paradise indeed, worthy of being called a heavenly kingdom. But, why do I sense aggressiveness?"

She opened her profound eyes and gazed at Feiyun’s red eyes.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, looking rather relaxed and smiling: "Saintess, impressive awareness. You still felt it even though I hid it rather well."

"I don’t understand, why must you do this? If you harbored nefarious intent, you should have made your move back when I was injured in Nine-abyss." She calmly spoke while her black hair fluttered to the ocean breezes.

"Times are different." He said: "The truth is that I don’t wish to make it difficult for you. I just need you to stay here for a short time."

"You’re imprisoning me?" Her brows furrowed.

"No, you’ll be a guest here, the stay will just be a little long." He answered.

"And if I refuse?" Though she had a gentle temperament, she was not one to be bullied.

"Then… I’ll have to make you." He sighed and his aura suddenly became sharp.

He slowly raised his hand and formed a Buddhist seal, creating enough runic lines to shoulder the sky.

"Cosmic Seal." He released the golden runes toward her.

She reacted swiftly and formed a world of swords with her fingers. The two worlds began colliding and caused the ocean to churn.

"Boom! Boom!" The metallic explosions alarmed and frightened the spirit beasts and members of Beastmaster Camp.

"Feng Feiyun, must we become enemies?" She stood there with white rays circling around her.

"As long as you stay here for three days, we can remain friends." 10,000 beast souls appeared behind Feiyun and crowded the area. Some were massive with monstrous and murderous auras.

"You won’t be able to keep me here." She shook her head and commanded her sword.

It flew out from its scabbard and slashed beautifully, cutting through space itself.

She moved ethereally; each step allowed her to appear thousands of meters away. This was a technique she obtained from White Spider Sacred Ancestor’s legacy, Earth’s End Path. One would be able to cross through the ends of the world with a single step.

Thus, she appeared right next to the spatial crack, wanting to leave the dimension.

However, Feiyun had Swift Samsara and was just as fast. He appeared above her and gathered energy into his hands before slamming down.

This attack contained the power of 10,000 sixth-level Nirvana cultivators.

She felt its majestic force and formed a sword mudra with two fingers. Her ancient sword rushed over like a river of stars, destroying the energy wave.

This was enough to take down a weak paragon yet she stopped it with one move, surprising Feiyun in the process.

He summoned his weapon essence in the shape of a halberd in order to redirect the remnant sword slash.

The energy slash was sent downward and nearly cut the ocean into two halves. The two of them backed off at the same time to avoid the miles-high tsunami.

Not even a single drop of water managed to touch her. She was quite impressed by his battle ability. It has been a while since she last saw someone of Feiyun’s level from the same generation.

"That’s all you can do?" On the other hand, he wiped water beads off his face and his hair was wet. He talked big but felt unprecedented pressure from this incredible genius. His battle intent surged like a rising sun.

"Your techniques are unique, the same with your talent. You would be able to fight me evenly if I hadn’t already reached the seventh level. The current you can’t stop me." She revealed.

"You’ve reached the seventh level?" He asked.

Reaching the seventh level was an amazing achievement. Only the saints in the legend could reach this level while being as young as her.

"I finished my seventh rebirth back in Nine-abyss thanks to your protection." She calmly said.

"So what, you’re still not leaving this place. Guardian Hai!" Feiyun shouted and released a black-cloaked corpse from a spatial stone.

It had thick miasma; its face hidden by a round hat with a black veil. It roared and launched an assault.

"Boom!" It clawed the tip of the ancient sword, forcing both the weapon and Yiyi back.

It had endless power, just one stomp froze the entire ocean. It then shot out nether energy at Yiyi.

She stopped retreating and stood upright, displaying her immaculate curves. She drew a half-moon with her hand and chanted: "Heart sword, Crescent."

A crescent slash came out of the sword with unstoppable power.

"Pluff!" It severed the corpse’s arm. When the arm fell to the ocean, it turned the ice into a back color due to its evil energy.

She landed on the water and recalled her weapon: "I could have destroyed your Guardian Hai just now."

He smiled and said: "The Heart Meditation Sword Scripture is impressive indeed."

He used the Grand Puppet Art to attach the corpse’s arm back before recalling it to the spatial stone.

"You are giving up?" She asked.

"What you have shown so far is not enough for me to give up." He shook his head.

He put on his dragon-phoenix armor and his power soared continuously. Four different powers manifested into reality – draconic, phoenix, Buddhist, and daoist.

The armor has yet to awaken its true power but this was enough to boost his power considerably. At the very least, his aura was comparable to hers now.

She became serious and found him to be stronger than early-stage paragons.

She floated up in the air and assumed a meditative pose. She closed her eyes and was shrouded in a calm aura, completely different from Feiyun’s aggressive one.

"Boom!" Bestial runes appeared on his arm and turned into divine fiery feathers. He then sent them towards Yiyi.

Her eyes remained close as she raised one finger towards the phoenix seal. The sword behind her flew out in that direction.

"Boom!" An inferno exploded from the exchange with enough heat to evaporate the ocean beneath.

Living beings in the kingdom became nervous. They stared southward, aware that a great battle was occurring in the ocean.

Yiyi resembled an orchid taking root in the air, only moving her jade-like fingers to send out rays with all-encompassing sword intent.

Feiyun wasn’t afraid of these rays at all even though they could take down paragons due to his armor. He began releasing destructive techniques.

"Phoenix Incineration!"

"Cosmic Seal!"

"Phoenix Sinflame!"

"Boundless Buddhist Art!"

At the same time, the weapon essence turned into countless swords. They rained down like meteors in order to take down Yiyi’s Heart Sword Domain.

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