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Chapter: 1011

Impressive Battle

Chapter 1011: Impressive Battle

"Wind, death, samsara, all under my command!" Yiyi stood up and grasped her sword at last, releasing boundless sword intent within a single slash.

This energy was no joke, capable of pulling the momentum of the dimension with it.

Feiyun hurriedly leaped backward with his hands spread out like eagle wings. He activated all five domains.

The most obvious were the phoenix, myriad beasts, and silkworms. They looked like independent worlds.

As for the Grand Change and Saint Domain, these two were invisible and internal. Their presence was barely discernible.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" The slash broke through the first three domains and pierced the Grand Change Art, directly heading for Feiyun’s heart.

Her speed was incredible, appearing in front of Feiyun in the blink of an eye despite being dozens of miles away earlier.

White rays emanated from her in order to resist Feiyun’s domains. She continued pressing her sword forward.

Her action looked extremely slow but in reality, this move was undodgeable.

Though Feiyun had his dragon-phoenix armor on, her sword was special as well. It penetrated the armor and caused him to feel pain.

Nonetheless, he remained calm. His eyes were only half a meter away from hers. He could see each of her brows’ hair clearly and his reflection in her eyes.

He gathered the saint energy in his body into his fingertip and decided to aim for her heart. This saint energy was enough to destroy the heart.

If he were to lose, he must take her down with him as well.

"Whoosh!" Suddenly, she pulled back her sword and took one step backward, appearing thirty miles away.

‘Why did she stop? Did she recognize my saint energy?’ Feiyun’s eyes became serious, thinking about killing her anyway.

Alas, she was quite far away and given her swift movement, it would be difficult to actually strike her.

"I can agree to stay here for three months. Can you tell me why?" Her voice was ethereal.

‘She doesn’t know. Right, her spirit awareness is keen but she still can’t see through my Grand Change Art and detect my inner energy flow.’

He recalled his energy and smiled: "I can’t tell you the reason right now but I will do so when the time is right. What makes you change your mind?"

"I want you to agree to one condition." She said.

"I’ll agree to anything as long as you will stay put for three months." He put on a gentlemanly act: "Including paying with my body."

"Your talent isn’t the best I’ve seen but your actual battle prowess is gasp-worthy. This shouldn’t be wasted." She ignored him.

"Don’t tell me you want to recruit me to Aquamoon." He smiled.

She shook her head and said: "You just need to agree, there’s no need for you to know right now. I’ll contact you when the time is right."

"Fine, I agree." Feiyun said right away: "This reason is why you chose to compromise?"

"Have you forgotten that I still owe you one?" She said.

"I actually did." He stroked his chin and said: "You are one to keep your promise, I should have remembered and brought it up, then we didn’t need to fight."

"No, I purposely instigated in order to see your true power. You are quite strong, but not at the top echelon yet. I’ve only used twenty percent of my power from start to finish. If you can withstand me at thirty percent, you would be among the top echelon of human geniuses." Yiyi revealed.

She thought that she could have killed Feiyun earlier, hence her assessment of him being around twenty percent of her power. This wouldn’t have been the case if she had known about his saint energy.

He didn’t mind being underestimated either. It actually played more to his advantage.

Yiyi’s problem was her kindness so her cultivation didn’t matter. For example, she could have killed more than ten paragons from the demon race before. Alas, she didn’t do it and this ended with her being grievously injured.

Showing mercy was a fatal flaw. When it was time to kill, one must do so. Therefore, he considered her to be a lower threat than Princess Fei Yuan or Liu Suhong’s group.

"I’ll have to keep trying to reach thirty percent then." Feiyun smiled.

In reality, he wasn’t that confident in keeping her here. Her cultivation was too high on top of possessing a top technique movement. Even using his vessel might not be enough to imprison her. Thus, he welcomed her willingness.

"This kingdom has many vestiges from the antiquity era. Would you like to take a tour to see the temples and shrines, Saintess?" Feiyun put on a young master appearance, looking like one of her suitors.

Yiyi didn’t give him and face and refused: "No need for that, I’m used to comprehending the dao alone. I want to train in peace here."

"Don’t say that, Saintess. The truth is that I have another reason to invite you here. I need your help." He hurriedly rushed over and blocked her path.

If this scene happened on the street, one would think that he was a young master trying to toy with an innocent girl, wanting her to come with him.

She was almost as tall as him as they stood close together: "Speak, I hope your request is reasonable."

Her opinion of him had worsened the moment they got here. In fact, it turned into distaste.

First, she could tell that he was not loyal romantically. This place was a holy land of Buddhism yet he turned it into the home of his beauties.

If Senior Fo Canzi were to know this, he might fall over and die from anger. She had used her divine intents prior to check out the women. She thought that all the girls from Beastmaster Camp were his concubines.

She considered him a bastard for playing with Liu Suzi and then mingling with Liu Suhong.

He didn’t know her thoughts and kept on going: "The kingdom is changing from a high-level realm into a minor dimension. I’m asking for your help to hasten this change."

"What do you require of me?" She asked.

"Follow me." He turned into a beam and disappeared into the horizon. In the next second, he was one million miles away in another ocean.

There was an invisible barrier in the air that forced the water back, resulting in a maelstrom reaching all the way to the bottom. This was caused by none other than a massive piece of Meteoric Spirit Stone.

Given Feiyun’s cultivation, he couldn’t get within a hundred meters of it.

"I want to push this stone into the core so that it would serve as the heart of the kingdom. It would hasten the process." He said excitedly.

For example, Crimson Leaf had something similar and created a strong gravitational pull. This made the place much better for cultivation improvement.

If the same thing happened here, then the kingdom would truly be a holy ground for Buddhist cultivation.

He felt that since he had inherited Fo Canzi’s legacy, he should do his best to make this place better for Buddhists even though he didn’t like Buddhism himself.

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