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Chapter: 1012

The Kingdom Is Pure

Chapter 1012: The Kingdom Is Pure!

A great altar existed in the residence of the territory lord. It was built on top of a mountain range and became even taller. The base and walls were made from the corpses of demons and spirit stones.

It contained layers of Heaven’s Emergence blood as well, hence its terrifying aura. The laws and energies from Crimson Leaf flowed into the altar.

Despite the resources and manpower available to their faction, it still took them half a month to finish it.

A servant said that it was built for the two princesses. It contained an ancient method to improve their cultivation. It was the power of faith, not from any living beings but to borrow from an ancient deity.

Liu Suzi and Liu Suhong have been occupied with this so they were rarely around.

The old men from the two branches, strangely enough, didn’t bother Feiyun either. This gave him more time to stay in the kingdom and refine the meteoric stone with Aquamoon Saintess.

This was a monumental task not inferior to the altar outside. It would require the two of them many years to complete. Thus, he even recruited the Nirvana-level spirit beasts.

"Bro, do you like how I buried this spirit vein?" Feng Qingqing climbed out of the ground, covered in mud and dirt from top to bottom.

Her originally jade hands were dirty. Even her white kitty, Whitey, was brown. She wiped her face but this only made it dirtier.

Feiyun used his phoenix gaze to look at a flowing spirit vein spanning 600,000 miles underground from the center of the kingdom to the northwest.

He then smiled and praised: "It’s great. Must have been a lot of work, Qingqing."

"Not at all, do you want me to do anything else?" Her eyes were bright like stars.

She was excited to finally have something to do. Digging pathways underground wasn’t boring at all.

The kingdom had twenty-one large-scale spirit veins and one massive one. In order to bury the core, they needed to connect all of these veins together first before spreading them out for increased stability.

"Leave it to me next." He said.

He put on his dragon-phoenix robe and turned into a great phoenix. His wings spanned for miles while his body was covered in draconic scales.

His aura frightened everyone. Even Aquamoon Saintess became alarmed despite being aware of this potential.

She summoned her ruler and a special aura since he possessed more power than a higher-level paragon now. This half-demon has this ace card… it would have been difficult to beat him if he had used it. How many other secrets does he have?

"Boom!" The phoenix smashed into the ground and destroyed tens of thousands of miles.

A crater appeared and continued to grow larger. Loud explosions and violent quakes took over the kingdom.

Two days later, auspicious rays shot to the sky from the crater.

Aquamoon Saintess gathered the laws of the world around her. She became the center of everything. The sarira ashes in the sky rotated around her like stars.

Her hand contained incredible energy. She activated one strand of the ruler’s energy and shot it straight at the center of the crater.

This was the power of a saint artifact. Just one strand possessed immense power, enough to move this gigantic meteoric stone.

"Rumble!" The kingdom became unstable and loud.

In the void, someone could see numerous low and intermediate-level realms being attracted by the kingdom before being assimilated.

This was a majestic scene – a star devouring others. Initially, the kingdom only had a diameter of 21 million miles. After ten thousand years, it became 24 million miles. Now, it became 65 million miles in a single day.

This was only the beginning. With a heart in place, the kingdom devoured lower-level realms. Even a few high-level realms were being added. This process continued for several days.

On the fourth day, its diameter exceeded 100 million miles. Oceanic space was 58 times larger; regular land became 76 times larger.

This made it one step closer to being a minor dimension. Without this forceful step, it would have taken 100,000 years to do the same.

"Looks a little desolate still." Feiyun stood at the end of the kingdom and observed the void. The ground beneath him became tougher than before due to the existence of the heart.

Yiyi had a strange feeling of happiness while being involved in creating a world. She had only heard legends about this, not expecting to actually participate one day.

"If the kingdom wasn’t stained by your foulness, I wouldn’t mind staying for a long time and working to turn this place into a Buddhist paradise, one comparable to Aquamoon Paradise, a holy ground for mankind just like the immemorial temples." She said sincerely with a sliver of hope.

He frowned after hearing this: "Saintess, I don’t appreciate your comment. The inhabitants of this place yearn for Buddhism, you can’t look down on them just because they are spirit beasts. They are purer than men."

He assumed that she was talking about the spirit beasts.

She shook her head and said: "I’m talking about… forget it, I didn’t say anything."

"Hmph, it might be purer than your Aquamoon Paradise." He continued.

"Not necessarily." She said.

"Fine, I’ll have to let you see the purity of this place then." He had worked hard to maintain the peace and didn’t want others to look down on the kingdom.

He took her to Beastmaster Camp, an area filled with temples and the smoke of incense. Buddhist bells could be heard everywhere. The young ones chanted scripture in harmony.

He smirked and said: "Saintess, where is this foulness you speak of?"

Suddenly, a young girl wearing a white Buddhist dress rushed out. She was gorgeous – red lips and white teeth with a halo behind her.

Her eyes were wet as she leaped into Feiyun’s embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck: "You jerk, there is nothing fun to do here and you’re gone all the time…"

"Nalan, a Buddhist needs a calm heart." He patted her shoulder.

"How can I be calm when I don’t want to be a Buddhist in the first place?! Let’s get married, give me a cute son so that when you’re not around, at least I have him to play with!" She rubbed her soft body against his.

Yiyi watched the whole thing and sighed. She turned around and left.

"Nalan, we can talk about the kid later, later, okay?" He said and immediately gave chase.

"Saintess, let me explain, that was just a coincidence. Nalan is my younger cousin, our relationship is very pure, this is just a misunderstanding."

She took a deep breath and said: "A Buddhist practitioner embracing you in this holy land, this is an affront to Buddhism. If Senior Fo Canzi were to know this, he would be driven mad."

"She’s still young and does whatever she wants, you have to give her more time to cultivate her mind. Let us forget this matter and go somewhere else. I guarantee you that it’ll be divine…."

Feiyun brought Yiyi to a valley surrounded by mountains. Inside were palaces with red tiles and even one towering pagoda.

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