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Chapter: 1411

Liu Yi And Fei Hua

Chapter 1411: Liu Yi And Fei Hua

Jin Feiyuan’s eyebrows rose. "Virtue Archives has never participated in any trips to the Dominion Realm. Seeing as how they’ve sent you here this time, it’s clear that they plan to get involved in the four ruling powers’ affairs."

If other people heard Jin Feiyuan’s words and how he had accused Virtue Archives of planning to interfere with the ruling powers, then they would end up in deep trouble. The ruling powers would never let Virtue Archives off for attempting such a thing, and they could simply support a family like the Purple-Gold Family, which would be enough to spell disaster for the Virtue Archives.

Jin Feiyuan’s words were like poison for the Virtue Archives.

The man rolled his eyes. "Bullshit."

Jin Feiyuan was outraged. "Wen Diyi,1 don’t be rude! Aren’t you a scholar?"

Wen Diyi sneered. "That’s exactly how a scholar should treat a barbarian. What? Do you want to try to beat me? Are you even capable of doing so? I’ve studied to know how to speak to a gentleman, but to a barbarian like you, it’s easier to just fight."

Jin Feiyuan instantly attacked. He would never be able to defeat Wen Diyi in a battle of words. However, Wen Diyi was not intimidated by the other man in the least. Suddenly, purple-gold flames and many strange characters appeared on the seventh floor of the Hope Restaurant. The battle entered a stalemate for an hour.

"You’re not bad, Jin Feiyuan. You just got beaten up by someone else, but you still have the strength to fight me. You’re truly an Undying Bird, which makes you the best target to beat up," Wen Diyi taunted.

Jin Feiyuan was panting heavily. "If you’re really that powerful, then your Virtue Archives should never go to the Dominion Realm."

"Bullshit!" Wen Diyi sneered.

Jin Feiyuan snorted.

"Jin Feiyuan, do you believe me when I say that someone else will come along and beat you up again since you’re such a barbarian?" Wen Diyi asked.

Jin Feiyuan’s brows rose. "You’re the strongest student in the Virtue Archives, so who else could fight me aside from you?"

Wen Diyi shook his head. "Illiterate people are so scary! I’m not just talking about the Virtue Archives. There are a lot of people who don’t like you, and Shang Qing must absolutely hate you for him to come and beat you up like that."

"You!" Jin Feiyuan was furious.

At that moment, a pale fatty rushed into Hope Restaurant and looked at Wen Diyi with an enthusiastic expression on his face.

Wen Diyi smirked. He had arrived at Island of Hope a while ago, and he had also seen the fight between Shang Qing and Jin Feiyuan, including the part afterwards when Wang Dashuai had tried to invite Shang Qing to join the Wang family’s Junior Progenitor’s team. Wen Diyi immediately spoke up. "Brother Wang, just wait a moment. I’m not going to rush to go to a Junior Progenitor Planet, and I have also already made up my mind."

Wang Dashuai asked, "You’ve made up your mind? Who are you going to support? It must be our family, right? Our Junior Progenitor is so beautiful!"

Wen Diyi was speechless.

"It’s the White Dragon Clan," Long Xi’s voice rang out.

Wang Dashuai turned to face the new arrival. "Why?"

Long Xi did not bother speaking to the fatty.

Wen Diyi helplessly replied, "I really will be going with the White Dragon Clan. I hope that you can understand, Brother Wang."

Wang Dashuai blinked in confusion; was there something wrong about how he was inviting people? Or was he just too handsome?

Yu Chen and Xia Taili did not even bother leaving their planets, as they had already known that there was no way that Wen Diyi would support either the Celestial Frost Sect or Shenwu's Sky. The Virtue Archives had always disliked both of these powers.

Yu Chen’s eyes flashed as she looked at Wen Diyi; the Virtue Archives? They should still be a neutral faction, as they would not be able to survive if they took a side.

Compared to the Fifth Mainland, the biggest difference in the Perennial World was the huge gap concerning the power level between cultivators.

The four ruling powers had raised many elites, and each of them had quite a few Enlighters within the Junior Progenitors’ generation. Outside of the four ruling powers, there was no force in the entirety of the Middle Realm who possessed a comparable number of young elites, not even the Liu family or the Nong family at Seed Garden.

Although the Fifth Mainland’s Hall of Honor was the leader of the Fifth Mainland and they had groomed many youths who were the top powerhouses of their generation, there were still powerhouses within the Neoverse and the Innerverse who could compete with the Honor Chosen. This was something that definitely did not exist in the Perennial World.

The four ruling powers had to be the strongest.

This was what Lu Yin had learned after spending a bit of time in the Perennial World. The four ruling powers possessed an overwhelming level of power in this place.

After he successfully crossed the Middle Ocean on Gui’s back, Lu Yin saw a massive island floating in the sky. That should be the Island of Hope.

"Where are the Junior Progenitor Planets? Aren’t they supposed to be connected to the Island of Hope?" Lu Yin asked. Those planets should each be enormous!

Long Kui looked at the floating island with a wistful expression. "Only the people on the Island of Hope are able to see the Junior Progenitor Planets, and both the Island of Hope and the Junior Progenitor Planets will only appear after the Yuanlun Festival."

Gui was huge, so he attracted a great deal of attention wherever he went.

Many people turned to look at the two people as they approached the Island of Hope. An elder immediately used his communication crystal to contact somebody when he saw Long Qi and Long Kui.

Jin Feiyuan was preparing himself to go to Shenwu's Sky’s Junior Progenitor Planet, and he did not want to keep fighting with Wen Diyi. However, his elder from the Purple-Gold Family stopped the youth. "Young Master, Long Qi is here."

Jin Feiyuan paused, but then he sneered. "So he really came. He’s smart enough, so he should already know that if he just goes straight to the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet, nobody will be able to make any trouble for him."

"What should we do about the matter that the patriarch told us to investigate?" the elder asked.

Jin Feiyuan thought for a moment. "Don’t mention it for now, in case anybody notices."

The elder nodded. "Alright."

The Island of Hope was very large, and Hope Restaurant was also very eye-catching.

Gui rapidly shrank down until it could perch on Long Kui’s shoulder while Long Kui looked up at Hope Restaurant. He had finally returned to this place after all this time. He could still recall the first time that he had visited this place. It had been a completely different time back then, and the leader of this area had also been a different person.

"Let’s go." Long Kui made his way towards Hope Restaurant.

Lu Yin followed closely behind the Envoy.

Gui’s appearance had shocked everyone in Hope Restaurant, as this was an Envoy-level mount. Everyone was focused on Long Kui and Lu Yin.

On the first floor of Hope Restaurant, Mr. Zui also glanced over at Long Kui and Lu Yin. However, he was not interested in the two and simply continued drinking.

Lu Yin looked around with wide-eyed curiosity. This was not his first time visiting such a place. Before entering the Mountain and Seas Zone, he had first visited the Azure Mansion, which was comparable to Hope Restaurant in how they were both places where people waited for an event to start.

All of the people in this building hoped to become a Progenitor, but only a few of them would even be allowed to travel to the Junior Progenitor Planets.

"Only people with enough of a reputation, or those who are able to demonstrate their strength here on the Island of Hope will be allowed to go to the Junior Progenitor Planets. Hope Restaurant is located right between all the Junior Progenitor Planets, and you can even see the bridges leading to the Junior Progenitor Planets from here. Thus, this is the best place for people who want to go to the Junior Progenitor Planets," Long Kui explained.

"What about me?" Lu Yin asked.

Long Kui answered, "Princess Long Xi will take you to the Junior Progenitor Planet soon."

The two soon stepped onto the top floor of the Hope Restaurant, where the atmosphere was very solemn. Only a few people were present, and Lu Yin’s attention was immediately drawn to Jin Feiyuan. This person was too eye-catching, as he was covered in purple-gold flames. This most likely meant that he was the Undying Bird.

Jin Feiyuan calmly met Lu Yin’s gaze.

Lu Yin continued looking around at the other people nearby. All of the seniors were Envoys, and the youths accompanying the Envoys were all elites.

Long Kui and Lu Yin sat down at a table next to a window. There, Lu Yin glanced out the window and saw four unique bridges. He blinked; were those things really bridges? After a moment of thought, he supposed that they could technically be considered bridges.

There were four curving paths floating in the sky, and they each stretched towards four enormous planets. Those were most likely the Junior Progenitor Planets!

"Senior Long Kui, do you still remember me?" a voice spoke up. The person was a middle aged man who was accompanied by a young girl. The girl was looking at Wen Diyi with clear curiosity.

Long Kui and Lu Yin both turned around at the same time.

"Are you…? Mr. Liu Ye?" Long Kui asked hesitantly.

The middle aged man laughed. "I didn’t expect senior to actually remember me! It’s an honor."

Long Kui spoke in a serious tone, "Who in the Middle Realm doesn’t know about Liu Ye and Fei Hua? The story of how the two of you worked together to capture a traitor who had passed through five tribulations is legendary. Your efforts have greatly benefited mankind."

Mr. Liu Ye shook his head. "You’re too kind, senior. We only managed to delay that culprit until senior Qing Chen arrived. We really did not do very much."

The man then turned to the young girl beside him. "Step up and greet Senior Long Kui."

The young girl immediately bowed.

Jin Feiyuan and the others only noticed the middle aged man at this moment, as they had not paid him much attention before.

There were too many powerhouses in the Perennial World, and there were even quite a few Envoys. Thus, it was not common for experts at this level to know each other. However, it was different for Mr. Liu Ye.

Liu Ye and Fei Hua were truly legends in the Middle Realm. They were both powerhouses who had passed through three tribulations, and they both had a power level higher than 700,000. And together, they were able to defeat a powerhouse who had passed through five tribulations.

There were not many powerhouses who had survived five tribulations even in the Perennial World. Thus, this pair was essentially the same as a powerhouse who had survived five tribulations, which meant that even the four ruling powers had to show them respect .

"I am Hou Qing. I am honored to meet you, senior." The young girl bowed to Long Kui and Lu Yin in a polite manner.

Long Kui nodded and glanced over at Lu Yin. He clearly wanted Lu Yin to greet the girl.

Lu Yin ignored the older man. Why would he greet this girl? He was no idiot. Lu Yin also knew that Long Kui was unable to force him to do so. After all, Lu Yin had a higher status within the clan than the Envoy, and Long Kui was not Long Qi’s direct senior.

"Hou Qing? That’s a nice name, and your strength is not bad at all." Long Kui smiled. He knew that he could not stand up to the combination of Liu Ye and Fei Hua even if Gui helped him, despite the two being Long Kui’s juniors.

"Thank you for the compliment, senior. Come back, Hou Qing," Mr. Liu Ye said.

Hou Qing looked at Lu Yin and smiled before returning to her seat.

"Senior Long Kui, I have a question for Long Qi, though I am not sure whether or not I can ask him about this," Mr. Liu Ye said.

Long Kui’s eyes flashed. "Mr. Liu Ye must be interested in this child’s mentor."

Mr. Liu Ye solemnly replied, "Yes. My own mentor has always hoped to find out more about Semi-Progenitor Kui Luo, so-"

Long Kui raised his hand to stop Mr. Liu Ye. "A lot of people wish to ask Long Qi similar questions, but all of you are looking for the wrong person. Long Qi only received some resources from Semi-Progenitor Kui Luo, and it was not even a proper inheritance. Thus, there’s no way he could answer your questions."

Mr. Liu Ye glanced at Lu Yin. "Is this true?"

The elder from the Purple-Gold Family, Jin Feiyuan, Wen Diyi, the other Envoys on the top floor, and even the entirety of Hope Restaurant heard Long Kui’s words. Long Kui had intentionally spoken loudly so that everyone would help him spread this news.

"Since this is coming from you, senior, I will believe it," Mr. Liu Ye said politely.

Lu Yin never once said a single word, and he behaved in a very trustworthy manner, which made Long Kui feel a great deal of relief.

[1] So this is supposed to be a bit of a joke. Wen Diyi literally means Literacy (Wen) Number 1 / Best (Diyi). So the joke is that the "most literate" person is saying "bullshit." ☜

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