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Chapter: 1412


Chapter 1412: Meeting

"Bro, I’m here!" someone shouted loudly, startling all the people in Hope Restaurant.

Wang Dashuai appeared, happily running towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was surprised. "What are you doing here?"

Wang Dashuai laughed. "Both Unseen Light and Yu Hua were invited to my family’s Junior Progenitor Planet, and since I brought two powerhouses over at the same time, our Junior Progenitor said that I’ve got good luck when it comes to meeting people. She asked me to wait outside the Junior Progenitor Planet and help her recruit more powerhouses."

Lu Yin was speechless and looked at the fatty with pity. He was going to end up in huge trouble after the trip to the Dominion Realm since the two that he had invited were both trespassers.

"Bro, why are you here? To have some fun?" Wang Dashuai asked.

Lu Yin was about to answer when a melodious voice rang out. "He’s headed to a Junior Progenitor Planet to help out the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor."

The voice was very melodious, but it left Lu Yin with a very uncomfortable feeling. He looked into the distance and saw a beautiful girl slowly making her way towards them with a smile on her face.

Lu Yin calmly said, "Miss Yu Chen."

Wang Dashuai grew curious. "Brother, you’ve already met her before?"

Yu Chen smiled. "We’ve never met, but we both know of each other."

Lu Yin smiled. "It’s no mystery, just a lucky guess."

"It appears that Brother Long Qi cares a great deal about me, seeing as you immediately thought of me," Yu Chen said.

Lu Yin shrugged. "A bit."

"Sis, listen to him. Brother-in-law cares about other people," Xia Taili said cheekily as she arrived at Hope Restaurant’s top floor with Long Xi beside her.

Lu Yin turned to face Long Xi.

On the other hand, Long Xi turned towards Yu Chen. "I also care about you."

Yu Chen smiled. Her appearance was very innocent, and her smile melted Wang Dashuai’s heart. An attractive woman needed to not only be beautiful, but also knowledgeable and pure. "I care about you as well. Also Brother Long Tian."

"Aren’t you afraid that Junior Progenitor Bai will become jealous? That would not look good." Lu Yin’s words shocked everyone nearby.

Yu Chen, Xia Taili, and Long Xi were all from the four ruling powers while Jin Feiyuan was from the Purple-Gold Family and Wen Diyi was from Virtue Archives. All of these people were cultured and well behaved, and they would never say such a thing. Even someone as uncouth as Wang Dashuai would not dare to say such a thing to Yu Chen, but Long Qi had actually spoken such words in public.

Yu Chen was completely stunned, and she glared at him with cold eyes.

Long Xi was similarly stunned.

Xia Taili covered her mouth in shock; he was blatantly taunting Junior Progenitor Bai!

Lu Yin did not actually care. This was the best way to deal with someone as scheming as Yu Chen. He would not have acted like this if Wei Rong or Wang Wen were with him, but it was clear that Long Xi could not compete with Yu Chen in terms of scheming. Thus, Lu Yin would have to deal with this woman his own way.

Lu Yin knew that he was not gifted with words or particularly witty, but he did not want to end up being passively led around by Yu Chen in this verbal spat. He was certain that she would say something that would get him in trouble, so he had decided to upset her before that happened.

"Is this how the White Dragon Clan raises its people?" Yu Chen was annoyed. Nobody had ever spoken to her in such a manner, and it would be a big problem if Bai Shaohong heard about this.

Long Xi was still stunned. She was the White Dragon Clan’s well mannered princess.

The fatty was not surprised, but he also knew that this was not a good time for him to speak up.

Lu Yin continued, saying, "You said it yourself, about how you care about this and that. In that case, what position does Junior Progenitor Bai have in your heart?"

"Enough!" Long Xi glared at Lu Yin when she saw Yu Chen’s gaze grow vicious. "Follow me. Brother has been waiting for you for a long time."

Lu Yin nodded.

Xia Taili blinked; Long Qi was so rude!

Yu Chen icily said, "Long Qi, the White Dragon Clan may not have taught you well, but Semi-Progenitor Kui Luo seems to have taught you a lot. It looks like you inherited a great deal from him."

A lot of people turned to carefully observe Lu Yin after they heard Yu Chen’s comment.

Long Xi’s expression grew dark.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. This woman really was vicious. He had tried his best to annoy her, but she had managed to pin everything that he had said onto Semi-Progenitor Kui Luo, who had been insane. It should not be possible for someone from the four ruling powers to be so rude unless they had been taught by someone outside of those powers, and Yu Chen had pointed out Semi-Progenitor Kui Luo as the culprit.

Lu Yin turned back around and looked at Yu Chen with a frosty expression, and his gaze actually made Yu Chen feel somewhat nervous. She had followed Bai Shaohong for a long time, and she had interacted with some of the most powerful people in the entire Perennial World. There were only a few people who could make her feel nervous, but she could feel a similar power from Lu Yin’s gaze as Lady Bai Xian’er’s. The pressure that this person gave off was not from his personal strength, but from his very soul.

This pressure made it hard for Yu Chen to breathe.

"Hey, you’re not going to fight, right? Don’t fight! I don’t want to get involved as I still need to take care of my handsome face and see my lover. Hahahaha, goodbye!" The fatty smiled and fled after winking at Lu Yin.

His words had managed to divert some of the attention away from Lu Yin. The fatty had intentionally done so to show that the Wang family also had an uncouth person, which made Lu Yin’s rudeness seem more normal.

Yu Chen frowned. She had not expected the fatty to ruin her plan. However, it was still fine, as she had succeeded in realighting other people’s suspicions towards Lu Yin.

"Let’s go. Brother is waiting." Long Xi made her way towards the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet.

Lu Yin looked back at Yu Chen one last time before leaving with Long Xi.

This had been a showdown among the junior generation. Not a single Envoy, including Long Kui, had interfered.

Xia Taili’s eyes flashed. That had been very interesting! It looked like tensions were rising between the Celestial Frost Sect and the White Dragon Clan, which would be fun.

Jin Feiyuan had not dared to speak up during a conflict between the members of the four ruling powers, but after Lu Yin left with Long Xi, Jin Feiyuan walked towards Xia Taili and respectfully asked, "Princess Taili, may I go to the Junior Progenitor Planet?"

Xia Taili was Shenwu’s Sky’s princess, as she was the sister of their Junior Progenitor, Xia Shenfei.

Xia Taili was in a good mood at the moment. "Alright. Follow me."

"Thank you, princess." Jin Feiyuan was overjoyed.

Xia Taili turned to Yu Chen and smiled sweetly. "Do you also care about my brother, Xia Shenfei?"

Yu Chen replied, "I respect him."

Xia Taili clapped her hands and exclaimed, "Good answer."

She crooked a finger. "Let’s go, Undying Bird."

Jin Feiyuan was speechless. Other people sounded envious and respectful when mentioning the Undying Bird, but Xia Taili had made it sound like an insult.

Outside Hope Restaurant, Long Xi led Lu Yin towards the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet. During their walk, a flying beast descended in front of her with a middle aged man and a gorgeous young man atop the beast’s back.

The middle aged man immediately led the young man off of the beast when he saw Long Xi and Lu Yin emerge from Hope Restaurant. He respectfully greeted, "It’s nice to meet you, Princess Long Xi. I am Shen Nan, the leader of Xiaguan City on the Bifrost."

He then signaled at the young man next to him.

However, the young man did not move an inch, and he simply stared at the duo.

Shen Nan grew anxious. "Yao Xuan, greet them!"

Yao Xuan stepped forward. "It’s an honor to meet you, Princess Long Xi. I am Yao Xuan, from Xiaguan City on the Bifrost."

Long Xi nodded coldly. "The Bifrost belongs to Shenwu's Sky, so there is no need for you to greet me."

She then turned and left.

Lu Yin stared at Yao Xuan in shock; this was too much of a coincidence!

Yao Xuan was also confused, and he felt as though he had just seen a ghost. Isn’t Lu Yin supposed to be missing? How did he get here? It seems like he’s also become someone quite important here.

Yao Xuan simply watched Lu Yin walk away with Long Xi.

Shen Nan sighed before scolding Yao Xuan. "Fortunately, Princess Long Xi was kind enough to not do anything! Given our status, if she wanted to teach us a lesson, Shenwu's Sky would do nothing to interfere!"

"Is she Princess Long Xi from the White Dragon Clan? Who was that person next to her?" Yao Xuan asked.

Shen Nan answered, "I think that he should be Long Qi."

Yao Xuan pouted. Long Qi, Long Qi! How did that bastard join one of the four ruling powers? Not to mention, how did he get such a high position?

Although Yao Xuan had initially appeared on the Bifrost and stayed there for the majority of his time in the Perennial World, he had still learned about the various incidents that had happened in the Middle Realm, especially major events like Princess Long Xi’s wedding. However, he had never expected that Lu Yin would be the nobody who had married the White Dragon Clan’s princess.

Yao Xuan could still remember how Lu Yin had challenged everybody during the end of ZENITH and how the entire Astral Beast Domain had felt relieved when Lu Yin had gone missing. However, nobody had expected that he had actually gone to Perennial World before anyone else. Could it be that the humans had cheated? They must have sent Lu Yin over early without telling anybody!

"Let’s go. This is Hope Restaurant. You’ll need to find an opportunity to show off your strength later. We can’t go up to the top floor, but you can wander about between the first and sixth floors freely. If nothing works, then you’ll just have to forcefully cross a bridge. There has to be some way for you to get noticed by a Junior Progenitor," Shen Nan advised.

Yao Xuan nodded.

They walked into Hope Restaurant and immediately ran into Xia Taili as she was descending with Jin Feiyuan.

Shen Nan immediately bowed when he saw Xia Taili. "It’s an honor to meet you, Princess Taili. I am Shen Nan, the leader of Xiaguan City on the Bifrost."

"It’s an honor to meet you, Princess Taili. I am Yao Xuan, from Xiaguan City on the Bifrost."

Xia Taili casually glanced at the two, but she was instantly attracted by Yao Xuan’s looks. This person was just too handsome! Even though Xia Taili had seen many powerhouses in the Perennial World who were good looking, nobody was comparable to this Yao Xuan. He was truly the most gorgeous man she had ever seen, and she was stunned.

Jin Feiyuan was astonished as well; this guy was way too good looking.

Shen Nan peeked at Xia Taili and smirked. He actually did not have much confidence in Yao Xuan’s strength, and he had mainly brought the youth to the Island of Hope because of his appearance. Yao Xuan was prettier than a woman, and Shen Nan’s main goal had been to have the youth meet Xia Taili. Still, Shen Nan had not expected to run into her the moment they reached Hope Restaurant.

Xia Taili looked at Yao Xuan with interest. "Are you Yao Xuan?"

Yao Xuan smiled in a humble manner. "Yes, I’m Yao Xuan."

"I’ve never seen you before. Are you from the Bifrost? Why are you here?" Xia Taili asked.

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