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Chapter: 1413

Junior Progenitor Planet

Chapter 1413: Junior Progenitor Planet

Jin Feiyuan looked rather annoyed from where he was standing behind Xia Taili. This quirky princess had never even had a proper conversation with him! This guy was too annoying.

Shen Nan continued his introduction, saying, "Princess, Yao Xuan is quite powerful, and I brought him here to meet the Junior Progenitor. If the Junior Progenitor is willing, then Yao Xuan can go with him to the Dominion Realm and help the Junior Progenitor find better resources."

Xia Taili smiled at Yao Xuan and nodded. "You’re an Enlighter, which isn’t bad as there aren’t many Enlighters in our generation. Your strength qualifies you to at least go and meet with my brother."

"Young mistress, there are some people who’ve forcefully increased their cultivation in anticipation of this trip, and their strength may not match their cultivation. Such a person would just be a burden to us, so why don’t you allow me to test Yao Xuan first?" Jin Feiyuan snappily suggested.

Xia Taili felt that what he said made sense since the trip to the Dominion Realm was a very important affair. After a moment’s thought, she frowned and said, "Alright, you can test him, but don’t be too hard on him."

She quickly added, "Don’t hit his face."

Jin Feiyuan became even more outraged when he heard her condition. Don’t hit his face? That only made Jin Feiyuan want to do it even more.

Shen Nan worriedly glanced at Yao Xuan. He did not want the youth to be injured too badly. Jin Feiyuan was the Purple-Gold Family’s heir, and Shen Nan was worried that Yao Xuan would suffer a crushing defeat.

However, Yao Xuan himself was quite confident. "Well then, let’s have a match."

Jin Feiyuan sneered. "Don’t worry, I won’t hit your face."

Shen Nan also warned, "Remember to protect your face."

Yao Xuan felt uncomfortable; what was that supposed to mean? He did not want to get through life based on his looks alone.

Everyone in Hope Restaurant grew curious, as Jin Feiyuan was fighting yet another battle. He had lost miserably in his previous fight, but since this second match had been initiated by him, many people were watching with interest. "That pretty boy’s in big trouble."

"He’s too beautiful to be a man! I’d beat him up too."

"It’s very unusual for a man to be that good looking."

"What a handsome man! He has to be careful about that face."

"Don’t hit his face!"

Jin Feiyuan stood across from Yao Xuan with Xia Taili standing a bit further behind him. Jin Feiyuan glared viciously at Yao Xuan. Don’t hit his face? Fine then; he would burn that face off!

Purple-gold flames rose into the sky and covered all of the Island of Hope.

Lu Yin turned around and saw the flames, where he also saw Yao Xuan about to fight against Jin Feiyuan. How had those two ended up getting in a fight?

Lu Yin was curious about Jin Feiyuan’s abilities, as the man was an Enlighter who also carried the heritage of the Undying Bird.

"You’ve done quite a bit over the last few months," Long Xi said coldly.

Lu Yin immediately turned back around, looking rather guilty. "A lot of things were forced onto me. I was forced to do a lot of those things."

Long Xi retorted, "Like that bet that you made with the Guan brothers?"

Lu Yin bit his tongue.

"Like how you went to Huiyuan Gate to look for evidence?"

Lu Yin was left speechless.

"Like snatching that thread of tribulation crystal?"

Lu Yin reflexively answered, "Actually, I was forced to do that. Long Ting kept attacking me and I accidentally used too much strength, which forced the crystal thread out of his body. Of course I wouldn’t give it back to him, as who wouldn’t want to open their lower meridian point?"

Long Xi stepped foot onto the white, curved bridge. "Don’t become an Enlighter."


"Don’t become an Enlighter," Long Xi repeated.

Lu Yin answered, "Right, Elder Long Kui already told me about that."

Long Xi suddenly stopped walking and looked at Lu Yin in a completely serious manner. "I’m not joking this time! The Dominion Realm is completely different from the Middle Realm. You can’t survive there with just tricks, and you have to do your best just to stay alive. In addition to the dangerous environment, you also have to be careful about the people around you since you won’t know who to trust. My brother will not be concerned about keeping you alive."

Lu Yin nodded.

"As long as you don’t become an Enlighter, there’s no way he’ll take you with him to the Dominion Realm," Long Xi said.

Lu Yin nodded. "Don’t worry. It won’t be easy for me to break through anyways."

Long Xi turned around and started walking again. "From the past Yuanlun Festivals, we know that a lot of trespassers will most likely appear on the trip to the Dominion Realm. These trespassers are from the Forsaken Land, but they are also very powerful. Some of the Junior Progenitors have even been killed by these trespassers before. The trip to the Dominion Realm is far more dangerous than you believe, so there’s no way that you can go."

"What about you?" Lu Yin asked in concern.

Long Xi felt a bit touched, as she was able to hear Lu Yin’s genuine concern. "I won’t take any risks, and my brother will also protect me."

Lu Yin nodded. "Will there be trespassers this time?"

Long Xi shook her head. "I don’t know. It’s been a very long time since the last Yuanlun Festival, and only the seniors who were a part of the previous festivals would know anything about that. Although the cultivation system in the Forsaken Land is damaged, they also have a large number of inheritances from ancient times. On top of that, it’s a very large place. So, it’s not impossible for some powerful trespassers to appear."

Lu Yin suddenly felt much more cautious. If Long Xi was able to consider all of these details, then Long Tian must have had the same thoughts as well. Thus, Lu Yin would have to be even more careful in order to avoid arousing any suspicion.

The bridge leading to the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet was very long, and even after half an hour, Lu Yin and Long Xi still had not reached the planet.

Meanwhile, outside Hope Restaurant, the people who had been watching the fight were in shock. Jin Feiyuan had been defeated once again.

However, in contrast to his previous battle with Shang Qing, Jin Feiyuan was still able to stand up after this fight. But this time, he had been left unconscious, as Yao Xuan’s spiritual force had forcefully knocked the man out. It did not matter that Jin Feiyuan was an Undying Bird, as his innate gift could not deal with spiritual force.

"Young master!" The elder from the Zijin Clan immediately rushed straight over to Jin Feiyuan to help him. However, Jin Feiyuan was completely unconscious, and he was also bleeding profusely.

The elder glared angrily at Yao Xuan. "I’ll kill you!"

"How dare you!" Xia Taili whirled towards the elder.

The elder immediately bowed. "I’m sorry, princess. I was too upset after seeing the young master’s condition, so I misspoke."

Xia Taili snorted and looked at Yao Xuan with admiration. "Are you willing to go to Shenwu’s Sky’s Junior Progenitor Planet with me?"

Yao Xuan smiled and gently replied, "I wouldn’t dare to defy your orders, princess."

Xia Taili smiled happily. "I didn’t expect to meet someone like you."

She then turned towards Shen Nan. "Good job. My brother will reward you."

Shen Nan was overjoyed. "Thank you, princess. Thank you, young master."

He looked at Yao Xuan in delight. The older man had never expected Yao Xuan to be so powerful that he could even defeat Jin Feiyuan. Jin Feiyuan was the Purple-Gold family’s heir. Besides people from the four ruling powers, the Liu family, and Seed Garden, nobody would be confident of defeating him. Yao Xuan had truly surprised Shen Nan.

Yao Xuan smiled, but then he suddenly looked at the top floor of Hope Restaurant and locked eyes with Wen Diyi.

Wen Diyi was looking straight at Yao Xuan.

Powerhouses of the same rank seemed to be able to sense each other, and Yao Xuan had immediately sensed Wen Diyi’s gaze. Wen Diyi, meanwhile, had been watching Yao Xuan ever since the events had first started.

The people in Hope Restaurant were shocked by this outcome, and they started gossiping. "Jin Feiyuan is so unlucky! He’s already been defeated by two people. How can the Purple-Gold Family’s heir be so useless?"

"It’s not that he’s useless, but rather that his opponents have been too powerful."

"This guy’s spiritual force is simply freakish! Not even some older powerhouses can compare to him. With his help, Shenwu’s Sky will do well during this trip."

Yu Chen had also been warily watching Yao Xuan from the top floor of Hope Restaurant. This person’s spiritual force was strong enough to even knock Jin Feiyuan out cold. This person would be a huge threat to their team.

The White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet was completely white, just like the color of the python in Lu Yin’s dreams. This white did not represent coldness, and it was simply pure white.

The mountains, rivers, and buildings on the planet were all white as well.

Lu Yin followed Long Xi and leapt up onto the planet once they reached the end of the bridge.

The White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet was not very big; it was only about the size of the Earth, which was considered quite small when compared to the countless planets throughout the universe. However, it was Long Tian’s private domain.

Hmm? Lu Yin suddenly realized something when he stepped onto the planet. Those twinklings in the distance were star essence!

"Who dropped star essence on the ground?" Lu Yin muttered to himself as he looked at the star essence in the distance.

Long Xi felt confused at his words. "There’s a senior who has passed through six tribulations permanently staying on the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet, as well as two Envoys, a senior who has undergone one tribulation, and ten Enlighters. You don’t have to worry while you train here. These seniors will make sure that nobody can spy on you and that nobody will be able to see you when you practice the inheritance that you’ve received from the Sword Monument.

"There’s one more thing," Long Xi continued on, "There is countless star essence scattered across the planet, and anyone who steps onto the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet is allowed to use them however they wish."

Lu Yin stared at Long Xi in utter shock. "What did you just say? Countless star essence? Scattered around the planet? I can use it however I wish?"

Long Xi nodded. "It's not actually countless. There’s probably several billion star essence, though I’m not sure exactly how much. Regardless, there’s enough for everyone here to use however they wish, and the quantity seems to remain unchanged even after people use some."

Lu Yin turned around to look at the star essence once again. They really were just scattered around. "I can use them too?"

"Of course. Why else would my brother insist on you breaking through to the Enlighter realm here on the Junior Progenitor Planet? The first matter concerned your safety, but the second is that there are enough star essence here for you to become an Enlighter. No, enough to break through to any cultivation realm," Long Xi explained. Although she was not close to Long Tian, the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet was still the pride of the entire White Dragon Clan, as the resources in this place had not only been supplied by the White Dragon Clan, but also by the entire Perennial World.

Each Junior Progenitor Planet and its resources were supplied by the entire Perennial World, and they were intended to aid the Junior Progenitors’ cultivation. The resources on these planets were not from the White Dragon Clan alone.

Lu Yin was left stunned and jealous. He had been the champion of ZENITH! The strongest person in his generation in the entire Fifth Mainland! Why had he not received such treatment? He also wanted countless star essence! He wanted more money! Wait, he could also use this star essence however he wanted…

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