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Chapter: 1414

Dragon Saliva And Shortcuts

Chapter 1414: Dragon Saliva And Shortcuts

Lu Yin gulped the moment he realized that he could use these star essence to do anything he wanted. He immediately thought of using Enhance to upgrade the Karmic Flame, Zenith Mountain, the Skyblaze Stone, and even the froststone that he had. A lot of his items were limited due to their inherent materials and could no longer be upgraded as a result. However, there were also some other items that he could not upgrade due to a lack of funds. However, that would not be a problem with the resources available on this planet.

"So, I can use as much as I want?" Lu Yin tried to be casual as he asked.

Long Xi answered, "There are trackers on everything on this planet. It’s fine for you to use things here, but you can’t take anything away, and trying to do so will be discovered."

Lu Yin had no plans of taking the star essence with him, as he would not be able to take a large amount with him anyways. His only problem at this moment was finding a way to use this star essence without being discovered by Long Tian. Lu Yin could not just use all the star essence from a single area, as people would most likely become suspicious if he used too many star essence.

It was similar to how people could not repeatedly shear the same sheep.

Lu Yin followed Long Xi to a beautiful mountain as all of these thoughts raced through his mind. There, they finally met Long Tian.

This was Lu Yin’s first time meeting Long Tian in person. He had not been able to feel anything when he saw Long Tian through a communication crystal, but Lu Yin was able to feel a hidden aura when he saw the Junior Progenitor’s true self. Long Tian’s aura was like a volcano that was about to erupt. Nobody knew just how powerful this person truly was.

This was the same feeling that Lu Yin had felt when facing Shang Qing in the Mountain and Seas Zone. Lu Yin had been unable to determine Shang Qing’s full strength no matter what he had done at that time.

From the moment that Lu Yin had become a Hunter, Long Tian was one of the very few peers who could give Lu Yin such a feeling. He felt that Long Tian was probably comparable or even stronger than Shang Qing when he was using the full power of the Tri-Yang Ancestral Qi Technique.

Lu Yin had originally believed that the four Junior Progenitors were at best comparable to Shang Qing, as Wang Yi had not been able to defeat Shang Qing during ZENITH. Since Shang Qing had been able to easily suppress Wang Yi, it seemed to indicate that Shang Qing was comparable to the Perennial World’s Junior Progenitors. However, when Lu Yin saw Long Tian for himself, he felt that his previous assumptions were most likely wrong.

Of course, Lu Yin was only considering Shang Qing’s power during ZENITH. As soon as Shang Qing’s cultivation rose, the power of the summoned Progenitor Chen and Progenitor Hui would also rise. Lu Yin felt chills when he thought about the two summoned Progenitors getting stronger.

As Lu Yin studied Long Tian, Long Tian was also observing Long Qi.

"You’ve really surprised me," Long Tian said solemnly. His voice carried an indescribable pressure, but this pressure did not manage to affect Lu Yin at all.

"You managed to rise tremendously from being just a normal Hunter to someone who’s able to defeat Long Ding."

Lu Yin answered casually, "I kept a few things hidden."

"The inheritance from Semi-Progenitor Kui Luo?" Long Tian asked.

Lu Yin nodded.

Long Tian laughed. "Semi-Progenitor Kui Luo had an impressive spiritual force, but you didn’t use that to defeat Long Ding. Everything that you used was received from the Sword Monument. As long as you make good use of those abilities in the future, you’ll be able to become very strong."

He tossed a small bottle of some kind of liquid over to Lu Yin.

"This is dragon saliva, and you can use it to increase your physical strength. I’ll send you to a place where the temperature is high enough to melt star energy so that you can quickly absorb it and become an Enlighter."

Lu Yin was stunned; absorb star energy in an environment with a very high temperature? That was his shortcut! Suddenly, Lu Yin realized that he had been right; he was not the only person who had uncovered this particular shortcut. However, not many people could make use of this cultivating method. The White Dragon Clan was able to use it since their members were physically very powerful.

Long Xi’s eyes lit up, as she was aware of just how precious dragon saliva was. It came from the Ancestor Python’s mouth, and it was very hard to gather, as doing so required both luck and skill. "Thank you, Brother."

Long Tian solemnly replied, "I only gave that to him because he’s already opened his first meridian point. He has good potential. If he didn’t, then I wouldn’t waste such a thing on him. As for you, the clan has already prepared a tribulation crystal pillar, so you should open your first meridian point soon."

Long Xi nodded and looked at Lu Yin with open concern. "I’ll stand guard over you while you absorb the dragon saliva."

"He doesn’t need your protection. The process isn’t dangerous, just painful. However, since he was able to handle the pain of opening a meridian point, this will be nothing for him," Long Tian said.

Lu Yin turned to Long Xi. "Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to become an Enlighter and help you when you go to the Dominion Realm."

"You’ll have to compete with some other people in order to qualify to go to the Dominion Realm," Long Tian coldly stated. He then stepped down with a great deal of force, and the stomp opened a huge crack in the nearby mountain. The fissure suddenly exploded, and a surge of hot air shot into the sky, turning the previously white sky a dark red.

A shocking amount of heat surged up from the ground and burned down the trees around the mountain. Many places were reduced to ash.

Lu Yin looked at the crack and saw black magma surging within the mountain. The temperature of this black magma surprised Lu Yin, as it was comparable to what he had encountered in the Blaze Realm. The power level of this magma had nearly reached 500,000.

"This is where people from the White Dragon Clan train their bodies. This place has the lowest temperature of such places on this Junior Progenitor Planet, and you can use it to absorb star essence more quickly. I hope that you’ll become an Enlighter before the trip to the Dominion Realm. That way, you might be able to join us," Long Tian continued to explain.

Long Xi asked anxiously, "Brother, this is the temperature that you use to train! How is Long Qi supposed to endure it?"

Long Tian retorted, "Do you think that dragon saliva is useless? You’ve never used it, but it’s extremely effective in raising a person’s physical strength. If he can’t even withstand this temperature after using it, then he cannot be considered someone from the White Dragon Clan."

Long Xi was about to say something more, but Lu Yin interrupted her. "I can definitely handle this."

Long Tian was satisfied. "Not only can dragon saliva raise one’s physical strength, but it can also stimulate your bloodline and allow you to gain the ability to learn the White Dragon Transformation. After becoming an Enlighter who can use the White Dragon Transformation, the battle techniques that you’ve gained from the Sword Monument and the spiritual force techniques that you’ve learned from Semi-Progenitor Kui Luo will allow you to defeat anyone that you face. At that time, you’ll be able to help me achieve an even higher status within the White Dragon Clan."

He shot a meaningful look at Lu Yin before disappearing.

Lu Yin’s expression grew sharper. Long Tian had disappeared so quickly that Lu Yin had not even been able to sense what had happened. Long Tian was definitely even faster than Wang Yi! This was the power of a Junior Progenitor.

Wait, what had Long Tian just mentioned? The White Dragon Transformation?

Lu Yin stared at Long Xi in a daze. "Me? The White Dragon Transformation?

Long Xi felt annoyed. Since Lu Yin was not actually someone from the White Dragon Clan, he would never gain the ability to use the White Dragon Transformation. If, after all of this, Long Qi was still unable to learn the White Dragon Transformation, her brother would definitely become suspicious of Long Qi’s bloodline.

Just thinking about it gave Long Xi a headache.

"What if Long Tian asks me to use the White Dragon Transformation?" Lu Yin asked.

Long Xi glared at him. "Don’t think about that right now. Just absorb the dragon saliva."

Lu Yin nodded. He also did not want to try to deal with this matter at the moment, but he had to keep up the proper act in front of Long Xi. Once he made it to the Dominion Realm, he would be able to act as he wished. Oh wait, he had almost forgotten about his plan to find out who that finger from his dreams belonged to, not to mention his own past. Lu Yin’s situation in the Perennial World was completely different from the other trespassers like Unseen Light and the rest who could simply leave after getting a decent inheritance. Arch-Elder Zen had prepared an escape route for them, but Lu Yin could not simply leave on his own.

He would still have to be careful!

"Alright then, thank you." Lu Yin opened the bottle. "Am I supposed to eat this?"

Long Xi felt increasingly frustrated. That was precious dragon saliva, and yet it was being used by an outsider. "It’s up to you. You can either eat it or wipe it on your body. You just need to absorb it."

Although Long Tian had told her not to protect Long Qi, she still felt very worried about him.

Lu Yin immediately swallowed the liquid. It did not taste of anything at all, but there was a faint scent.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you that dragon saliva is the Ancestor Python’s saliva," Long Xi turned around and casually dropped this bomb.

Lu Yin nearly vomited, but he suddenly felt an excruciating pain spread out within his body that was followed by a surge of heat. He clenched his fists and leaped towards the magma.

Long Xi was shocked, and she tried to grab Lu Yin, but he just pushed her hand away. "Don’t worry."

He jumped straight into the magma.

Long Xi carefully watched him, as she was scared that Long Qi would be burned to ashes.

Fortunately, after sinking into the magma, Lu Yin waved as he sank down.

Long Xi felt relieved.

Nobody could be allowed to know what would happen when Long Qi used the dragon saliva to raise his strength. Lu Yin did not want Long Xi to realize just how strong he truly was.

The dragon saliva contained the power of the Ancestor Python, just like the blood essence that Lu Yin had received from Long Xi. However, one improved the user’s physical strength while the other increased their cultivation.

The Ancestor Python had the strength of a Progenitor and had been alive since ancient times. Nobody knew just how powerful the creature actually was.

At this moment, Lu Yin was experiencing the python’s true power. A single drop of its saliva was enough to make him physically stronger.

If he told people in the Fifth Mainland about this, they would most likely be stunned. No one there had ever interacted with Progenitors or become stronger due to the help of a Progenitor’s strength, even if it was just a bit of saliva.

Lu Yin felt grossed out when he remembered that it was actually saliva. Long Xi must have intentionally waited to say that, seeing as she had only mentioned it after Lu Yin had swallowed it.

The power of the Ancestor Python stimulated the cells of Lu Yin’s body. Finally, after half a day, the pain finally subsided. Lu Yin’s body faintly glowed within the magma.

This was something that only happened once a person’s body reached a certain level of refinement. Before, this had happened to Lu Yin when Mister Mu had helped him raise his physical strength within the hidden space with the golden sea. It had also happened when Lu Yin had broken through. Although he used his fatesand to suppress it, Lu Yin had still reached the peak strength possible for his current cultivation realm.

Lu Yin had surpassed the limit of a Hunter when it came to pure, physical strength.

Lu Yin clenched his fists and estimated that he should be able to train up to 280 or even 300 Stacks of the Overlaying Stacks Path.

It became increasingly difficult to practice the Overlaying Stacks Path as one progressed, not to mention a large increase like going from 250 stacks to 300 Stacks.

If Lu Yin could really achieve 300 Stacks, then not even Wang Yi would be able to withstand his attacks. At that point, he would have been able to easily win ZENITH.

What was truly unbelievable was that the Overlaying Stacks Path was Lan Si’s top skill, and yet, Lan Si had achieved fewer than 200 Stacks as a Hunter. On the other hand, Lu Yin had nearly reached 300 Stacks. He just needed someone to help him deduce these stacks, as he did not have any Roots of Intelligence left, preventing him from deducing any more stacks on his own.

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