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Chapter: 1415

Not Very Tasteful

Chapter 1415: Not Very Tasteful

Lu Yin leaped out of the magma and landed on the mountain in his tattered clothes.

Long Xi sighed in relief when she saw Lu Yin had come out safely.

"How did it go?" Long Xi asked.

Lu Yin clenched his fists. "My strength increased a lot. I’m now strong enough to defeat Long Ding with a single slap if we fought now."

Long Xi replied calmly, "Absorbing star energy after it turns to liquid from a high temperature is a shortcut used by the White Dragon Clan and the other ruling powers. Not everybody can use this shortcut, and you were only able to do so because of the dragon saliva. With this, it wouldn’t be hard for you to become an Enlighter."

"Don’t worry, I definitely won’t become an Enlighter. I’ll do whatever you tell me," Lu Yin responded in a serious manner.

Long Xi was astonished and she met Lu Yin’s gaze. "The only thing I can do is trust you. Don’t forget what I said: if you enter the Dominion Realm, everything becomes extremely dangerous."

Lu Yin watched as Long Xi left. He felt helpless. He would not let her down this time. Although he wanted to become an Enlighter, it would be too difficult for him. While others had a much easier time with such breakthroughs, they were much harder for Lu Yin, and so he would not disappoint Long Xi, even if he actually wanted to do so.

At the moment, it was time for Lu Yin to look for some money. He looked around in excitement. Long Xi had said that the elders protecting the planet would not be watching him. He hoped that meant that they also were not watching him in secret, as if that was the case, he would need to give them a good explanation.

Since when was star essence like vegetables that could be picked up everywhere on the ground? Lu Yin was stunned.

He looked at the star essence around him that covered entire mountains. Just how much star essence was in this place? It had to be in the billions at least, and this was just a single area of just one of the four Junior Progenitor Mountains. Lu Yin was already able to see that this planet had at least three other areas with similar amounts of star essence.

If there were billions of star essence in each area, it meant that the entire planet held tens of billions of star essence! This was the support given to each of the Junior Progenitors by the Perennial World.

If the people of this universe were really able to groom a Progenitor by using this amount of star essence, it would absolutely be worth the cost.

Envoys and above were not able to use star energy, but instead used stellular energy. Thus, to such powerhouses, star essence was nothing more than a bit of low grade materials that were used for cultivation.

Lu Yin gathered a huge amount of star essence by using his star energy, and he then tossed it all into the magma. Star energy immediately filled the area and liquidated from the high temperature before turning to gas.

He had to first increase his own abilities, just in case there was anyone watching him. He could only do what he actually wanted after cultivating for some time.

As Lu Yin gathered the star essence, Long Xi was looking at a pillar of tribulation crystals with an astounded expression.

The entire White Dragon Clan had spent an entire century collecting the tribulation crystals needed to open Long Tian’s middle meridian point, and this pillar was formed from the left over tribulation crystals, and it was only enough for Long Xi to be able to open her lower meridian point. There was nowhere near enough for her to be able to open her middle meridian point.

Facing this crystal pillar, Long Xi finally understood why Lu Yin had been willing to start a war in Flying Armor Pass in order to get a hold of the crystal thread.

The temptation she felt was simply irresistible.

Long Tian was standing nearby and calmly commented, "Your strength will greatly improve after opening your lower meridian point. However, a lot of other people going will also go through this process, and the Celestial Frost Sect will probably be able to have multiple people open their meridian points. You should try to avoid those people as much as possible when we’re in the Dominion Realm."

"Isn’t that how you like to do things?" Long Xi asked coldly.

Long Tian frowned. "I’m not scared of Bai Shaohong, but you already know just how cruel his sister, Bai Xian’er, is. You remember how Sister Xing-"

"Enough! Don’t bring up the past!" Long Xi shouted.

Long Tian continued in a helpless manner, "I didn’t want things to be like this, either, but we were too young. We shouldn’t allow the past to continue to affect us."

Long Xi remained silent.

"If Long Qi also goes with me to the Dominion Realm, I promise I will do my best to keep you safe. I know that you must have already told him not to become an Enlighter, but you’ve underestimated him. As a member of the White Dragon Clan, he won’t be willing to hold himself back, and he is definitely going to do his best to join the excursion to the Dominion Realm," Long Tian explained.

Long Xi looked at her brother. "You gave him dragon saliva and me a pillar of tribulation crystals. We’ll both do our best."

Long Tian frowned when he heard her response. Long Xi’s tone of voice left him feeling uncomfortable. "You’re my sister. I won’t let anything happen to you."

He turned around. "Although Wan Wu was taken away by the King of Adventure, Nong Lie and Wen Diyi are both here. Even if Long Qi wants to go to the Dominion Realm, he might not get the chance. The trip to the Dominion Realm is nothing more than the excuse I used to get that dragon saliva from the clan. You should understand how much I’ve already done."

He then walked away and disappeared.

Long Xi turned to face the crystal pillar and took a deep breath. "Let’s get started."

She pressed her hands onto the pillar just as Long Ding had done, and started refining the pillar. However, she was much faster at the process than Long Ding had been.

Nong Lie arrived at the bridge leading to the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet, and the Guo fruit poked its head out to look at the surrounding area with curiosity. "Alright, you should go back now. Stop following me. I can’t take you there."

The Guo did not want to leave, but it still slowly returned towards Island of Hope where people from the Nong family were waiting for it.

Wen Diyi was also walking along the bridge in front of Nong Lie. They had both selected to help the White Dragon Clan.

Of the four ruling powers, the Celestial Frost Sect was the most aggressive, and though they had many powerhouses under them, they had also offended many different organizations. Shenwu’s Sky was also very aggressive, but Xia Shenfei’s charisma drew people into helping him. Thus, the only two options left were the Wang family and the White Dragon Clan.

Sanniang had gone to the Wang family, so Nong Lie could not join the Wang family if he wanted to avoid any issues. Therefore, his only choice was the White Dragon Clan.

A man walked out from the forest on Island of Hope, and the sky suddenly grew dark.

This person was young and was shrouded in a black robe that covered his entire body, leaving only his face exposed.

This young man had handsome features, but he did not look like a real person. His eyes were calm, but there were black vapors that rose off of his body.

His appearance caused the sky nearby to turn dark.

"Crown Prince Gui Qian?"1 someone exclaimed. Everyone in the Hope Restaurant turned towards the forest in surprise.

"It really is Crown Prince Gui Qian! Someone from Specter Abyss came."

"No one from Specter Abyss or the Virtue Archives ever dared to show up during the previous Yuanlun Festivals. Many things have changed since that incident, and the four ruling powers clearly can no longer control the entire Perennial World. They’ve overestimated themselves."

"Since Specter Abyss has shown up, will Specter Progenitor make an appearance?"

"That’s impossible. Do you think the elders from the four ruling powers would ever allow that to happen? Specter Abyss won’t appear that easily."

On the first floor of the Hope Restaurant, Mr. Zui looked towards the forest with a cold expression and solemnly watched Crown Prince Gui Qian.

Yu Chen, Xia Taili, and Wang Dashuai were all on the bridges leading towards the Junior Progenitor Planets, but they all stared at Crown Prince Gui Qian in shock.

Specter Abyss had existed for years and had a history as long as any of the four ruling powers. However, due to their cultivation methods, the rest of the Perennial World was scared of those from Specter Abyss, and they had been suppressed by many forces. This was why they had not revealed themselves for a long time, and nobody had expected someone from the Specter Abyss to appear.

Crown Prince Gui Qian and his dark aura approached the Hope Restaurant. He then continued on straight towards the bridges and stood in the middle of all four.

Yu Chen’s eyes flickered and she smiled. "Crown Prince Gui Qian, I have heard of you."

Xia Taili looked at Crown Prince Gui Qian with curiosity. "How did you get this black aura? It looks so cool!"

Wang Dashuai just swallowed. He felt that he should not even say anything. Words from the girls could be seen as a welcome, but would Wang Dashuai’s words be viewed as a challenge?

Wang Dashuai felt that it was best to keep a low profile, and had therefore never challenged anybody. He was quite loyal and charismatic, but at this moment, he felt like his charisma was a curse, as Crown Prince Gui Qian kept walking towards the fatty.

Most people, even from the four ruling powers, were wary of those from Specter Abyss, let alone Wang Dashuai. The black vapor surrounding the young man and just his surname made Wang Dashuai feel like something from a horror film.

Crown Prince Gui Qian continued walking towards Wang Dashuai.

Wang Dashuai exclaimed, "Hey- hey you! Sto- stop!"

Crown Prince Gui Qian stopped and calmly stared at Wang Dashuai.

Wang Dashuai blinked. "What do you want?"

Crown Prince Gui Qian spoke in a loud, but awkward, voice, "Help the Wang family get inheritances in the Dominion Realm."

Wang Dashuai was stunned and then awkwardly laughed. "No, no thanks! We have enough people."

Crown Prince Gui Qian looked up. "Need one more."

Wang Dashuai waved his hand in an anxious manner. "No, no we don’t."

Everyone watched the two with great interest.

Crown Prince Gui Qian again started walking towards Wang Dashuai.

Wang Dashuai’s eye twitched. "Wait, stop! What do you want?"

This time, Crown Prince Gui Qian did not stop, and he continued approaching Wang Dashuai. Wang Dashuai wanted to step back, but was worried about humiliating himself.

Crown Prince Gui Qian finally stopped right in front of the bridge. He turned towards the Hope Restaurant. He then just stood in place, not moving.

Wang Dashuai was only a hundred meters from Crown Prince Gui Qian and could feel a sense of cold and danger emanating from the young man. "Hey, what do you want?"

Crown Prince Gui Qian did not answer, and just stoically stood in place.

Wang Dashuai panicked. This guy was blocking the bridge so that nobody could step onto it. The Wang family already had Yuhua Mavis, Unseen Light, and Nong Sanniang, so they really were missing one more person. If Crown Prince Gui Qian blocked the bridge, nobody would be able to travel to the planet. Even if the fatty asked Jin Feiyuan for help, that person would still need to get past Crown Prince Gui Qian first.

However, this was Crown Prince Gui Qian who was trained in Specter Abyss’s mysterious arts. That place held a status that was comparable to even the four ruling powers. This person was comparable to the four Junior Progenitors, or at least on the same level as Liu Hao and Nong Sanniang; just how many people in the entire Perennial World could defeat him?

Wang Dashuai did not have the time to think about anything else as the upcoming trip to the Dominion Realm was most important. He ran towards Crown Prince Gui Qian and helplessly said, "Brother, please don’t stand here! You’re blocking the path, and that’s not very tasteful."

[1] This was the best we could do with this name, as he is literally the crown prince of Specter Abyss. No name ever appears, just this title, and so making it sound like a name allowed for a better flow. ☜

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