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Chapter: 1262

2nd Black Chamber Holy War 8

After I heard Lin Fan's proposal, many people were thinking.

This area is indeed very large, and there is a high probability of obtaining a lot of resources that the Federation does not currently have, but the problem still exists.

After all, this area is still essentially a war zone belonging to both sides.

Let people go to these black cavity worlds to collect, what if the Norrea Empire makes a move?

Cross-border technology is not as advanced as the other party, and there is no way to escape.

However, when this question was raised by Wang Hai, Lin Fan laughed.

How could he not have considered this?

"Have you ever thought about why the Norea Empire retreated strategically, or did it retreat so much at one time?"

"Because of the strength?"

Wang Hai thought about it and said.

"It's true that strength is a big factor, but it's not the deciding factor."

"The real reason is that the Norea Empire has been tricked by us twice since the start of the war, so it retreated to the back and chose a key node like the Kosha Realm for backup."

"That is to say, after the first two battles, they were afraid!"

"I'm afraid we'll make some more fools, and then they can't help being fooled. In the end, before the reinforcements arrive, they will be wiped out first!"

"Then that's the point."

"If you are moving forward and spreading to the surrounding black cavity world, you leave disguised signaling devices everywhere, what will the Norea Empire think?"

how to think?

I am afraid that you will directly think that this is a pagan trick again. You must not be fooled and continue to stick to the Luoxi Realm until the backup arrives, right?

At this moment, Wang Hai already understood what Li Yan meant.

This is to use an old saying, it is almost the meaning of being bitten by a snake and afraid of a rope for ten years.

As long as a little confusing operation is carried out, the Norea Empire will not dare to rush out of the Losey Realm because of the fear of the advantage trap.

In this way, the Federation can feel at ease looking for more plundering resources in the more than 100 black-speaking worlds.

"I'm fine!"

After nodding, Wang Hai said.

"Anyone else have problems?"

"Okay, if there is no problem, just go here. The specific battle plan will be issued later through the chain of command."



Federal calendar 1895.

It has been more than 50 years since the Norea Empire strategically retreated to the Lossie boundary.

Everything was just as Lin Fan had expected. After the Federation deployed countless disguised signalling devices to confuse opponents in the black world between the two sides, the Norrea Empire did not dare to take any action.

Although some people suggested using a small fleet to take a look, they were all suppressed by Torrea.

In Torrea's words, that is...

Don't be tempted to rush out when you see an opportunity, think about how we failed the first two times, what this pagan does best is...

Create false opportunities and then lead us into traps.

So, no matter what they do, we have to pretend that we didn't see it, and then wait for the backup fleet to arrive, and after replenishing the force, without any tactics, just push them all the way, and we can take them down!

I have to say that with the experience of the first two battles there, most of the people agree with Torrea's words.

No matter what the federation did, the ministers of the Norea Empire seemed to have not seen it and never mentioned it.

As a result, the Federation has collected resources for more than 40 years under the nose of the Norea Empire.

Even Torrea made a joke to the ministers...

Gu Di

You see, this heretic is dispatched to lure us, and even this kind of non-combat resource gathering ship is photographed.


No matter what they do, we won't move!

Just ask if these pagans are angry?

Well, the pagans said they were not angry, but they were about to die of laughter.

We really didn't fool you, those gathering fleets are really gathering...


Not to mention, there are quite a few resources that the federation is in short supply in these black chambers, and even because of the acquisition of a lot of rare resources, Luo Li has come up with the fourth-generation cross-border device, which is currently being tested.

It is said that the performance of this fourth-generation crossover device is stronger than that of Norea.

Even the cross-border time has been shortened to ten months, which is two months faster than the cross-border technology of the Norea Empire.

In addition to cross-border devices, the development of the energy field is also extremely rapid.

In fact, when Jiang Xinlan and Bai Zhi designed the Mosglong-class battleship, they had already left room for future vitality.

Take the naval gun designed by Bai Zhi, it was actually limited in power, because the energy core at that time could not support...

The full power output of the weapon designed by Angelica.

Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, Angelica has limited the power of naval guns, which is currently about 30%.

This restriction can be lifted with a single order.

In other words, as long as the Mosglong-class battleship solves the energy problem, weapons, etc., do not need to be re-engineered at all, and the existing restrictions can be directly lifted, which is very convenient.

Even at this moment, countless simple battleship production lines have been built in Kosha Realm, and countless moss dragon-class battleships are replacing their energy systems one by one. UU reading

It is expected that it will take up to 30 years for all the battleships of the more than 400 federal legions on the front line to complete the upgrade.

At that time, even if the 400-odd legions are the main fleet of the Norea Empire, which is 3-4 times harder, it will not be a problem at all.



Federal calendar 1968.

After more than a hundred years of waiting, Torrea finally waited for reinforcements from the empire.

With the new five fleet clusters, a full 5,000 legions, and the more than 2,400 legions that are here today, Torrea's troops instantly swelled to more than 7,400 legions, even more than before the war.

And what about the Commonwealth?

After discovering that a large number of fleets were approaching the Luoxi Realm, Lin Fan had already issued an order to let all the gathering fleets and the fleets carrying out other tasks return to the Kosha Realm.

At this moment, in the Kosha world.

The number of the federal fleet is as high as 650 corps, and the number of the alliance fleet has reached 1,450 corps, and the total strength directly exceeds 2,000 corps.

Although compared with the Norea Empire, the force is still less than one-third of theirs.

However, the quality of the battleship has risen a lot, a lot! !

Not to mention the rest, the 650 legions of the Federation alone, or the 3,000 legions of the Norrea Empire, are not empty.

And that's the kind of encounter.

If it is a defensive battle at the cross-border passage, it will be even more of a problem.


Federal calendar 1976.

After Torrea received reinforcements from five fleet groups, he immediately launched the offensive again.

After eight years, he finally reached the world of Tur, and the world of Kosha, where the alliance fleet is located...

See you next door!

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