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Chapter: 1263

2nd Black Tunnel Crusade 9

Norea Empire, mobile imperial capital.

"Your Majesty, now that we have arrived at the Tour Realm, should we attack directly, or continue to wait for the second batch of reinforcements from the empire to arrive?"

In the main hall, a minister was standing in front of Torrea and asked.

"Direct attack, but this time leave enough strength to guard the cross-border device and prevent the infidels from implementing anti-traveling tactics again!"

"Then we attack with 5,000 legions, and then leave the remaining 2,400 legions for defense?"

the minister asked.

"Yes, according to the results of the cross-border scan, the infidels now have 2,050 troops assembled, and 2,400 legions are enough for defense!"

"At the same time, this time, the mobile imperial capital will go together, and I will personally supervise the battle!"

Torrea waved his hand and said proudly.

He had already figured it out.

Leaving more than 2,400 legions, even if the opponent really does another full-strength anti-traveling tactics, even if it really relies on 2,050 legions to kill his own 2,400 legions...

That's okay too!

This is 2,400 legions. Even if they are defeated by the pagans, they cannot be killed in five days, at least it will take more than ten days.

Moreover, even if the pagans can really do it, they are definitely half-crippled.

At that time, I left 2,000 legions in the Kosha realm to block the door, and then took 3,000 legions to completely slaughter the heathen's homeland.

With enough troops, just play!

Of course, there is another possibility, that is, there is no anti-traveling tactics on the pagan side.

It doesn't matter.

Rather, such a development is more in line with Torrea's expectations.

Direct 5000 legions against 2050 legions, the winner will be determined in one battle!

Could it be that he still loses?


"Let all the soldiers rest, open the cross-border channel three days later, and start the attack!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"


At the same time, Kosha Realm.

Alliance virtual meeting room.

"According to the results of our cross-border scan, the Norea Empire has gathered 7,468 legions in the Tour Realm."

"We have reason to believe that they are about to launch a raid on Kosha Realm again!"

"At the same time, in order to prevent us from conducting anti-traveling operations again, there is a high probability that 2,000-3,000 legions will be left in the Tour Realm to protect the cross-border device."

"Although with our current strength, it is not a problem to solve these forces, but it is absolutely impossible to do it within five days."

"In other words, the tactic of destroying the cross-border device after anti-traveling will not work this time."

"So, we will fight a fierce battle directly in the Kosha world!"

When everyone arrived, Lin Fan first explained the situation.

I have to say that more than 7,000 legions are still quite bluffing, and Lin Fan also specifically said that it is impossible to use anti-traveling tactics this time.

This also means that the alliance fleet will fight against the Norea Empire fleet this time, and the opponent's force is more than three times its own.

Even if, as Lin Fan had guessed, the opponent would leave 2,000-3,000 legions for defense, the force to attack Koshajie would definitely be more than twice that of the alliance.

This is a very scary number.

after all...

The battleships of the Federation Fleet have been fully upgraded. Other civilizations in the alliance do not know about it, and only a few core civilizations know about it.

"Marshal, besides the defensive battle at the entrance, do we have any other tactical arrangements this time?"

After Lin Fan finished speaking, the participants of each civilization also discussed each other in a low voice for a while.

Gu Ye

Immediately, a representative of an alliance member asked.

This is an issue they are more concerned about.

After all, in their opinion, if it is just a defensive battle at the entrance, the current size of 2,000 legions cannot stop the 5,000 or so legions of the Norea Empire.

If it is hard, they really can't see any chance of winning.

"Naturally there is."

"We have formulated multiple sets of tactics for backup, but it depends on the specific actions of the Norea Empire at that time to determine which tactics to choose to deal with!"

"Specific tactical instructions will be sent to the military chiefs of each civilization later."

"Do you have any other questions?"

Nodding, Lin Fan said.

"Marshal, is there really no possibility of reconciliation between us and the Norea Empire?"

"After all, even if we win this time, they will send more fleets next time, won't they?"

At this time, someone stood up and asked.

And this question has also changed the face of many people.

Before the war, it is obviously out of place to talk about this, and it is also suspected of confusing the military.

"From us to the Norea Empire, there are nearly a hundred black chamber realms in the middle, and there are even thousands of black chamber realms extending around!"

"Let's not talk about the far places. After all, we can't detect it now. Let's talk about the section from the Tuer realm to the Luoxi realm, plus there are nearly a hundred extended black cavity realms, but what's the result?"

"Let alone a civilization of intelligent creatures, the kingdom of Norea didn't even spare animals and plants, and all the black chamber worlds became dead worlds."

"In their eyes, as long as it is life, no matter what form it takes, it is a heretic!"

"So ~~ do you think there is a possibility of reconciliation?"

"Or do you think our alliance is special in their eyes and will not be slaughtered by them?"

Originally, Lin Fan didn't want to answer this stupid question.

But after thinking about it, let's answer it. After all, apart from the core civilization, other civilizations in the alliance don't know much about the sweepers dominated by black-pitched consciousness.

Then, just use the hundreds of black tunic worlds that were slaughtered by Norea as an example to warn them not to have any speculative ideas.

it's useless!

And when Lin Fan said this, he just opened his mouth to ask about the representative of the Katis Kingdom, but he was speechless.

They do want to speculate.

But after listening to Lin Fan's words, he was silent at the moment.

During these years, they also know a little about the Federation's trips to those black-speaking worlds to develop resources.

And they also know what happened to the hundreds of black chambers.

However, Katis Kingdom, who was thinking about speculation, forgot about it.

Now, after being mentioned by Lin Fan, the representative is also in a cold sweat.

Yes, those guys don't even let plants go, as long as they are life, they will all slaughter...

What is the point of this speculation?

"Okay, there will be specific documents on how the fleets of various civilizations will be deployed later. If there are no other problems, we will break up the meeting!"

Lin Fan, who was not ready to talk nonsense any more, looked around and said.



three days later.

A message spread across the entire league in an instant.

The Kingdom of Katis in the Realm of Tur has opened a cross-border passage to the Realm of Kosha and has begun to march.


It will start in a year!

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