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Chapter: 1264

2nd Black Chamber Holy War 10

Federal calendar 1977.

Kosha world.

Outside a huge passage, within a distance of ten standard black chamber units, seven lines of defense and more than 2,000 legions have been deployed.

All the soldiers in the battleship had ended their vacation three days ago, and now they are all on guard at their combat posts.

At this moment, the original mirror-like energy wall at the entrance of the channel suddenly appeared ripples.

It was clear to everyone that this was a precursor to something about to fly out of it.

next moment.

Countless battleships have slowly sailed out.

Also at this moment, the 200 legions on the first line of defense...


For both sides, this is a very crucial battle, and finally kicked off the curtain.


"Let the reserve fleet add a star-class fleet to the A-302 defense area!"

"Notify the defenders of zone C-107, adjust the attack direction, form crossfire with the defenders of zone C-025, and focus on attacking the flanks of the enemy fleet!"

"Order the special assault corps to carry out a wave of assaults along corridor 107, and blast away the other party's corps that is trying to build a bridgehead line of defense!"


In the front-line command center of the first line of defense, Wang Hai, the commander, is constantly issuing various orders.

It has been half an hour since the war started.

The two sides repeatedly made various deployment adjustments in an attempt to steer the war situation to their own advantage.

The Norea Empire wanted to build a simple line of defense as soon as possible, prop up the prototype of a bridgehead, and provide a relatively safe landing area for the fleets that arrived later.

And Wang Hai's side is doing all they can to sabotage their attempt.

Try to extend the favorable time of the alliance as much as possible.

After all, in the initial stage, since the number of troops on both sides was extremely unequal, it was quite beneficial to the alliance.

And if the Norea Empire wants to break this situation, it needs to build a bridgehead as soon as possible, so as to shorten the favorable time for the defending side to the shortest possible time.

In short, the two sides do not give in to each other.

Constantly test the commander's endurance and tactical ability.

"Commander, the number of fleets arriving in the Norea Empire has reached 20 legions."

"Notify all defense areas, consciously avoid the front line of the opponent, concentrate firepower on their flanks, and force them to shrink their forces!"


"At the same time, send a letter to the base camp, requesting permission to fire Chaos No. 7!"

"Yes, Commander!"

After hundreds of years, the Federation has once again produced four chaos ray launchers, as well as a dedicated carrier battleship.

Thanks to the development of a new energy core, the charging time has also been reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours.

In other words, when the 5,000 corps of the Norea Empire fully arrived, the Federation had a total of 70 firing opportunities.

"Commander, the fire authority has been obtained, and the control of Chaos No. 7 has been connected!"

"Order Chaos No. 7 to move to the B-077 zone and deploy the Chaos Ray Device!"

"Yes, the order has been sent, Chaos No. 7 is moving towards the target area, and it is expected to be in place in 7 minutes!"

"Very good, let the defenders on the defense line work harder, push the two wings of the Norea fleet back to me, and force them to gather in the center!"

"Yes, Commander!"

On the first line of defense, the firepower projection method has been changed at this moment, no longer focusing on attacking the front of the Norea fleet, but focusing on the flanks.

In this case, the Norea Empire's fleet could only close up its flanks and try to take the opportunity to stabilize the simple defense line constructed in the front of the fleet.

Gu skin

As long as this line of defense is firmly occupied, a relatively safe fleet landing area will be created at the rear.

Finally, relying on this defense zone and the fleets that are constantly arriving, a larger defense line is gradually established in the outer circle, and the bridgehead is completely erected.

However, Norea's commander had forgotten the strategic weapons used by the Federation in previous battles.


After a few minutes.

The command center of the first line of defense.

"Commander, Chaos No. 7 is already in place!"

"Very good, simulate it and calculate the estimated kill value!"

"The calculation has been completed. The current fleet of Norea Empire is 27 legions. After Chaos No. 7 attacks at its current position, the destruction rate will be between %."

"Enough, notify the fleet on the ray to start avoiding!"

"The order has been sent and is expected to complete in 67 seconds."

After nodding, Wang Hai stared at the real-time battlefield model in front of him.

I saw the Alliance battleship in front of Chaos No. 7, moving quickly to both sides.

Soon, after more than a minute, there was no friendly fleet in front of Chaos No. 7.

And since this was just a small fleet movement within the defense, it did not attract the attention of the frontline commander of the Norea Empire.

"Commander, the front of Chaos No. 7 has been cleared!"

"Start irradiating, the target cross-border passage!"

"Understood, Chaos No. 7, the irradiation starts, the target cross-border passage!"

As the characteristic battleship equipped with the chaotic ray device trembled, an invisible and colorless energy was released. Wherever it passed, the space became blurred, as if it had a blur effect. generally.

The next moment, this ray has penetrated the entire Norea fleet.

After a while, all the things that were swallowed were torn apart, torn apart repeatedly, until they turned into nothingness, and there was nothing left.

"Report, Chaos No. 7 irradiation is over!"

"Statistical results!"

"Yes, according to preliminary calculations, a total of 26.3 legions of the local fleet were destroyed, and the destruction rate reached 91%."

"Order all the fleets on the line of defense to concentrate firepower to completely destroy the remaining fleets when the opponent's subsequent fleets cannot be replenished!"

"Yes, Commander!"


Behind the first line of defense, at about ten standard black chamber units.

Alliance fleet base camp, command center.

"Wang Hai did a good job. According to this, in the first line of defense, they should be able to eat more than 300 of their legions."

"However, after the first time, the second use of Chaos Ray should not have such a good destruction rate."

"It's okay, Wang Hai will have a solution, this kid is shrewd!"


Hearing this, Liang Xue also nodded.

In any case, Wang Hai is the commander in the Federation, known as the commander whose command style is most similar to Lin Fan.

The same like to play cards out of common sense, the same...

A belly of bad water!

"By the way, what happened to Luo Li?"

"It shouldn't be a mistake, three months if it's fast, and half a year if it's slow!"

"Well, as long as the ultra-cross-border device can be completed, even if the Norea Empire comes to tens of thousands of legions at one time in the future, we don't have to worry about it, we can take it down very easily!"

Nodding, Lin Fan said.

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