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Chapter: 1265

2nd Black Chamber Holy War 11

The fleet in the first line of defense had been fighting for eight hours.

Although there is such a big killer as Chaos Ray, it cannot be used for the first line of defense.

After all, charging also takes time. If the first line of defense is exhausted, the next line of defense must wait for 12 hours to complete the charging before it can be used.

If there is an emergency, and the charging is not over, it is not very good.

Therefore, allotted to the first line of defense, there are only three opportunities to fire.

Now, these three opportunities have all been used up, and the Norea Empire fleet at the entrance is also gathering more and more, and the number exceeds one hundred legions.

"Commander, the base camp orders, let us abandon the first line of defense and retreat to the rear to rest."

"Understood, order all fleets, the warships do not turn around, and retreat in an orderly manner while maintaining firepower."

"Yes, Commander!"

This retreat is also very particular. If you turn around and run, there is a high probability that the other party will chase after you and beat you.

By the way, take advantage of this opportunity, use your retreating fleet as cover, and rush into the second line of defense to melee, providing more time for assembly at the entrance.

However, Wang Hai would not give them this chance.

Although the speed will be much slower if you don't turn around and retreat, but it doesn't matter.

As long as the firepower is maintained, the other party cannot directly post it, and the second line of defense can be smoothly handed over.

At the same time, the Alliance Fleet Base Camp.

"Marshal, Wang Hai's fleet has begun to retreat."

"Well, is the first stage of battle damage statistics finished?"

"Marshal is ready. In the first stage, our fleet lost 68 armies of battleships, and the local fleet lost 335 armies of battleships!"

"Sure enough, it's still a bit reluctant to rely on the alliance fleet!"

After eight hours of fighting, the damage was almost 1:5, but Lin Fan showed that he was not very satisfied.

However, the fleets deployed in the first line of defense are all alliance warships, not federal warships.

In terms of combat power alone, although the combined battleship is slightly stronger than Norea's, the strength is limited.

After the number of the opponent's fleet increases, the loss of one's own side will naturally also soar, and it is very good to be able to achieve this result.

After about ten minutes.

The fleet in the first line of defense commanded by Wang Hai had already retreated behind the second line of defense, and the more the defenders of the second line of defense took over the battle immediately.

Of course, because the distance from the cross-border channel is farther, there are more fleets on the second line of defense.

There are a full 500 legions, and there are 200 legions behind the defense line as a reserve team, which can fill the vacancies in the defense line at any time. The commander is Lin Yu.

Like the first line of defense, there are also no federal warships here, and they are all composed of coalition warships from various alliances.

Five hundred legions against 120 legions.

The forces of the Norea Empire, which had finally been pulled closer, were pulled apart once again.

The advantage of poor troops was formed in an instant.

Lin Fan's goal for Lin Yu was to stick to the second line of defense for at least 2 days and eliminate more than 1,000 legions of the opponent.

At the same time, five Chaos Ray Carriers will be authorized for his use.

In two days, the Norea Empire can roughly send 2,000 legions through the cross-border channel.

Although 700 legions against 2000 legions, it seems a little unrealistic.


The 2,000 legions of the Norea Empire did not arrive together, but gradually arrived in two days.

Therefore, at least on the first day, Lin Yu will always have the advantage in terms of troops.

Gu Shi

As for the second day, the ability of the frontline commander will be tested.

In general, it is not difficult to hold on for two days, but the difficulty is **** the opponent's army of more than 1,000.

After all, with the number of legions here, no matter how poor the commanding ability of 700 legions is, they will not be wiped out in two days.

You must know that the reason why Wang Hai was able to kill more than 300 legions in eight hours was because one was blocking the opponent at the entrance to kill, and the other was because of the support of Chaos Ray.

And the Norea Empire doesn't carry such...

A strategic super weapon.


Soon, another whole day passed, and from the beginning of the war, 32 hours had passed.

During this day, it was basically the same as what Lin Fan had predicted, and the development was quite satisfactory.

With the advantage of troops and the five carrier ships of Chaos Ray, although the battle damage was slightly higher than the first eight hours of the first line of defense, it also scored a score of 1:3.6.

The Alliance lost 149 legions and the Norea Empire lost 536 legions.

But as the battle of the second line of defense entered the second day, the fleet gathered by the Norea Empire was almost equal to the alliance fleet on the line of defense.

Military advantage...

Almost gone.

However, Lin Yu has been holding back all the time, waiting to give Norea Empire a ruthless blow.

"Commander, Chaos No. 1 to No. 5 have all moved into place!"

"Is the enemy moving?"

"No, it's still the same as before, keep the front side unfolding horizontally!"

"Very good, notify the fleet on the ray to avoid it immediately!"

"Understood, the order has been issued, and it is expected to be completed in 57 seconds."

If you want to describe the current battlefield, UU read, then the alliance's side is centered on the cross-border passage, and a mesh defense structure is arranged.

As for the fleet of the Norea Empire, it was facing the center of the defense line and spread out horizontally.

It stands to reason that this is not a very good formation, but why did the fleet of the Norea Empire choose this way?

This is to say that Lin Yu spent a day setting up the set.

During this day, each of the five Chaos Ray carrier ships in Lin Yu's hands had fired 2 rounds, that is to say, they had attacked ten times.

And this kind of strategic weapon is also what the Norea Empire pays special attention to now.

Then, obviously, the Norea Empire will definitely make various corresponding deployments for this weapon in order to minimize casualties.

So, Lin Yu made a decision.

Fire ten times, all irradiated from the center of the defense line!

Since then, unknowingly, it has left a wrong thinking to the Norea Empire, that is...

The enemy's super weapon is fixed and erected, and in the second line of defense, it is only driven in the center of the line of defense.

Therefore, after seeing this "weakness" of the Alliance fleet, the front-line commander of the Norea Empire immediately made adjustments, completely facing the center point of the defense line, and then spread out horizontally.

In this way, the Chaos Ray on the Alliance's side, at most, is to open a hole in its fleet, and it will not cause too much loss.

The last two of the ten firings, the kills of the two rounds of irradiation, did not even reach the five legions.

And this also proves that their tactics are correct.

But they didn't know that all of this was just a trick from Lin Yu.


They actually got into it honestly.

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