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Chapter: 1266

2nd Black Chamber Holy War 12


Chaos No. 1 to No. 4 have quietly moved to both sides of the defense line.

According to the current position, once fired, it will directly sweep across the entire horizontal array of Norea.

It feels as if the other party has actively stuffed all the fleets into your killing range, making your attack extremely comfortable.

"Commander, fleets on all rays have avoided!"

"Chaos No. 1 to No. 4, start illuminating!"

"Yes, Chaos No. 1 to No. 4, the irradiation begins!"

Four full...

The same invisible and colorless energy was suddenly released, and it devoured the nearly half-horizontal array of the Norea Empire in an instant.

Wherever it passed, everything was torn apart, torn repeatedly, until it turned into nothingness, and there was nothing left.

"Report, Chaos No. 1 to No. 4 irradiation is complete!"

"Statistical results!"

"Yes, according to preliminary calculations, a total of 285 legions of the enemy fleet were destroyed, and the destruction rate reached 51%."

"Monitor the movements of the Norea Empire and let me know immediately if there are any changes!"

"Yes, Commander!"

Four Chaos Ray Carriers, destroying 285 Legions in one wave.

Before, whether it was the first line of defense or the second line of defense, among the more than ten firings, the one that killed the most was only 31 legions.

And this time, an average of each Chaos Ray destroyed a Legion.

This is due to the fact that the size of the opposing fleet has become larger.

But the main reason is that Lin Yu gave them a set, and let the commander of the Norea Empire deploy the fleet exactly as Lin Yu wanted...

That's what made this time the outcome so lucrative.


It's not over yet.

Chaos 5 hasn't launched yet!

Lin Yu is waiting, waiting for the other party to enter the set again as he expected!

Soon, in just a few minutes...

The good news that Lin Yu was waiting for is here!

"Report to the commander, the surviving fleet of the Norea Empire is gathering and gathering towards the center!"

"Continue to monitor and notify me when its central density reaches saturation!"

"Yes, Commander!"

Being bombarded with strategic weapons directly from the two wings caused the loss of nearly 300 legions in an instant, which also made the frontline commander of the Norea Empire react.

It turned out that the day before was all acting!

The super weapons on the opponent's defense line are not fixed at all, but can be moved.

The reason why the first ten rounds of attacks were all launched in the same position is to make oneself delusional, so as to arrange the formation according to the intention of the other party.

It's completely out of my own pocket.

When he wanted to understand this, he also immediately asked his men to lock the four chaos ray carrier ships and track their positions at all times.

At the same time, since the opponent has deployed the super weapon on both sides, and he has locked their position, then immediately change the formation.

After that, as long as you can follow the positions of these weapons at any time, and make adjustments to the formation while they are moving, there will be no problem.

However, he didn't know that these four were not all of the alliance.

After all, if you think about it normally, it is natural to use as many opportunities as you have just now. There is no reason to leave the others untouched, right?

If you really want to say in terms of killing efficiency, it is indeed the case.

However, in addition to the amount of damage, Lin Yu has other considerations.

Besides, when the Norea Empire's fleet is concentrated in the center, the one-shot effect of Chaos V...

Not necessarily worse than before.


After a few minutes.

"Commander, the fleet of the Norea Empire, the central array is nearly saturated, and the rest of the fleet no longer moves closer to the center, but is deployed on the outside!"

"Start Chaos No. 5, the target is to calibrate the center of the enemy fleet array!"

"Yes, Chaos No. 5 has been activated, the target has been calibrated, and 68 legions are expected to be within the irradiation range."

"Empty the rays and prepare to irradiate!"

"Yes, the order has been issued, the fleet on the ray is evading, and it is expected to be completed in 35 seconds."


"Commander, the beam is clear!"

"Start irradiating!"

"Yes, the irradiation starts!"

When Lin Yu's order was issued, Chaos No. 5 trembled slightly. The colorless, invisible, but terrifying rays were released once again, and instantly penetrated the center of the Norea Empire fleet array. dense part.

In the end, according to statistics, this blow once again killed 67.5 legions.

With the last blow, a total of 352.5 legions of the Norrea Empire were wiped out.

Originally, after a day's time, the Imperial Fleet had gathered more than 550 legions in the Kosha Realm, which was even equal to the current strength of the Alliance's second line of defense.

But just this time...

It can be said that it was once back before liberation.

More than 550 legions, instantly changed back to 200 legions.

From the battle of the second line of defense, the loss of the Norea Empire reached nearly 900 legions in one day.

All this has to do with the target that Lin Fan set for him.

It's only one day!

On the other side, the frontline commander of the Norea Empire was completely stunned.

The two consecutive major blows made him not dare to make new deployments for a while.

I am afraid that my next deployment is still in the calculation of the other party, and I will be hit hard again!

It can be said that at this moment, he is completely useless. UU reading

Unless you can get out of this shadow and get back on your feet.

But in the short term, it should be impossible!


In the cross-border passage, the Norea Empire, the mobile imperial palace.

"What the **** is that guy doing in Cherros, according to his command, no amount of fleets in the Empire is enough for him to squander!"

"Pass my order, contact the frontline command of Cherros, and Raps will take over!"

"Tell Laps at the same time, I don't want to see Cherros's situation!"

Originally, after seeing the smooth progress of the day, even after seeing Cherros spreading the fleet horizontally, the last two enemy super weapons only caused very little damage.

At that time, Torreya was still in front of all the ministers, complimenting Cherros, his ability was outstanding, he was able to use his brain, and he was an excellent fleet commander.

But now, he has forgotten these.

also forgot...

At the beginning, he also failed to see the trick set by Lin Yu!

Of course, in front of the furious Torrea, no one dared to mention this.

Slap the emperor in the face?

Sorry everyone is not stupid...


Soon, when Torrea's order was passed to the front.

Cherros was immediately relieved of command.

However, after hearing this order, Chierros didn't feel any frustration, but heaved a sigh of relief.

After that, Raps took over command and gave the first order.

Disperse all fleets in units of legions and evenly distribute them in all spaces within the local second line of defense!

This is to deal with the Federation's strategic-level superweapon.

However, after seeing the fleet changes of the Norea Empire, Lin Yu spit out two words...


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