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Chapter: 1277

The 2nd Black Tunnel Crusade End

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in the cross-border channel.

"Your Majesty, the battle in the Kosha world is over!"

"How many people have we managed to escape?"

"About 1.3 million black voices, 687 legions, and 9 shadow legions were successfully evacuated because they did not participate in the war."

"So, with the troops remaining in the Tour Realm, we still have 3,187 main armies, 9 shadow armies, and 2.3 million black cavity battle groups?"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

"Damn heretics, let you be proud for a while, I'll be back sooner or later!"

8,000 legions, 5 million black-hearted beings, now only this is left.

Torrea gritted his teeth.


a month later.

Kosha world.

When the battle ended a month ago, Lin Fan did not immediately enter the world of Tur, but let the army rest for a month.

After all, there is a time difference of four months, so there is no need to hurry.

"Marshal, all the rest personnel have returned to the fleet, and all fleets are ready to attack!"

In the bridge, Liang Xue watched all kinds of news from his terminal and reported it.

"The order to open the cross-border channel, the federal fleet takes the lead, and let all the guardians of civilization before the fifth level set off with the vanguard, including this ship!"

"I want to open the situation as soon as possible!"

Generally speaking, the cannon fodder fleet takes the lead when fighting such a tough battle at the entrance.

The purpose is to let the main fleet enter after the bridgehead is established.

After all, the vanguard troops are facing a huge difference in strength, and the losses must be serious, right?

But this time, Lin Fan was going to turn it around and let the Federal Fleet take the lead, and even the strongest group of black-faced beings were placed at the forefront.

And the powerful moss dragon-class battleship is the source of the confidence for him to make such a decision.

"Yes, Marshal!"

At the same time, within the cross-border channel.

"Your Majesty, the defenders of the Tour Realm report that a cross-border passage has been opened in the Kosha Realm, and the exit location is not far from our cross-border installation in the Tour Realm!"

"Don't worry about it, after all, they don't dare to go through our passage now, otherwise, when we reach the Tour Realm and close the passage directly, they will all be finished!"

"That's how it is..."

Hearing this, the ministers also nodded.

Indeed, in this case, taking the imperial channel is suicide.

Therefore, if you open a channel yourself, it is an inevitable choice.

"Then, Your Majesty, what should we do after we arrive at the Tour Realm?"

"What else can we do, everyone is chasing after them, of course, we are taking advantage of the geographical advantage to directly fight a defensive battle at the entrance!"

"But didn't we originally plan to retreat to the rear?"

"Retreat, are you stupid, as long as people go to the Tour Realm and destroy the cross-border device, won't we all be finished?"

Torrea said angrily, at a critical time, these guys are really all...

"In short, once we meet with the defenders of the Tour Realm, we still have enough troops in our hands. In addition to the defensive battle at the entrance, the winning rate is at least 80%!"

Torrea said confidently.


The defense battle he envisioned at the entrance is destined to fail.

It would be better to say that they can fight, but the number of troops on the defensive side is much less than he imagined!


eight months later.

Tour circle.

Norea Empire defending command ship.

"Commander Arthur, according to the time, His Majesty should arrive in three months, and in half a year, the pagan fleet will also arrive."

"Well, you can inform all the personnel who have rested in each universe to return to the fleet, and prepare to welcome His Majesty!"

"Understood, I'm going to order now, and all personnel can return within a week!"

The deputy nodded.

After all, it was still early before the pagan fleet arrived, so Arthur sent half of the fleet to various universes to rest.

You must know that ordinary soldiers who are not black-cavity lifeforms are prone to various psychological negative emotions if they leave the life planet for a long time.

Therefore, rest is necessary.

The reason why Lin Fan let the fleet rest for a month before setting off was also because of this.

However, Arthur didn't know that this time's rest became his reminder.

"Report, there is an energy reaction in the cross-border passage of the pagans, and something is coming!"

"Impossible, it's only eight months, they should arrive at least ten months later, recalculate the data to see if the calculation is wrong!"

"It has been recalculated three times, and there is no error!"

"Damn, what happened, immediately let all the defenders enter the defense line, prepare for battle, and let the rested fleet return to the defense line as quickly as possible!"

"Yes, Commander!"

However, it was too late.

The next moment, the federal fleet had already rushed out of the passage, and even out together, there was Lin Fan, a sixth-level existence, and nearly a hundred fifth-level civilization guardians.

Unprepared, and even the Imperial Fleet, which did not even have a complete line of defense, was caught off guard.

Under the powerful attack, it was directly destroyed.


Five hours later.

"Marshal, we have annihilated 80% of the enemy's fleet at the entrance of the passage, and the remaining fleet is sticking to the cross-border passage device. UU reading"

"Has the Chaos Ray carrier arrived?"

"Arrival in three minutes!"

"After the chaos ray carrier arrives, use it directly, don't waste any more time!"


Soon, three minutes passed, and the seven chaos ray carrier ships finally passed through the passage and arrived here.

After entering the attacking position, they fired directly at Lin Fan's order, or the seven carrier ships fired at the same time, directly tearing up the participating enemies together with the cross-border device.


At the same time, in the cross-border passage of the Norea Empire.

"Damn, that idiot Arthur, what kind of rest does the fleet have to do with this time?"

"It's an idiot, the entire fleet was killed by him!"

Looking at the information from the Tour Realm, Torrea was literally blown away.

Only, this isn't even worse news.

"Your Majesty, it's not good, the passage is starting to collapse!"

"How can it be..."

Torrea's eyes widened directly, with a look of disbelief.

Is it...

Has the crossover device been destroyed?

Thinking of this, Torrea couldn't help but look around.

At this moment, all the space collapsed in pieces like a broken mirror.

The next moment, Torrea had lost all senses.

He understands that at this moment, he has fallen into the gap between the black cavity world and the black cavity world...



Tour circle.

"Marshal, the remnants of the enemy have all been wiped out, and the cross-border passage has also been destroyed!"

"Find out all the enemy's remaining fleets in the Tour Realm, and let the staff formulate a settlement plan!"

"Yes, Marshal!"

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