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Chapter: 1278

Deprivation of post war distribution rights

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Federal calendar 1978.

The battle, known as the Second Black Opinion Holy War by later generations, officially came to an end with the destruction of the last Imperial battleship in the world of Tour.

The total strength of the two sides involved in the battle was as high as nearly 14,000 legions, which was called the largest battle in the history of the Federation.

Although nearly 12,000 legions of the Norea Empire were wiped out in one fell swoop, the losses on the Alliance side were also as high as thousands of legions.

This has almost halved the size of the fleet that the Alliance has built over the years.

Therefore, even if the final victory is obtained, the alliance side is also injured.

However, this is for the Alliance, the loss of the Federation is actually not bad, it is about 10% of the fighting force, and it looks like more than 50 legions.

But that doesn't mean the end.

The Norea Empire still exists. From their basic point of view, it is not very difficult to organize tens of thousands of legions.

The only consolation is that almost 90% of the black-faced lives of the Norea Empire were buried here.

In other words, even if they reorganized the fleet, there would not be so many high-quality black-cavity lifeforms.


Alliance core member conference room.

"Next, the alliance army in the Tour Realm will move forward until here!"

Pointing to a place in the black cavity space map, Lin Fan said.

And the place he was referring to was the super-large node-style Black Chamber Realm, the Xiluo Realm, to which the Norea Empire strategically retreated.

As long as you occupy this place, you can basically ensure the safety of the hundreds of black cavity circles behind.

"Marshal Lin Fan is also trying to seize the node, so why not push it forward? After all, between us and the Norea Empire, there are several more nodes in the black cavity world!"

Below, the Emperor Valery of the Tello Empire asked.

In his thinking, the reason why Lin Fan wants to occupy this node is naturally to ensure the safety of the more than 100 unowned Heiqiang realms behind, so that all civilizations in the alliance can develop with confidence, and with the help of the resources of these Heiqiang realms, Rapid recovery, and even a substantial increase in strength.

So why not move forward a little further?

"Your Majesty, if we continue to move forward, on the one hand, we cannot have the energy to develop more Heiqiang realms for hundreds of years. It's too time consuming!"

Before Lin Fan could answer, Montero, who was beside Valery, spoke first.

Indeed, to continue to push the defensive point forward, if it is twenty or even thirty Heiqiang realms from the local core area, it will take decades to send troops up.

You can't move all the battleship production lines to the front, can you?

Hearing this, Valery also reacted.

I just think about getting more space, but ignore the distance problem.

Before the further breakthrough of cross-border technology, the position of Xiluojie was enough to take the lead, and it would take ten years to even send a fleet from the mainland to Xiluojie.

If this goes further, the problem will be bigger.

Therefore, whether it is the age of the mother star, the age of the universe, or the current era of Heiqiang, there is a reason that will never be out of date.

The more advanced your transportation is, the more territory you can control!

Otherwise, problems will arise sooner or later.

"Montero is right. Before our cross-border technology is further developed, the Xiluo world is already the limit of the distance we can barely bear."

"Next, we will have a good chat about how the 112 Heiqiang realms should be allocated between the Xiluo realm and the federal realm!"

Lin Fan's voice fell, and everyone's eyes instantly lit up.

This is real, about the core interests of every civilization.

"First of all, our alliance now has 59 god-level civilizations, and all of them participated in the Kosha campaign this time, but..."

"Some civilizations make me very dissatisfied. Take the Kingdom of Katis, it has been almost a thousand years, and this time it only provided the strength of five legions!"

"And the Kingdom of Katis is not an exception. 37 of the 59 civilizations provide less than 10 legions!"

"Are these civilizations depopulated? No!"

"Do these civilizations have no resources to build fleets? Neither!"

"They're used to enjoying it!"

"While enjoying the protection of the alliance, I continue to reap the war dividends of the alliance. In the end, I just symbolically built a few fleets, and spent most of the resources on various enjoyments!"

"Look at the Kingdom of Katis, the newly built palace alone cost enough to build five legions, and its level of luxury is the highest in the entire alliance!"

"Therefore, for the distribution of the Heiqiang world this time, my thinking is that all civilizations with less than 1% of the alliance fleet participating in the war will be deprived of the right of distribution!"

"Our alliance, do not raise waste!"

1% of the total force?

The total force before and after the alliance was about 2,200 legions, or 22 legions in one percent!

In this way, among the 59 civilizations, more than 37 civilizations will be deprived of the right to distribute?

Everyone is thinking, UU reading www.uukanshu. Is it appropriate to deprive so many civilizations of their post-war distribution rights?

"I agree!"

At this moment, Valery was the first to speak.

In this war, in addition to the Federation, the Taylor Empire was the most active, dispatching a full 200 legions.

Therefore, Valery is obviously very dismissive of those civilizations that only dispatch five and ten legions.

And with Valery taking the lead, more people soon agreed.

But at the same time, some people are hesitant.

"Marshal Lin Fan, if it is said that they should be allocated less, then it will be no problem, but if the right to be allocated is completely deprived, will it be..."

"Is it causing instability in the alliance?"

Before the emperor of the Gem Empire could finish speaking, Lin Fan asked with a smile.

"Yes, I'm just worried about this. After all, if there is no allocation at all, I'm afraid they will cause trouble, which will eventually lead to the internal instability of the alliance."

"To make trouble, why do they make trouble? With their mouths? The alliance has been established for thousands of years, so many people have forgotten that this world is about fists!"

Lin Fan said disdainfully.

As he said, the alliance has been established for thousands of years, and these civilizations are used to it and start to drift.

But this time Lin Fan wanted to tell them that the Alliance does not raise waste!

If you want to do house squats, get me out of the league!

If you want to stay in the league, then show me your worth!

As for wanting to make trouble...

Then your entire civilization doesn't have to exist!

If Lin Fan could tolerate them normally, what is the situation now?

Seventeen sweepers are threatening the alliance all the time, and Lin Fan has no time to play house games with them!

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