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Chapter: 1279

Batch build black cavity life forms

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After hearing Lin Fan's words, the entire conference room was silent for a while.

Even Lin Zhen fell silent.

Indeed, when there is no crisis, the current alliance system is still very suitable.

However, in the face of war, the current system is somewhat inappropriate.

Those civilizations that do not seek progress, while enjoying the comfort brought by this alliance, continue to pocket various war dividends.

And what did they do?

did nothing!

Even every time it's just a war it's just a token effort, and then continue to enjoy everything as if those wars had nothing to do with them.

Lin Fan's meaning was already clear. The alliance needs to be streamlined, and more resources should be concentrated in the hands of civilizations that are really willing to handle it for the alliance, rather than those worms.

This deprivation of distribution rights is actually a warning.

If this continues in the future, I'm sorry, the alliance does not raise waste!

And what the consequences of being kicked out of the league will be, everyone knows.

"So, raise your hands to vote!"

After pondering for a long time, Lin Zhen said.

Immediately, people raised their hands one after another...


The next day, the Alliance issued a notice to all civilizations.

According to the unanimous vote of the core civilizations of the alliance, any civilization that sent troops in this battle less than 1% of the total troops will be deprived of the distribution rights of the black voice world that the alliance obtained after the battle of Kosha.

This announcement is like poking a hornet's nest.

You must know that among the 59 civilizations, there are 41 civilizations that do not meet this requirement.

In other words, as many as 70% of the civilizations in the alliance will be forcibly deprived of this post-war distribution right, how can they bear it?

Immediately, one by one, they protested at the alliance meeting, which was very lively.


Far from ignoring their protests, the league's inner core even introduced a new rule.

Each civilization must invest at least 30% of its output into the construction of the fleet, otherwise, the next battle will also not be given the right to distribute after the war.

This time, many civilizations are directly fried!

In the past, they invested less than 5% of the resources in the fleet, and now they are required to invest at least 30%...

They who are accustomed to comfort and enjoyment are naturally unacceptable.

Among them, the most troubled is the Kingdom of Katis, who even shouted that if the top management of the alliance did not withdraw this decision, they would withdraw from the alliance.

Well, Lin Fan originally needed to kill the chicken to warn the monkey, but now the chicken has been delivered to the door by himself, isn't it right?

As a result, the alliance issued another notice.

It is a pity that the Kingdom of Katis has made such a decision, but this decision of the alliance will not change, and after high-level deliberation, the Kingdom of Katis has been approved to withdraw from the alliance.

This time, the king of Katis Kingdom was dumbfounded.

Just kidding myself, why was he really kicked out of the league?

What does it mean to quit the league?

It means that the kingdom of Katis is no longer protected by the alliance, and at the same time, any civilization in the alliance that attacks the kingdom of Katis will not be punished!

This is no different from directly pushing the Cadiz Kingdom to the guillotine.

Immediately, the emperor of Kaidis Kingdom regretted it, crying and shouting to return to the alliance.


No matter how he cried, the Alliance ignored him completely.

A month later, with the acquiescence of the alliance, the two civilizations in the same black world with the Kingdom of Katis brazenly launched an invasion.

A year later, the kingdom of Katis was destroyed, and all the universes occupied by its civilization were captured by these two civilizations.

And all the core civilizations of the alliance are completely disregarding such behavior.

So far, no civilization has dared to make trouble.


Through the matter of the Kingdom of Cadia, the Federation has clearly told all civilizations what the result of the trouble will be!

Expulsion from the league?

Wrong, it is the complete destruction of civilization!


Away from the Black Dragon Realm, hundreds of black chamber realms, in the Norrea Empire, at this moment, they are also making every effort to prepare for the war.

After Torreya's death, the commander-in-chief of the First Fleet Group who stayed behind in the Empire, Orix took over the power, and was given the ability to communicate with the black-pitched consciousness soon after, thus becoming a new generation of the Empire's messenger, and also a new one-time emperor.

After this, he did not immediately set up an expedition fleet to attack the alliance again, but started the priest plan.

The so-called priest plan, as mentioned before, uses special means to directly create black cavity life forms in batches.

Of course, although this approach can quickly create a huge number of black-chambered beings, these black-chambered life forms will only be at the first level throughout their lives, and will never be able to take an inch.

Normally, Oryx would not do this.

However, the entire empire has only 5 million black-cavity lifeforms, of which 5 million were directly buried in the two expeditions, so that the remaining number of black-cavity life in the empire today is even less than 500,000.

Therefore, the empire needs a lot of black-cavity life, otherwise this war can't be fought at all.

However, the black cavity life forms cannot be replenished in a short time.

Therefore, Oryx had to activate the priest plan, in order to create tens of millions of black cavity life forms in a short period of time.

Although the quality is not good, UU reading www. But at least the number is strong enough isn't it?


Federal calendar 2008.

Thirty years have passed since the destruction of the Cadiz Kingdom.

Today, among the 58 god-level civilizations in the alliance, even the slowest one has formed 30 alliance-standard legions.

Sure enough, if you want to do it, you can still do it, right?

The reason why it couldn't be done before is because

Looking at the report in his hand, Lin Fan pouted, thinking so.

After reading the latest military statistics of the various civilizations of the Federation, Lin Fan once again called up the progress of several key scientific research projects of the Federation.

As far as the current federation is concerned, although it is okay to deal with the Norea Empire, it is still a long way to deal with other sweepers, especially...

The one who participated in the war with the Great Xia Federation is now the Silbera Empire, which is the pinnacle of the seventh-order black cavity civilization.

This is the real enemy of the Federation.

If it weren't for the fact that they were too far away from the Federation, I'm afraid that if they just dispatched a fleet, they could completely ravage the entire Canglong Alliance.

Therefore, the advancement of civilization, the level of technological advancement, and the amount of high-end combat power are the most important things that determine this war.

At this moment, in the report unfolding in front of the Federation, the row of huge headlines is extremely eye-catching.

The mass production plan of black cavity life forms!

That's right, Luo Li made this plan, just like Orix.

Although the plans of the two sides look very similar, they are actually quite different.

Luo Li's plan has a very important premise.

That is...

Not at the cost of stifling potential!

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