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Chapter: 1280

5 star top secret

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Basically, to mass-produce black-cavity lifeforms by pulling the seedlings to encourage growth, this is what every black-cavity civilization will do in the later stage.

After all, relying solely on the efficiency of natural birth is simply too slow.

Even if it is like the Federation, with the addition of Canglong's self-consciousness, in the past two thousand years, only a million people have been born.

Not to mention those, civilized races born in the normal universe.

But how can it be so easy to do this?

So, after countless civilized efforts, and still fruitless, a way similar to pulling the seedlings to encourage growth has emerged.

Even the former Great Xia Federation could not escape, using this method to rapidly increase the number of black cavity lifeforms.

Of course, although this method can produce black cavity lifeforms in batches, it also has extremely serious side effects.

That is...

After becoming a black cavity life form through this method, it will directly hollow out a person's own potential.

In other words, after this, he will not be able to make any further progress on this road!

For example, a person who has the potential to eventually reach the seventh level, after using this method, will be called a black cavity life body in a very short time.

As for the level of black cavity life forms, according to the corresponding technology of each civilization, it will be between the first level and the third level.

After all, the Daxia Alliance, which used to be the most technologically advanced in the black cavity, can only transform about 50% of a person's potential when using this method.

As for the Norea Empire, it can only be converted into 20%.

So, someone will say, since you have the potential to reach the seventh level, then take it slow, why should you use up all your potential and only get a 10% to 50% result?

The reason is very simple, it is only potential.

Theoretically speaking, as long as it is a creature, it has the potential to become a black cavity life form, at least at the first level.

But the question is, how many people can really complete the transition to the level of life and thus enter the black cavity life form?

This ratio is probably not even one in a trillion! !

Therefore, compared to potential, a person's mind, understanding and opportunity are obviously more important.

And what is the potential.

To put it in layman's terms, it's just the life source of the creature and its compatibility with the parent universe in which it resides.

The higher the fit, the higher the potential.

Take Lin Fan as an example, because his life source can be transformed to perfectly fit the Canglong universe, so in theory, Lin Fan can eventually become almost 100% chaotic life.

Therefore, even if the potential will be depleted, even if there is no further progress in life, most people are still willing to take this road.

Of course, in the absence of a crisis, civilized leaders generally do not allow this kind of promotion to be opened.

After all, in the eyes of a civilization's leader, this will undoubtedly consume a large amount of the number of high-quality black cavity life forms in his civilization.

After all, some of them can obviously become black cavity life forms, and eventually reach the sixth, seventh or even eighth level.

But in the end, I took shortcuts because I had no confidence in myself, and in the end I could only stay at the first and second levels for the rest of my life.

Therefore, except in special circumstances, most civilizations prohibit the use of this method.

Even the Commonwealth, although this technology has been around for a long time, is also prohibited from using it.


There are two surprises here.

One is the special Alphard civilization, which can communicate with black cavity consciousness and evolve into special zero-dimensional life forms.

Perhaps in terms of combat effectiveness, the Alpha Civilization is not outstanding, but they have several very special abilities, one of which is the transformation of the source of life.

You must know that the former Lin Fan couldn't even achieve the dark energy. It can be said that the source of life and the Canglong universe did not even fit in at all.

But now what?

Not only has he become the strongest in the Federation, but he is also an existence that perfectly fits with the Canglong Universe.

What contributed to this was the life source transformation that Lin Aotian carried out for Lin Fan before leading the Alpha Civilization to leave the Canglong universe.

This kind of method, even the former Daxia Federation did not have it!

Afterwards, the Federation sublimated this method, and even transformed the life source of everyone in the entire Tailuo Empire, making it one of the civilizations under the consciousness of Canglong.

Likewise, it was this transformation technique that gave Luo Li new inspiration.

A technology that will not consume potential at all, but only assists, allows you to have a higher probability of being promoted to the black cavity life form, and is gradually developed.

It is different from the methods of other civilizations that forcefully raise the level of life at the expense of consuming potential.

Luo Li's technology is more consistent. Maybe the speed is not as fast as theirs, it can be almost equal to natural promotion, and it will not consume any potential. After becoming a black cavity life body, he can still rely on his own efforts to go higher. Level climbing.

Another important point is that through the transformation of the source of life, almost all federal citizens can achieve a perfect fit.

In other words, as long as you step into a black cavity life form, UU reading and practice hard, almost everyone can eventually become a chaotic life form.

That's kind of scary!

after all...

Even the Great Xia Federation once had the deployment of black cavity life forms, but the number of chaotic life forms still did not exceed 100.

It is conceivable how rare this so-called perfect fit potential is under natural circumstances.

And once Luo Li's plan is completed, it will be given to the Federation for tens of thousands of years.

I am afraid that seventeen sweepers will come together, and they will not be able to shake the Federation.

Chaos life forms are so exaggerated!

You must know that the nearly 100 chaotic life forms that once belonged to the Great Xia Federation were all guarding the existence of one side.

On the battlefield, they are comparable to the existence of nuclear bombs. Although there are chaotic life forms in those 27 civilizations, not every civilization has them, and even if there are not many.

All together it looks like 30 people.

The most important thing is that the Daxia Federation also has special individual mechas to improve the combat capabilities of chaotic life forms.

Therefore, in order to eliminate these chaotic life forms, the 27 sweepers paid an unimaginable price.


When the Federation has thousands or even tens of thousands of chaotic lifeforms, sweepers will no longer be a problem!


After reading the entire report, Lin Fan wrote a paragraph below.

[Complete the final confirmation of the feasibility of the plan as quickly as possible. 】

[If the result is feasible, the test will be launched immediately, and the Federation fleet will provide all support. 】

[This plan is listed as a federal five-star top secret, and can only be accessed by the federal president and the federal fleet marshal. ]

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