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Chapter: 152

Chapter 152: Invitation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Han Qianjing sat motionless on the rattan chair like a statue. She quietly looked at the document in her hand and fell into deep thought.

She could not believe her eyes.

She had already mentally prepared herself that Lu Ming would not be simple, but

Reality was still hard to accept.

The information was written in black and white—Wanke Real Estate’s real investor.

They now knew why Lu Ming had so much money and resources.

If it were just an ordinary company, she would not be so shocked. But this was Wanke Real Estate, one of the top 500 companies in the world! Just its annual operating income was several million USD, not to mention the profits.

The young man she looked down on actually had a company about the same size as hers.

She suddenly felt like she was dreaming.

She bit the tip of her tongue. It hurt so bad she almost cried. Good, she wasn’t dreaming.

It turned out that Lu Ming was so powerful.

Previously, she was still thinking about what kind of person could have taught such a talented kid in business. She was looking at him as an elder looking at a kid, but little did she know that he was already a veteran in the business world. Then is he the one who has been in the limelight in the industry recently?

To have such strength, not only did he have to rely on talent, but he also had to work hard and be diligent. Not long ago, she thought that this person was not worthy of her daughter. Now it seemed like she felt that Chu Jinyu was not worthy of the other party. After all, Chu Jinyu’s company could only be considered not bad, but it was still too early to make the top 500!

Even the daughters from wealthy families in the capital would be envious of such a talent like Lu Ming. If he had developed his career there, they would have already selected a good seedling like him.

In addition to Wanke Real Estate, she also noticed a line at the bottom—there seemed to be another industry.

A firewall that could stop Richard.

She wondered how many capable and unusual people Lu Ming had working for him.

He had actually concealed his identity from everyone and probably even her daughter. If not for her sensing that something was wrong, she might never have discovered the other party’s identity in her lifetime.

Even though he’s powerful like me, is he still unwilling to use his power? He even made me a meal?

At the thought of this, a hint of frustration flashed across her eyes. She had actually thought that Lu Ming was a good chef?! Although he was indeed quite good at cooking, his talent in business was not inferior to his culinary skills! Fortunately, she had never spoken harshly to Lu Ming on account of Chu Jinyu. Otherwise, if she became enemies with a young man with a bright future, it would be difficult to deal with him.

She looked at Lu Yaohua, who was listed as related by blood, and could not help but mock him in her heart. His foresight is really as bad as usual. He overlooked a pearl like Lu Ming. If he had treated Lu Ming better back then, he would not have ended up like this. By his side, Xu Wei’s legs were numb from standing there. The other party seemed to have lost track of time in the outside world.

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From the initial shock, she gradually became calm. Who knew what she had experienced!

However, the boss should be satisfied with this person now. Having a top 500 company was enough to make up for his ordinary background. After all, while he could not be a rich second-generation heir, being a rich first-generation heir was not bad either. She wondered how her mistress would react.

She would definitely be shocked.

A childhood friend whom they thought to be poor is actually a tycoon?

She smiled at the thought.

call Jinyu and ask her to invite Lu Ming over. I have something to discuss with him."

Since she knew Lu Ming’s identity, she would build a good partnership with him even if she had to spend more money. Besides, perhaps he was not lacking in this aspect.

She had belittled a gentleman previously. Now that she was collaborating with the other party, she would definitely profit from it!

So Han Qianjing immediately ordered her secretary.


At the same time, Chu Jinyu was standing by the window and looking at the scenery. When her gaze inadvertently landed on Lu Ming, she could not help but lower her head. The light blush on her face revealed her mood.

The golden sunlight shone on Lu Ming as if he was covered in a thin layer of gauze. He looked at the contract on the table seriously. After confirming that there was no mistake, he signed it. When he noticed the fiery gaze not far away, he instinctively looked over.

He saw that she was acting coy and instantly fell into a daze. However, he quickly regained his senses and said, "Sorry, there have been too many things happening recently."

"It’s fine. As long as I can see you, I’m content."

Chu Jinyu smiled like a flower.

Lu Ming was stunned for half a second. Then he scratched the back of his head. Indeed, even if the other party said this every day, he was still not used to it. He did not expect his childhood sweetheart to be a straight ball player. Just as he was about to say something, his phone rang. The caller was… Wen Yongsu?

"What’s the matter?"

"Boss, someone was looking into your information just now. The other party used a loophole in the firewall. The IP address that we found was in… Beijing."

Investigate my information?

Could it be the Tang family? he wondered.

How was this possible? he thought.

He knew very well how powerful his Eye of the Sky Company was. They basically gathered most of the computer experts in China and abroad. How could someone still break through the firewall?

"Who is it?"

"The other party quickly deactivated the power and network, but according to our initial guess, they should be from the Qianyu Corporation."

Qianyu Corporation?

He had never heard of this company before.

The other party continued, "The boss of the Qianyu Corporation is Han Qianjing, who is… your childhood sweetheart’s mother."

Han Qianjing?!

He was so shocked by this news that he almost jumped out of his chair. Why was Han Qianjing investigating me? Hadn’t she already checked?

"What did they find out?"

His voice was much softer.

"That you’re the boss of Wanke Real Estate. They didn’t find anything else."

"alright, I understand."

It was fine as long as not everything about him was exposed. But what was Han Qianjing’s motive for investigating me?

Because of Little Yu?

And it’s about the land?

At this moment, Chu Jinyu had also received a text message. She asked curiously, "My mom asked me to invite you over. She said she had something to discuss with you. Why is she looking for you all of a sudden? Do you want to go over?" It seemed that someone had sent him a pillow just as he was taking a nap.

Lu Ming chuckled and said, "Since it’s Auntie’s invitation, I naturally won’t reject it. I’ve almost settled my work. Coincidentally, I have some questions that I want to ask her. Are we leaving now?"

For some reason, Chu Jinyu felt that his smile was a little strange. Perhaps I’m thinking too much, she thought.

"Then let’s go!"

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